Come on Irene!

Steve and I hung up the bikes and got out the body boards today. We made our way down to Rhode Island in hopes of getting in on the high surf action. There was a mandatory evacuation and only town residents were being let into the area. We rolled up on the Westerly evacuation check point pretty convinced we'd be turned away by the cop, but a little fibbing and knowing people who have a house in town got us through. We hit up the surf near the Westerly Town beach for a solid hour or so and Steve's GF Melissa was snapping photos (I'll post them Monday). Eventually the State Police made the rounds and evacuated everyone from the beach. Nothing like a little pre-hurricane adventure!

Friday Full Pipe

Steve and I hit up the Norwich Skatepark for a little while Friday afternoon then went on a stealth mission to find a full pipe we had heard about. The place is in a pretty populated area, and the evening rush hour wasn't the most ideal time to be sneaking around places, but we made it happen. Despite the pipe being small, the place that it's located in is epic! Steve wasted no time in giving it hell in the rusty death pipe.

Full Pipe Friday Photos: CLICK HERE


EH, Wolcott, Falcon

Bry and I did a little day tripping and hit up the East Hampton Skatepark, the Wolcott Skatepark, and the Falcon BMX Track in Meriden. The weather was perfect, mid 70's and sunny! We did a ton of riding and I shot no here are some GoogleMaps photos of the locations as filler. Doing it all again tomorrow...Norwich, Baltic and Plainfield!


9 Day Drought, 3 Days Full On!

So I've been really busy, didn't ride for 9 days straight! I had to put a swift end to that! Bry and I rode the Newington and Cromwell Parks late last week. It was good to see Bry riding decent despite still recouping from a destroyed wrist. Saturday I spent 4 hours at Cromwell riding and getting roasted in the sun. Sunday Schmidt, Steve and I hit up the Southwick Trails. It had rained Saturday night so the trails were nice and tacky, pretty ideal conditions. Sadly, the session was cut short due to incoming severe thunderstorms and torrential rain. We shot South down to the Windsor Locks park for about 20 minutes before the storms caught up with us there too. The guys went home and ended the day at the Middlefield Park getting in a solid hour session with nobody there at all. Gotta love an empty park.

Being part of the over 30 crowd is rough, so sore today!



Fresh New Threads!

T designed a new shirt that came out awesome! The whole image was free hand painted by her and digitized so we could use it on a shirt. Head over and check out's T's site for some more of her amazing artwork: CLICK HERE.

In addition, the "Creeper" zip up hoodies look great. Fall is just around the corner and we'll be rocking sweatshirts before you know it! Someone felt the need to e-mail me complaining that the hoodies are too expensive. Sure, $42 is pricey, but not really considering a plain American Apparel hoodie is $41 direct from them. So you get a rad as hell TYRANT hoodie for a mere $1 more. Just sayin...

Note: When ordering a sweatshirt from the online store you have the option of pullover or zip-up.


Dew Tour Dirt

I watched the Dew Tour Dirt contest yesterday and was psyched! Sure, it was cool to see people going big, but I was more psyched on the trail rider friendly course TJ Lavin designed. Straight out of the mouth of TJ himself, "this is a dirt jumpers course. If you spend your whole day in the foam pit you're gonna struggle here"....and struggle they did. The course was such a subliminal kick in the nuts to the foam pit junkies and box jump monkey's. It's not like it was even a dramatically different set-up, just some rollers and a long and low. Love it! So sick of the whole "training" for BMX mindset! Ride your bike and have fun!

New shirts available in the online store now!



Spent a few days down in Westerly, RI at my friends family's beach house. I was psyched to get to the beach and get in the ocean for the first time this year. I had planned on riding the White Rock Skatepark on the way home today, but of course it had to rain. Looking forward to getting back down to Westerly and riding the park.


East Hampton Park 2011

The East Hampton Skatepark got ravaged by the harsh Winter. Steve and I had plans to resurface the park with some of the skatepark committee youth in late May, but we were told by the town that the ramps were not structurally sound and most of them needed to be torn down. Honestly, there were only 2 ramps that needed re-enforcing and nothing needed to be torn down. Long story short, we gave up on the park at the point. We put in 28 hours of volunteer time building the ramps last year, why spend 8-10 hours more resurfacing ramps that are just gonna be torn down?!?!

Jump forward to August....
The town demolished the grind box, 1 quarter pipe, and the box jump set-up. To our surprise, they are in the process of resurfacing and repainting the remaining ramps. Wow, didn't see that coming at all! I figured the park would be leveled by now. I'm psyched that the ramps are getting a much needed facelift. I stopped by today and the place looks pretty good. Props to whoever is doing the work on the ramps, not too shabby. The one exception is the death coping, look out! Looking forward to riding the park next week when it's finished. Thanks EH Parks & Rec!


Rode on the East Side..again

Yesterday was the Riding on the East Side II event and it was a great turnout! We rolled into the Baltic Skatepark with 16 riders and the place was empty. We got in a solid 2 hours session before heading over to the new Plainfield. The new park out in Plainfield is pretty off the hook. The flowly layout allows for lots of boosting and speed. Good times for sure! We made our pit stop at Daily Grind and everybody was stoked on Chuck's shop. Imagine just about every BMX part in every color in stock. Daily Grind is dialed! A huge thanks to Chuck for the pizzas and air conditioning we were in desperate need of! We topped the day off at Owen Bell and sadly it was a pretty mellow session. The 85+ degree temps and sun kicked everyone's a$$ and we were all beat tired by the last park. No complaints though, we had an awesome day and I can't wait to do it again. Mass skatepark trip in September? Stay tuned...

Riding on the East Side II Photos: CLICK HERE


Been Digging!

I spent a few hours down at Chads yesterday slinging some dirt on a new line. Psyched on the set-up down there. Bring on the rain, we need it!!!

Dirty Afternoon Photos: CLICK HERE

Click to enlarge panoramic


Snake Run Video by NSA

Great GoPro footage from our Sunday adventure courtesy of the guys at the Northern Skate Alliance.

Chad's New Line

I headed over to Chads trails late yesterday afternoon and to my surprise he had rebuilt the whole main line. The old set-up was cool, but the new one is super fun! It's still really soft and in need of some major water and shovel loving, but when it's done it's gonna be dialed. Looking forward to getting some more jumps built and possibly adding more onto to the other lines.

Chad's New Line: CLICK HERE


Monday Mods

I made some mods to my bike today. Finally sick of the murder out same old, same old black bike! I machined the front wheel sidewalls, fork cap, brakes, brake lever, cable hanger, seat post, and headset spacer for that raw aluminum look. Faux bling!

NSA Runnin'

Schmidty and I met up with Ryan Howard and some of the Northern Skate Alliance crew to hit up the snake run yesterday. Man, those long board dudes are out of their minds!

Snake Run Skating: CLICK HERE