2012 Recap

This year marked 10 years of TYRANT....10 years of riding bikes and having fun with friends near and far. Thanks for all the goods times in 2012, looking forward to plenty more in 2013. Have a safe, kick a$$ evening! Happy New Year!!

Click to view: A Year in Photos: 2012



Snowbikes Are Ready to Shred!

The weathermen have been predicting snow for the weekend, time to pull out the snow bikes! We have 2 operational bikes this year, should be some fun sessions ahead!


RIP Joeys/Grandma's Trails

I caught word that Joey's/Grandma's Trails got plowed a few weeks ago. The jumps have been around in various shapes and sizes since the late 90's, sad to see them go! We hadn't ridden Joey's since the late 90's, then last year we started going back and putting in a lot of digging and riding time. The place was small, but always a good time. Thanks for letting us come ride Joey!

Trails Photos: CLICK HERE

Trail Boss Joey Tarallo


Happy Holidaze!

This creepy 3 foot Santa figure randomly showed up at the skatepark back in September. Steve didn't hesitate to blast a table over him. Seems only fitting to post him today. 


Christmas Eve Eve Sesh

Wow, what a difference a day makes! Yesterday was bone chilling cold thanks to the wind, but it cleared out today and it was great riding weather....especially for 3 days into Winter! I sent out some texts early in the day to see who was around anticipating most people were with family or doing last minute Holiday shopping, but to my surprise a solid crew ended up showing up at the East Haddam Park mid-day. Everyone was cruising around to stay warm, nothing too crazy going down, but the afternoon quickly turned into a heavy sub box session. Merritt's Mike Brennan fired out a 180 over the sub to half cab out into the grass bank. In addition, the downside pedal stalls he was doing were burly. Mercenary Steve and Matt Bagley were taking turns on sprocket to 180's and sprocket barspins, can't believe I didn't see any tacos or teeth snap off. What I thought was gonna be a low key Sunday turned into a solid session. Good times for sure!

I hope everyone has a happy, healthy Holiday!

Christmas Eve Eve Photos: CLICK HERE

I Can't Feel My Hands!

Steve and I were jonesing to ride, but too lazy to drive to RAD or the barn to get indoors. We braved the 35° and 15 mph winds and rode Dayville for a bit. Needless to say, I lost feeling in my hands in about 10 minutes and was pretty miserable. None the less, it was fun getting on the bike and cruising an empty park. 4 day weekend for Christmas, gotta take advantage of any riding time we can get!


Cranx Trip

A bunch of riders from NY, CT, and Mass. made their way up to Cranx over there weekend to get together and raise hell. Steve, Schmidt, and I left CT at 6am and were riding the park by 10:30. The place is epic, the jump lines are insane, and the bowl room is super fun. We're already planning our return trip! Like an idiot, I forgot my remote flash triggers at home so I had to shoot with the external flash mounted on my camera body. Not ideal, but I got a few pics none the less. Next time!

Cranx Photos: CLICK HERE


East Haddam/Willi with T&F

Sorry for the lack of updates, the time change and darkness rolling in at 4:30 is kicking our ass...only been riding on Sundays.

Today was one hell of a Sunday session! The Tables & Fables crew came down from Mass. to ride East Haddam for the first time. A bunch of CT riders came out as well and we had a solid session. After East Haddam we hit up Willi till dark. I'm tired, not much to say, off to the couch!

East Haddam/Willi Photos: CLICK HERE


Northwoods Bike Park

I've been in contact with Tim Cameron a ton over the past 6 months about his backyard bike park, but today I finally got a chance to get over there and check the place out. The set-up is awesome! Nothing like an effortless set of small & medium jumps where you can flow and have fun without worrying about dying coming up short. I could ride that place all day, every day! Thanks Tim!!

Northwoods Bike Park Photos: CLICK HERE


Back to Back Ranch

Another weekend trip to Sunday Ranch trying like hell to get in as much dirt action as we can before Old Man Winter strikes for good. The place was dialed, so good for this late into trails season!

Sunset Ranch Photos: CLICK HERE


November Ranchin'

Steve and I headed North to Sunset Ranch in Hatfield, Mass. today to meet up with trail boss Chris and a crew for some Fall dirt jump action. When we arrived I was taken back, the place was so dialed and so much bigger than my last visit...only 3 months ago! There were some new lines, the place was packed rock solid, and the lines were running fast as hell. Everyone rode really well and fun was had by all. There was a special guest appearance by Mississippi Mud Flap Morse and his luscious locks were flowing in the wind as he jumped the day away. Psyched on our visit to the Ranch and hoping to get another one in before the first snow. BMX!

Sunset Ranch Photos: CLICK HERE


Willi/Hebron Halloween

Steve and I met up with Mike B. and Bryan and hit up the Willimantic Park mid-day. I was expecting the place to be all wet and covered in leaves and branches from the storm, but I was dead wrong, the park was mint. We had a fun session and Bry threw down a man-sized abubaca 90's DMC style. Mike landed a clean truck over one of the hips, good stuff. On the way home we stopped at the Hebron Park and just when I thought everyone was tired, Mike and Bryan start firing out sub box tricks on the huge wedge's safety rail. Dudes ain't right! the drop on the backside is a solid 12'! It was good to get out and ride with the guys and enjoy the nice weather after all the rain we've had from Sandy. Looking forward to binge eating some candy tonight. Happy Halloween!

Willi/Hebron Photos: CLICK HERE


Mountain Miles

Been putting in some serious time on the mountain bike lately...and neglecting the BMX. Got a ride in Monday morning before Hurricane Sandy hit, it was pretty gnarly out!



Yesterday's jam at the Buttery Brook Park was rad! Gotta send a huge thanks out to Colby for inviting us up and letting me set up the tent and peddle some merch. The local crew that renovated the park did a hell of a job, the place flows great and there are a lot of fun lines. The Box Jump Best Trick event was off the hook with a 720, decade, and 3 whip getting fired out. The box monkey's were in full effect emptying their bags of tricks! The Long Jump Contest was held in the gravel parking lot and I was convinced someone was gonna die. There were a few epic scorpion grinds and a little blood shed, but at the end of it all the dude blasting 32+ feet rode away with nothing more than some broken forks :P Super fun day, great weather, and awesome to see so many riders young and old coming out to ride and donate some cash to the park. Really looking forward to getting back up to Buttery Brook before the snow arrives!

- TYRANT Buttery Brook Pics
- Barry Scott Photography's Pics


"Ride Your Heart Out" Hoodies

Fall is in full swing and after last weekends freezing temps Winter might be fast approaching! Plenty of hoodies available over at our online store, but the "Ride Your Heart Out" ones have been the most popular lately.



NEJC Coverage

There have been a ton of photos and a few videos surfacing from New England Jam Chowda. Below are a bunch of links to various media sources that covered NEJC. Enjoy!

- Tables & Fables Photos
- DIG Photos
- Animal Photos
- Joe Miller's Photos
- Street Pete's Photos 



No long winded post folks, just the simple facts. NEJC was epic! 600+ people, 100+ riders all gathered in one place for the love of BMX. I shot about 5 photos all day, I was too busy peddling TYRANT merch, taking in the madness, and binge eating $3 hamburgers from the Steam Punk. Counting down the days till NEJC 2013!

Thanks Chuck!



Tomorrow is the day you've all been waiting for, New England Jam Chowda' is here! This is going to be one of the most insane events in the history of New England there! Look for your booth, plenty of free stickers and tees and hats for sale!

Noon-dark - Steampunk Cafe Parking Lot - Danielson, CT


Mansfield Cross Action

So I haven't raced since CrossVegas at Interbike in 2008, but that's coming to an end bright and early Saturday morning. I've registered to give 'em hell in the Cat 4 race at the Connecticut Cyclocross Championships at Mansfield Hollow. I'm sure it's gonna hurt like hell cause my cardio is pretty shot right now, but I've got plenty of leg strength and BMX skills to get me by. Should be a blast...especially riding this 31 year old beast! I'm sure all the other spandex jockey's in my race will be riding carbon, several thousand dollar bikes. F that, STEEL!


Sunday Morning Squatch

Steve and I hit up the Squatchville Trails for a little morning maintenance and some riding. After an hour or so of removing the puddle and dialing in the Green Line the place was ready for action. As usual, Steve gave it hell!

Sunday Squatch Photos: CLICK HERE


Barn Bound

It's been months and month since we've adventured up to the Mass. Barn to get rad on our bikes, the drought ended tonight! Good times for sure!!

Barn Photos: CLICK HERE


Chowda' Watered Down!

The New England Jam Chowda' event has been rained out, the new date is Sunday, October 14th. Be there!


Rollin' Into Jam Chowda

The roller ramp is done! Awaiting paint then off to Danielson later in the week. Jam on, 1 week away!


Mini East Side Tour

Steve, Schmidt, and I met up with Clint from Skizz BMX and hit up a bunch of parks and his backyards ramps. Super fun day! I'll let the photos explain...I'm feeling lazy today...

Saturday Photos: CLICK HERE



Steve and I met up with Schmidt over at this trails today. The place was pretty dry, but the lines were running just fine. It was a fun afternoon hanging with friends and riding bikes. On the way home, we hit up the Cromwell Park quick and then stopped off to check out the Riverside Trails...a small area where there are some fun obstacles to ride. We ended up sessioning Riverside for an hour or so and Steve was getting rad. Good Saturday for sure!

Wayside/Riverside Photos: CLICK HERE


Autumn Brand Jam

Steve, Schmidt, and I loaded my car to the max and adventured North East up to the Autumn Brand Jam at Hyde Park. We made a pit stop on the way up to pick up some New England Jam Chowda promotional material from Chuck, then we were jam bound. The event started off as most do, riders trickling in and everyone kinda buzzing, but as the day progressed things got wild. By mid-afternoon there were 50+ riders and tons of spectators watching the madness ensue. Some insane height close to 4 feet took the Bunnyhop win, the No Front Wheel Manual Contest was off the hook, and I believe Corey D. took the Best Table win. I spent most of the day in the shade manning the TYRANT, Tables & Fables, Dick Mauls booth, but Steve and Schmidt were getting rad. The rains eventually moved in late day and the place began to clear out...our cue to load up and begin the trek back to CT. Gotta send a huge shout out to the Mauls/Tables & Fables crew for putting on a kick a$$ event. The turnout was great and everyone was having fun, BMX at it's finest!

As previously mentioned, I was manning the booth all day. Sorry, only 3 photos!

Autumn Brand Jam Photos: CLICK HERE


September Soaker

Man, we got hosed this week! 2.5 straight days of rain. Steve made it out to Hebron once later in the week, but aside from that it was a week of little riding. Bummer!


Hebron Lives!

After 10 years of being supervised, charging admission, and not allowing bikes the Hebron Skatepark is now open to the public...well kinda. The rules sheets posted all over the park say it's for town resident use only and no bikes or scooters are allowed. Kinda BS when 95% of the parks in New England are allowing bikes, boards, blades, scooters, etc. Why discriminate?!?  Well it's not like it stopped us, Steve and I rode the place for 3 hours and it was great to get on those ramps again. We used to jump the fence 10 years ago, I don't miss those days! Aside from some slick spots on the skatelite and a ton of exposed nails and popping screws, the park is an awesome set-up...and only 15 minutes from home! Sure enough, a state cop finally did show up at dusk but he was super cool and just asked that we pick up any trash that may be ours as the park was littered with bottles, candy wrappers, and energy drink cans. Successful session!

Hebron Photos: CLICK HERE


Moosup Skatepark

I caught word that the town of Moosup is getting a new Paprocki park, adding to the cement along I-395 in CT. Tack another stop onto our Riding on the Eastside Trip this Fall! I found these photos on the Moosup Skatepark FB page, check them out!



A Week Off

This week has kinda been a week off from BMX. The behind the scenes stuff is still going on...prepping for the upcoming jams and what not...but I haven't been on the bike all week. Looking forward to riding some street Sunday night and a CT Park trip Monday.

started commuting to my day job on a 1981 Miyata road bike chopped down to a singlespeed and it's great. Nobody is on the roads in the morning and pedaling that bike 6.5 miles is a killer way to kick start the day and my body. I'll try to keep the posts to a minimum, but don't be surprised if you catch a few commuter or mountain bike ride related posts during the Fall season. Just having fun, riding bikes!


Jam in the News

I caught word that the Newington Town Crier newspaper is going to feature some of the photos I took at the BMX Jam in today's paper. If you live in the Central CT area, keep your eyes peeled and grab a copy or 2 for us!


2012 CE BMX Jam

The jam was pretty nuts yesterday! 30+ riders showed up and some madness ensued. Don Pavelka won the Best Trick Over the Spine with a 540 and some crazy footjam variations. Cory D. blasted a 8' table to take the High Air on the 7ft win, and Adam LZ boosted up and over 40" to claim the BunnyHop title. It was good to see some dudes roll in from out of state and watch everyone ride and have a good time! There are rumors of a Fall Jam to be held at a different park. If details emerge you know I'll have 'em for you.



Crest Tees

It's been 8 years since the initial introduction of the Crest logo, but I decided it was time to bring it back to life. I ordered some discharge printed ultra soft cotton tees with the logo huge on the front. For those of you that don't know about discharge printing, it's basically screening on the logo with a bleaching agent that pulls the pigment out of the shirt to leave the logo sorta "burned" into the fabric like bleach would. Long story short, they are kick a$$! The shirts are $15 and I'll have some for sale in person at the jam tomorrow. You can also order them online via our Facebook page. In the coming weeks numerous shops in New England will be stocking the shirts, stay tuned for details...

Trucking Over State Lines

Gotta said a huge thanks out to Vic at Circuit BMX in Pawtucket, RI and Tony Long and John Maul at Mauls Bike Shop in Halifax, Mass for taking in some TYRANT Trucker Caps. To you Circuit and Mauls locals who don't want to mail order a hat, go get one at the shop. Thanks for supporting guys, much appreciated!!


Jam Saturday

This is where you should be Saturday! Dudes from RI, Mass, and plenty of CT locals are coming out. Gonna be buck wild!!


There Goes The Sun

Steve and I hit up East Haddam tonight and I really can't believe how early it's getting dark! Damn, Summer is on it's way out. Steve decided to blast some airs well past sunset in the blackness...maniac!

Steve B&W Photos: CLICK HERE


Pipe Dreamin'

Tony Long had been texting me throughout the week about a possible early morning fullpipe mission this weekend. Driving 2.5 hours North into the wilderness to ride a cement pipe, hell...Steve and I were down! We left CT at 7:30am and arrived to the pipe around 10, a few minutes before TL and Kyle Amidon. With a few beach towels, a rock dam, and a shop broom we had the place rideable in no time. Man do I love adventures like this one!

On the way home we decided to take a 30 minute detour and head over the the jam at Sunset Ranch. The place was pretty soft and I wasn't feeling it at all, so I snapped some photos while everyone else got rad. All in all, a really fun day!

Fullpipe Photos: CLICK HERE
Trails Photos: CLICK HERE



Got some more trucker hats in! Save your lunch money and buy one, only $8.00. Keeping it real for the peeps! Hats are not available in our regular online store, but


Damn Facebook!

Once again Facebook has sucker punched the site! I've been slacking at updating things on here, but FB is up to date if you're out of the loop!


4 Man Jam

Steve and I decided to try and round up some folks for a last minute jam on Sunday. I got texts from people whining about rain, the heat & humidity, the dirt being to dirty, etc. It ended up being the 2 Steve's, Schmidt, and myself getting together to ride. We rode Squatchville for a few hours and everyone was flowing the Green Line. The trails were dialed, super hard packed, and fast as hell! It was humid and we were pounding water, but all in all it wasn't that bad in the woods. All afternoon we saw dark clouds rolling in and heard thunder, but no sign of rain. We made our way to the East Haddam Park after the trails and cruised for a bit. By that point everyone was beat from riding the dirt jumps and ready for some lake action. We headed over to cottage and spent the rest of the day chilling at the lake, grilling, and having fun. 4 man jam!

Sunday Photos: CLICK HERE


Jam Chowda is Live!

Mark your calendars, go friend them on Facebook, tell everyone you know, and get psyched for this! TYRANT is super excited to be a part of this!



London Olympic BMX

Really looking forward to next weeks BMX races at the Olympics! I'm so over the equestrian dressage, rhythmic gymnastics, ping pong,  and all the other just plain pathetic "sports" NBC is choosing to air. Be sure to tune in!

CLICK HERE for Schedule


Steve Morse Bike Check: July '12

Frame: Fly Luna (custom hammered copper paint job)
Forks: Odyssey Pro Race
Wheels: Odyssey Hazard Lite Cassette rear - Vandero 3/8 female front
Tires: Fly Ruben
Seat: BoneDeth
Bars: FIT
Cranks: Odyssey Twombolt - 175mm
Chain: Shadow
Brakes: Fly
Lever: Odyssey
Pedals: Fly Ruben
Sprocket: Tree
Stem: FBM
Pegs: Tree Stunt Stumps (G-Sport gland front hub guard)



Steve and I headed over to the trails last night. The place was in pristine condition, but the weather was vile...85° with 80% could cut the air with a knife! Steve did some serious work on the trails earlier in the week and he was jonesing to launch the new "road gap" on the High Life line. The lip is only 3' of so, but it rockets you up and over the Green Line across a 19' gap. It's a hucker for sure! Needless to say, Steve hit it clean first time and 3 runs in he was tabling over the gap. It's awesome to see the trails running so well, can't wait for the Fall temperatures!

Squatchville Photos: CLICK HERE

Steve Morse - Squatchville - Green Line from on Vimeo.


East Haddam Grand Opening

Last Saturday was the Hunter Daniels/Dan Dombroski Memorial Skatepark grand opening ceremony. It was great to see a decade+ of hard work come to much anticipated close with Sue Daniels cutting the ribbon to officially open the park. There were several media sources covering the event, check out the links below...

East Haddam Patch: CLICK HERE
Reminder News: CLICK HERE
Fan Photos: CLICK HERE

Photo courtesy of Kevin Hotary - Reminder News


Ease Up on the Wax

Damn kids stealing their moms candles and rubbing them all over the park. The ledges, the flats, the bowl corners, everywhere! 

If you can't slide the cement/coping as is, 
go faster! Wax isn't the answer!!


Hotter than Hell!

Steve, Schmidt and I rode East Haddam this afternoon despite the temps lingering in the low 90's and the humidity level through the freaking roof! I was about ready to ride with my Camelbak! We were playing with some over under ideas on the clam shell, Steve double pegged it while I carved under him. The 2 man speed carve is coming soon :P Fun session, despite the heat and it was awesome Schmidt ventured out. Props to him for driving halfway across the state to come ride when the rest of the weens near by complained it was too hot and stayed home.

East Haddam Photos: CLICK HERE


New England Jam Chowda

All I have to say is keep checking back for details cause this is gonna be off the hook! Super psyched to be a part of this!!


Jesus Came!

I picked up Arnwine after work today and we headed over to the East Haddam Park. The place was relatively busy, but nothing too crazy. Steve showed up after work as he usually does and he had a pretty fun session as most of the skaters cleared out and we had the park to ourselves around the 7 o'clock hour. To our surprise, Jesus himself appeared at the park....Danny Todd. It didn't take Danny too long to find the lines and start emptying his bag of tricks all over the park. Super fun Summer night!

East Haddam Photos: CLICK HERE


RI Vaca.

Headed over to RI for a few days. Surf's Up!. See you Wednesday!


East Haddam is Open!

The East Haddam Skatepark finally opened today! The park will be open daily from 8am-sunset and there is a STRICT no peg or plastic peg only rule that the town will be noted on the park sign. Please respect the park as they've made it very clear they will not hesitate to ban violators from the premises.

I headed over to the park around 4 and to my surprise there were only 7 people there. It was good to see Randy H. and bunch of the younger local BMX guys out there getting first runs. The park is so flowy and fast, gonna be a lot of boostin' going on! The Steve's eventually showed and we rode the park till 8 or so. So psyched this place is finally open! Remember to mark your calendars, the grand opening ceremony is Saturday, July 21st from 10-11am. Please join us in honoring Hunter Daniels and Daniel Dombroski with the new park.

East Haddam Photos: CLICK HERE


The Fourth!

Steve turns 28 today, we raised hell last night and celebrated. After crawling out of bed this morning I made my way out to the Willi Park to scope out the new dirt jumps and get rad with the Fat Trax dudes on the concrete. The new dirt park looks really fun, even if it is all tables and rollers. The berms they built are epic, straight out of a supercross course of something. The dirt was still to moist from the mornings t-storms, but the park was ready to shred. I rode for a few hours till I thoroughly sweated through every piece of clothing on my body. I traded the bike for the camera and grabbed a few photos before making my way home. Happy 4th all!

Willi Photos: CLICK HERE


Take Shelter!

Wow, Mother Nature fired it at us hard today. Steve, Schmidt, and I headed out to the Norwich park to get some riding in and after an hour of riding the weather took over. The skies got super dark, the winds were whipping, lightning was flashing, and eventually marble sized hail fell. We all kept our helmets on to protect our heads from the hail as we photographed and captured video of the madness. Steve attempted to wait out the storm under some tree cover beside the park, but the hail won and he was forced to run for the shelter of his vehicle. We def needed and Sport-Brella today! Sunday funday at it's finest!

Take Shelter Photos: CLICK HERE


TYRANT: 2002-2012

Today marks 10 years of TYRANT!
Can't believe how fast the time has passed.
Glad we're still riding our bikes and having fun.
Thanks to anyone that has shown love over the years!

Squatchville: 6/20

Trails were running so nice last night, enough said!!!

Squatchville Photos: CLICK HERE


June Ranch

We were on the road at 9:30 this morning to head up to Sunset Ranch to meet the Chris and his locals and the Tables and Fables crew who were traveling over from Eastern Mass. We made it up in record time and were on our bikes riding the lines by 11....pre-noon riding is a rarity! It was a fun session at the trails, even the T&F street dudes were getting rad on the roller and wallride line. Mid-day Tony Long and his crew took off to go explore some other spots in the area and the rest of us gave it hell at the trails for a few more hours. We ended out the day chilling by the river and getting gnarly on Chris' rope swing...always a good time! It was great to see the T&F dudes again, been too long...and as always it's rad getting back to Sunset Ranch...good stuff Chris!  Sunday funday for sure!

Sunset Ranch Photos: CLICK HERE



We will be printing a limited quantity run of these tank tops. They are only available by pre-order via the PayPal link below and you have till June 17th to order one. These are regular fit Gildan Ultra tank tops, choose sizes accordingly. Tanks will be delivered the first week of July and shipped for free if you live outside of Connecticut in the Continental USA.

If you are interested in one please act now, this is a limited edition run and WILL NOT be available again this Summer! I'm not trying to push sales, just being clear that this is a one time only order!

Thanks for the support!