London Olympic BMX

Really looking forward to next weeks BMX races at the Olympics! I'm so over the equestrian dressage, rhythmic gymnastics, ping pong,  and all the other just plain pathetic "sports" NBC is choosing to air. Be sure to tune in!

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Steve Morse Bike Check: July '12

Frame: Fly Luna (custom hammered copper paint job)
Forks: Odyssey Pro Race
Wheels: Odyssey Hazard Lite Cassette rear - Vandero 3/8 female front
Tires: Fly Ruben
Seat: BoneDeth
Bars: FIT
Cranks: Odyssey Twombolt - 175mm
Chain: Shadow
Brakes: Fly
Lever: Odyssey
Pedals: Fly Ruben
Sprocket: Tree
Stem: FBM
Pegs: Tree Stunt Stumps (G-Sport gland front hub guard)



Steve and I headed over to the trails last night. The place was in pristine condition, but the weather was vile...85° with 80% humidity...you could cut the air with a knife! Steve did some serious work on the trails earlier in the week and he was jonesing to launch the new "road gap" on the High Life line. The lip is only 3' of so, but it rockets you up and over the Green Line across a 19' gap. It's a hucker for sure! Needless to say, Steve hit it clean first time and 3 runs in he was tabling over the gap. It's awesome to see the trails running so well, can't wait for the Fall temperatures!

Squatchville Photos: CLICK HERE

Steve Morse - Squatchville - Green Line from rideTYRANT.com on Vimeo.


East Haddam Grand Opening

Last Saturday was the Hunter Daniels/Dan Dombroski Memorial Skatepark grand opening ceremony. It was great to see a decade+ of hard work come to much anticipated close with Sue Daniels cutting the ribbon to officially open the park. There were several media sources covering the event, check out the links below...

East Haddam Patch: CLICK HERE
Reminder News: CLICK HERE
Fan Photos: CLICK HERE

Photo courtesy of Kevin Hotary - Reminder News


Ease Up on the Wax

Damn kids stealing their moms candles and rubbing them all over the park. The ledges, the flats, the bowl corners, everywhere! 

If you can't slide the cement/coping as is, 
go faster! Wax isn't the answer!!


Hotter than Hell!

Steve, Schmidt and I rode East Haddam this afternoon despite the temps lingering in the low 90's and the humidity level through the freaking roof! I was about ready to ride with my Camelbak! We were playing with some over under ideas on the clam shell, Steve double pegged it while I carved under him. The 2 man speed carve is coming soon :P Fun session, despite the heat and it was awesome Schmidt ventured out. Props to him for driving halfway across the state to come ride when the rest of the weens near by complained it was too hot and stayed home.

East Haddam Photos: CLICK HERE


New England Jam Chowda

All I have to say is keep checking back for details cause this is gonna be off the hook! Super psyched to be a part of this!!


Jesus Came!

I picked up Arnwine after work today and we headed over to the East Haddam Park. The place was relatively busy, but nothing too crazy. Steve showed up after work as he usually does and he had a pretty fun session as most of the skaters cleared out and we had the park to ourselves around the 7 o'clock hour. To our surprise, Jesus himself appeared at the park....Danny Todd. It didn't take Danny too long to find the lines and start emptying his bag of tricks all over the park. Super fun Summer night!

East Haddam Photos: CLICK HERE


RI Vaca.

Headed over to RI for a few days. Surf's Up!. See you Wednesday!


East Haddam is Open!

The East Haddam Skatepark finally opened today! The park will be open daily from 8am-sunset and there is a STRICT no peg or plastic peg only rule that the town will be enforcing...as noted on the park sign. Please respect the park as they've made it very clear they will not hesitate to ban violators from the premises.

I headed over to the park around 4 and to my surprise there were only 7 people there. It was good to see Randy H. and bunch of the younger local BMX guys out there getting first runs. The park is so flowy and fast, gonna be a lot of boostin' going on! The Steve's eventually showed and we rode the park till 8 or so. So psyched this place is finally open! Remember to mark your calendars, the grand opening ceremony is Saturday, July 21st from 10-11am. Please join us in honoring Hunter Daniels and Daniel Dombroski with the new park.

East Haddam Photos: CLICK HERE


The Fourth!

Steve turns 28 today, we raised hell last night and celebrated. After crawling out of bed this morning I made my way out to the Willi Park to scope out the new dirt jumps and get rad with the Fat Trax dudes on the concrete. The new dirt park looks really fun, even if it is all tables and rollers. The berms they built are epic, straight out of a supercross course of something. The dirt was still to moist from the mornings t-storms, but the park was ready to shred. I rode for a few hours till I thoroughly sweated through every piece of clothing on my body. I traded the bike for the camera and grabbed a few photos before making my way home. Happy 4th all!

Willi Photos: CLICK HERE


Take Shelter!

Wow, Mother Nature fired it at us hard today. Steve, Schmidt, and I headed out to the Norwich park to get some riding in and after an hour of riding the weather took over. The skies got super dark, the winds were whipping, lightning was flashing, and eventually marble sized hail fell. We all kept our helmets on to protect our heads from the hail as we photographed and captured video of the madness. Steve attempted to wait out the storm under some tree cover beside the park, but the hail won and he was forced to run for the shelter of his vehicle. We def needed and Sport-Brella today! Sunday funday at it's finest!

Take Shelter Photos: CLICK HERE