On the Rise: Dave Blachura

A local Middletown MTB shredder, Dave Blachura has been going big for years and 2009 looks to be full of lots more high flying action! Dave will be getting flow from Sinister Bikes and will be repping TYRANT threads as he travels the East Coast killing it on dirt this year. Dave and I will be working on dirty shirt & hat designs in the near future and some rad frame decals. This Summer should be fun as hell traveling to contests watching Dave huck himself toward a podium spot.

Best of luck dude and thanks for the support!


Like riding the Sahara!

So we rode the lot this evening and man was it dry! We need some rain...or a tanker truck or 2 of water down there. We got crafty tonight and instead of just riding the jumps we took advantage of some cement slabs and a huge log and made a backwoods sub-box. The highlight of the night had to be Bry Arnwine attempting a front flip! Burly, scary, and dirty! There was a lot of madness going on tonight, the photos will do the talking...

Lot Photos: CLICK HERE

Wednesday Whip

Arnwine hop whipping at Bristol

Wednesday Whip from T Y R A N T on Vimeo.


Down & Dirty

Arnwine and I started yesterday off at the Bristol Skatepark before heading to Schmidt's Trails for the remaining 7 hours of daylight. We met up with Schmidt, Evan Huggerd, Erik Zukowski...and T even showed up and rode for an hour. It was an ideal day, sunny, warm and fun! Good times playing in the dirt all day!

Trails Photos: CLICK HERE

Down & Dirty from Tony TYRANT on Vimeo.


Ghostship Sinks the Competition

After 11 minutes of pain and suffering Team Ghostship Clothing took home the win at the 2009 Hustle and Flow Race in New York City today. This is the 2nd year in a row the team has won and we set a new course record! Thanks to my teammates for riding their a$$es off and thanks to Lolli for giving me the chance to race the road bike leg on his team as he wasn't able to attend the event. Good times for sure! A hug shout out to the NYCMTB guys for setting up this great event! Now off to bed tired, sore, and sunburned!!!

A Few Photos: CLICK HERE

Thanks to Sister Stock for filming!


Saturday I'm Hustlin', Hustlin', Hustlin'!

So I've jumped aboard Team Ghostship for Saturday's Hustle & Flow Competition at Highbridge Park in NYC. I'll be filling in for Matt Lolli on the road bike hillclimb leg of this team relay race. Lolli is heading due North eh? to hang with the Canucks up in Motreal. After the race in the morning there will be a jump jam at the Highbridge Trails and Arnwine is coming along to get rad in on the dirt jumps. All in all it should be a fun day of madness and mayhem! A little road biking, a little dirt jumping, a little street riding in Manhatten, and lots of fun! If you're bored Saturday get your a$$ up to Highbridge Park and come cheer us on and ride some dirt. Stay tuned for photos and video early next week!

The Highbridge Trails Pump Track


TYRANT "Techie" Jacket

Check out the latest Limited Edition item in the TYRANT line, the "Techie". These jackets are ideal for the roadie, mountain biker, cross rider, or fixie who isn't afraid to get out and play in the rain and mud. These water resistant technical fabric jackets are microfleece lined, have 4 zip pockets (including an inner phone/iPod pcoket), elastic cuffs with velcro closures, elastic drawstring waist with single pinch clip adjuster, and are machine washable...unlike many tech. fabrics on the market! This jacket is a great option for the rider that is hard on their body, hard on their bike, hard on their clothing, and doesn't want to be hard on their wallet! Supplies are limited and you must contact me direct to order one. I won't be carrying these around in the TYRANT Trunk Show.

Available in S-XXL:
- Gray w/ black logo (pictured)
- Black w/ military green logo
- Navy Blue w/ brown logo

Spring has Sprung Jam

I'd say the jam on Saturday was a success. We had 40 riders or so show up and everyone appeared to have a good time. Most of the product the sponsors donated was given away to contest participants in "Best Ramp/Wallride Trick, "Best Rail Trick", and the "Bunnyhop" and the rest was give out via FREE raffle at the end of the day. Thanks to everyone that came out and rode and had a good time, thanks to Arnwine, Tiny TYRANT, and T for all their help and A HUGE THANKS to the shops/companies that donated product for the jam:

Circuit BMX
DropOut BMX
Fat Trax
Pedal Power

We're looking to organize another jam for late Summer!

Jam Photos: CLICK HERE

Sadly the camera battery died after like 3 minutes of filming, so the movie is ultra short! Thanks to T for filming!


Promo Packs

I made 100 promo packs last night and I'm sure they'll be going fast!
ONLY $1.00!

1 Vinyl Sticker
1 Hand Made sticker
1 Punk Rock Button

...and I just ordered 100 more pins and 500 more stickers!!!



I'd like to set one thing straight about Saturday's Jam after receiving several messages.....


This is a BMX get-together, a chance for riders in New England to gather, meet new people, socialize, feed off one another, ride, and most importantly have fun!!!

Yes, there will be a few small contests held for some serious prizes, but you do not have to compete. The remaining swag from our kick a$$ sponsors will be given away in a FREE raffle and product toss.



The Lot: 2009 Edition

Boys will be boys....playing in the dirt all afternoon long!
Check out these snapshots from The Lot: CLICK HERE

Dave Blachura - Psyched on TYRANT


Need directions to the Jam? CLICK HERE
It is at the Newington Skatepark which is located in Churchill Park


So the jam is this Saturday and things are coming together really nicely! I have all the TYRANT shirts screened, I have most of the swag from the sponsors, and the weather is supposed to be 65 and sunny. Wow, did we get hooked up with some sweet stuff for this jam!!! I've got messages from guys in NYC, Jersey, Mass., and New Hampshire telling me their coming to the jam. Come out and ride! Should be one hell of a good time!!!

Some hot items up for grabs...

SkullCandy Crusher "Native" Headphones
Photo courtesy of SkullCandy

Limited Edition Odyssey Plastic Pedals in Strawberry
& Glow in the Dark

...AND TONS MORE STUFF! Forks, bars, DVDs, Shirts, grips, etc.


New Threads!

Lots of new TYRANT threads for the jam this Saturday! Some limited edition, some retro, all rad as hell!

Check 'em out: CLICK HERE

Limited Edition Stitch Lined Hoodies


Cardigans are cool!

Surprisingly there was a lot of interest in the one-off TYRANT cardigan I made for Arnwine. With that said, I now have some TYRANT "Arnwine Cardigans" in stock selling for $15. Ride in style, get one today!

Bryan rocking his Limited Edition Cardigan

Cru Jonesing it!

Bryan and I went over to Falcon Field yesterday afternoon to get rad Cru Jones style, on the race track. The track has been rebuilt a number of times and the new set-up is by far the lamest they have ever created. The track is built totally for speed! No more lips on the jumps, no more pro is a total manual track. I know they're not taking jumps out of BMX racing, I saw that Olympic track last Summer! What's the deal!?! Despite hating the new layout Bry and I pedaled around made the best of it. We sessioned one of the table tops and berms for a bit and Bry was the highlight of the night throwing down tailwhips and turndowns for the kiddies. Good times at the BMX track!


Jay's Ramp

So I was fortunate enough to have a chance to ride Jay's ramp yesterday night. Back from 2002-2004 we rode the ramp pretty regularly, but I've only had 2 opportunities in the past 4 years! Jay lives an hour from the warehouse were the ramp is, he has a wife and kids, and runs a family business...his time on the bike these days is very, very limited! When I got the call that some guys were riding the ramp I was all fired up! Jay hadn't ridden in forever but he was still flying 100 mph around the ramp pulling off maneuvers the teenie bopper scenesters of present day would be baffled by. Can-can deck manuals, try it...impossible! Schmidt and TJ were sessioning the wallride all night and everybody was having a good time. Thanks Jay!

Photos from Jay's: CLICK HERE


Lots of Goodies!

Lots of goodies have arrived and more are on the way!

The TYRANT buttons are in and look great! A huge thanks to Kelly at Elm City Pins & Buttons for the hook 2 days turnaround no less!

The 2nd round of Limited Edition jackets and hoodies is due to arrive today and I'll be screening like mad early next week to have everything ready for the jam. I got some purple striped hoodies, they'll look great with painted on jeans and shoe lace belts! Bring that extra spending cash!

Digger Davis at Pedal Power
went above and beyond and got QBP BMX, a shop distributor, to hook us up with stuff for the jam! Thanks Steve! In addition, all the other sponsors confirmed they will have "Swag Bags" ready for pick up early next week. Woo hoo!


Sunday Session: April 5th

Arnwine, Schmidt and I rode Newington, Cromwell, and Wethersfield yesterday. Lots of riders were out, the sun was shining, and the temperature was Spring like...minus the wind chill! A fun day of riding bikes with friends!

Sunday's Photos: CLICK HERE


Good News, Bad News

The bad news...the new FlexFit hats will not be done until the end of April at the earliest! The style hat I want to get in black is back ordered!

The good news...I just ordered a bunch more of the limted edition jackets and hoodies...and a few new styles as well! I will have them screened and ready for the April 18th jam. I'm also working on printing some mesh hats for the jam! Bring your spending cash!!!


Begin's B-Day

Tiny TYRANT turns 15 today...damn! I was a freshman in high school in 1994 when Brandon was born, now it's 2009 and Brandon is a freshman! Anybody else remember those days when Tiny was 7 and about 3 feet tall pedaling his tail off around the old MSC. Happy B-Day dude!