A hometown skatepark for me!!!

To my amazement a skatpark is being built in Portland....where I currently reside. Its being built on a pre-exisiting tennis court and will have a fence around it. The posts for the fence have already been cemented in and hopefully progress will be made soon on the ramps. One tennis court is pretty small for a park, but anything is better than nothing. I'm not sure wether the park will be wood or cement like the old Portland Park that was closed down several years back. I'm psyched because the nearest park to me is a 20 minute drive.....this one would be 5 minutes from my house! The bummer here is that it appears the town is still up in the air about allowing bikes in the skatepark. You can be sure I'll have a petition going around in a heartbeat if they try to shut us out. Time will tell....

Home Sweet Home / Product Photos

So we are back in Connecticut and I am ready to pass out. NEVER FLY ON A RED EYE FLIGHT! Especially from Vegas! I have slept 8 hours in the past 2 days...need sleep! I quickly posted a few photos of some of the bikes I really thought were cool at the show. Have a look at Tyrant's Photos on Flickr

Until next year.....goodbye Vegas!


Interbike Product Photos

I apoligize that I haven't posted any product photos yet from the show. I shot all the photos inside the show with my Olympus point and shoot digital camera and I left the USB cord to upload the photos back in CT. Check back Saturday evening for some shots of the rad new Raleigh 29er, Independent Fabrications new 2007 bike, and many others.

Haro has some rad paint jobs on their new 2007 Forum series of bikes.

Against the grain!

I don't care how the saying goes! what happened in Vegas isn't staying in Vegas....I'm bringing it to you here on the blog so enjoy the random wacky photos. Yes, we are insane and no, nobody had to be bailed out of the Vegas slammer. Until next year....

Digger Davis vs. the 45 oz. - $16 margarita.
Digger won in under 10 minutes :)

Matt had a full bladder at the Belagio

Caesar's Palace or Steve A.'s Palace?

Sweat Shop Union live at the New World Disorder 7 Video Premire Pool Party outside the Palms' Club Rain

The Pedal Power Crew enjoying all you can drink sodas courtesy of Yakima.

Waiting and waiting and......

We had to check out of our room this morning and we didn't want to tote our luggage all over the Vegas strip so we went to the airport 5 hours before our flight was due to leave. We expected to be stuck in lines for a few hours but we flew through check-in and security in about a half an hour. After dinner and an hour of what we deemed "Las Vegas Airport Ghetto Poker" I am here playing on the internet. I really can't wait to get home to my bed and get a solid 8 hours of sleep! Goodbye Vegas!

p.s. Next year we are all bringing our BMX bikes out to Interbike cause there are ridiculous spots to ride on the side streets that run parallel to the Vegas Strip. 364 days and counting till Interbike 2007.

Interbike is winding down...

So there is 3 hours left to Interbike 2006 and I have to admit I'm pretty shot! Its been a week of long days at the show, miles upon miles of walking, and even longer crazy nights. On average I only slept 3-5 hours each night....not healthy! Anyway, tons more cool stuff at the show today.

We The People has a rad new textured paint finish that they are using on their 2007 frames. Check it out for sure! We'll be getting some in at Pedal Power when they become available.

Chrome has the sickest bags out there! As usual they came to Interbike with tons of merchandise to sell and they are basically sold out. I added one of their laptop bags and a laptop sleeve to my collection.

Hincapie has an awesome custom jersey program and we'll be going through them for the CCNS/Pedal Power Team jersey's in the near future. I checked out the product and the material is super nice and their cycling caps are second to none. Breathable 4 panel designs that are comfortable and stylish.

So thats it from Interbike 2006. I know my updates have been pretty lame, but there is too much going on here and I am so overwhlemed with information/product. We fly out on the "red eye" back to good old CT at 11:30 tonight for a 7:30 am arrival at Bradley. Vegas is one hell of a good time, but 4 days is enough for me!!! I'm shot!


You better be there! Check out Shawn's Site for details and to check out the rad postcard invite piece he designed.

Another crazy night!

After day 2 of the show we went to the NORA Cup awards party presented by Ride BMX and watched Red Bull Means Streets 2 there as well. The East Hampton Bike Crew from Mass. met up with us to add to the insanity of the night. Weasel, Matty Still, and Aaron T. were just as ready to get rowdy as we were. Weasel was out of his gord and it was contagious....I got a bit kooky myself climbing about 15 feet up a palm tree and doing my own rendition of Lou Bickels shout out from FBM's "Albert Street" video. The only difference was I was "doing it for Connecticut and Pedal Power!" HA HA was a good time. (for those of you who have no idea what I am talking FBM's "Albert Street" video and you'll find out! Plus, Crandall is rad as hell and you should his company!

BMX has been taken to a whole new level. I couldn't believe a clip I saw of street shredder Brad Simms icepick up a 10 stair rail. That is not right!!! Rumor has is that Van Homan's part in the new "FITlife" video is possibly the best video part ever. I'll have to see if I can pick up a copy of the video at the show today. OK, I've typed enough for now. I am off to hord free swag and take in as much as I can. I can't believe its already the last day of Interbike 2006. :( so sad!

Interbike Day 2

So the show is amazing this year! It is the 25th anniversary of Interbike and the new technology for 2007 is nuts! Some of the hotness that appealed to me was:

Volume's new low profile brakes. They are lighter, stiffer, and less expenisve than the $75 Fly brakes. I'll be running a pair of my bike as soon as they are available.

Giants new Alliance technology is pretty rad. They are making bikes that are similar to the spine style that Lemond and Specialized are doing....pairing carbon and aluminum. The difference is Giant's road frames are more affordable without comprimising strength, stiffness, and quality. The new STP colors for 2007 are also super hot!

Raleigh has a rigid 29er mountain bike that comes in under a grand....and its single speed. Such a rad trail bike to bomb around the woods of Hurd Park, Wadsworth Falls, or Meshomasic on.

So thats the latest and greatest from day 2 at Interbike.



Sorry for the lack of updates! The internet access at Interbike is so slow due to the thousands of people using it. Luckily today ts operating smoother and I could finally post the last 3 blog updates I've created over the past few days.


Night One in Vegas

OK, so last night was our first night here and it was insanity! We headed down to the old Vegas strip for a while to see the sights ...The Golden Nugget, Binnions, etc. Upon heading back up-town we ran into Weasel and a bunch of BMX guys at our hotel bar. I noticed a bunch of European riders among the crowd at the bar, which means BMX must have a stronger presence at the show this year for them to come overseas for it! I am currently sitting outside the convention center ready to head in and become overwhelmed by Interbike 2006! More to come after lunch....

Me and some Blue Mang group wax figures

Ah, the sights in Vegas!


Sept. 26th - 3:40 Vegas time

So we are here at INTERBIKE 2006. We just picked up our badges and signed ourselves in. We arrived in Vegas at 10:30 am (PST) and went to the hotel mexican joint "Margaritas" for an early lunch. In his typical fashion Digger Davis started the trip with a bang pounding a $16 - 45 oz. margarita in under 10 minutes. He's a maniac for sure! So the show starts at 9am tomorrow and I have free wireless all week so expect tons of photos and updates starting in the am. Until then, peace!

Sept. 26th - 7:09 am

We are currently in Philadelphia awaiting our connector flight to Las Vegas. Last night was madness! The crew went out to dinner at Eli's and attempted to go to sleep for a few hours before our 3 am departure. Steve A. is a maniac and he hung out at the bar till 1:30 am. This is going to be a long and crazy week!
More to come when we arrive in Vegas....

Sunrise out the window of our plane courtesy of my cell phone



OK, this will be the last posting before we arrive in sunny Las Vegas for INTERBIKE 2007. I will be traveling with my G4 Powerbook so expect plenty of great photos and updates from the show.....providing I can find a wireless internet signal somewhere. Hopefully none of my posts from Vegas will include "please send bail money" or "we lost Digger Davis". INTERBIKE for the 3rd year in a row.....I'm psyched!


Gates' Wedding - Night 1

OK, last night was insane! The night can be summed up by: fathers passing out, head butts in the bar, and Fonz sleeping in the hotel lounge. Mainer madness! More to follow soon....



So its final! The TYRANT/HEBRANK Art Show at Turnpike Tattoo will be on "Mischief Night". Come out and support TYRANT, Shawn Hebrank & Bird Flu and Turnpike Tattoo. There will be some TYRANT & Bird Flu apparel for sale and most of the artwork being shown will be available for purchase. You can also speak to the Turnpike Tattoo artists if you are looking to have some ink-work done.

"Mischief Night"
Monday, October 30th
6 - 10 pm @ Turnpike Tattoo
1919 North Broad Street (The Berlin Turnpike)
(203) 440-2244

Rad Artwork

If you're into art get out to Gallery One in Old Saybrook and check out the work of Tina McCurdy. She's a local artist with some really cool abstract pieces up at the gallery. The show will be running for 2 hustle down there and check it out!

Gallery One
665 Boston Post Road
(in Old Saybrook Shopping Center)
Old Saybrook, CT
Hours: Friday - Sunday 11-5pm


Clinton Sesh...

So Lolli, " The Todd", and myself went to the Clinton Park and rode for 3 hours. It was a good time and the place wasn't too crowded. The cops were there when we arrived because some lame mother called them complaining that kids were swearing too much. Give me a break! Kids are vandalizing, doing drugs, and drinking these days and she's going to call the cops cause somebody cursed. Well you know what, f**k that lady! That's ridiculous! She doesn't have anything better to be doing on a Sunday afternoon?

In other news, ONE WEEK TILL INTERBIKE!!!! Hell yeah! Vegas here I come...for the 3rd year in a row! Also, Lolli started screening Ghostship shirts so go to his page, contact him, and buy some swag. Support Ghostship Clothing!


Saturday Soaker!

So a crew of riders met behind Pedal Power Saturday after the shop closed to head down to the Clinton Park. Tiny Tyrant and Pops came down from Bristol to meet up and follow us down as did Cory, Matt, and Russo...some of the BMX locals from Portland . We were able to get a solid hour of riding in before the skies opened up and we got drenched! I would have liked to ride longer and shoot some film, but the park was mobbed beyond belief before the rains came and it wasn't the ideal session. There is always next time.....


Art Show Update

So the TYRANT/Hebrank Art Show will go on this year! We are now looking at an opening on "Mischief Night" October 30th....the night before Halloween. Check back for more info on the event...its going to be sick!

Shawn's artwork is rad as hell!
Bleeding Heart Skull graffiti on a door for a client.


Back From The Boonies!

So I'm back from my adventure to Maine and wow what an adventure it was! No riding went down so I have nothing cool to show, but here are few random photos from the trip. Congrats to Gates on his up-coming wedding. Thanks for keeping us alive on the Dead River and for one hell of a "Mainer Goodtime".

Pat got into a jam!

We were in the boonies!!!


Another One Bites The Dust!!!

So yeah, the title says it all. Yet another one of my friends is getting married. Except this time its my best bud Gates and I'm the best man. So in honor of him losing his manhood and strapping on the ball and chain we are off to the backwoods of Maine to go white water rafting for the long weekend. You can be sure we're getting rowdy! Kevin Bacon eat your heart out! We'll show you what "River Wild" really is!!! Be sure to check back on Monday night for some pictures of the madness! And yes...I am bringing my bike to Maine. Who knows what kind of wacky stuff they have to session up there?