First Indoor Session of the 13/14 Winter Season

Sadly, the cold weather is upon us and the indoor riding season is here. We had our first session of Winter 13/14 at Jays last night, always a good time. Can't believe this ramp has been our Winter refuge for 14 years!

Jays Ramp Photos: CLICK HERE


Cheshire Cross 2013

I've been nursing a bum ankle since our Sunset Ranch trip last weekend so I've been off the bike. I decided to switch it up a bit and head out to check out some cyclocross action today over in Cheshire. The weather was great for November and it was good to see friends kicking a$$ and taking names in their races.

Cheshire Cross Photos: CLICK HERE


Last Ranch of 2013

We took our last trip of the season up to Sunset Ranch yesterday. The place was pristine and all the lines were running fast as hell. I rode most of the day so this is all I have to show for photos...

Hit Up Some Eastside Parks

We got a small crew together to hit up some of the cement parks on the Eastside of the state. Jordan gets props for traveling nearly an hour to come out and ride with us! Also great to ride with Don for a change, been way too long! We sessioned Norwich, Plainville and then made out way to Jay & Al's backyard mini. Super fun day!!

Eastside Park Photos: CLICK HERE


Justin's Backyard Jam

Super fun time at Justin's new backyard ramp set-up. to say I'm jealous would be a total understatement, place is rad as hell!!!

Backyard Jam Photos: CLICK HERE

NEJC 2013

Jam Chowda 2013 went down despite a good amount of rain, but that didn't scare away the masses! By mid-day there were hundreds of people at the event, people were hitting the ramps and street set-up, the bands were playing and NEJC was in full swing. It was great to see so many faces I haven't seen in ages, friends from far and near. Gotta send a huge thanks out to Chuck for making Jam Chowda a reality and thanks for all of you that grabbed some TYRANT swag from out tent, your support is greatly appreciated. Until next year...

Event Coverage:
Tables & Fables
Circuit BMX
Skizz BMX

Rad photo of Phil Cote shot by Tony Long


NoHo Trail Jam

We headed up to Kyle Amidon's trail in NoHo for a jam yesterday. It was a kick a$$ day! 22 riders, ages 15-46 having fun riding their bikes. The place is super dialed and so much fun to ride, really looking forward to going back soon!!!

NoHo Trails Jam Photos: CLICK HERE

Ranch & Enfield

We made our way up to Sunset Ranch for a morning session. The trails were dialed as always, still swear Chris never sleeps. It was good to see the local dudes up there and cool to see Baklik come up to ride. After the Ranch we headed South to Enfield for an afternoon session at GMT. The crew in Enfield has been digging like mad, the place looks so much different from last time we were there. All in all a super fun day playing in the dirt!

Sunset Ranch & GMT Photos: CLICK HERE


Donner Party Was Off the Hook!

The title says it all folks! If you didn't go, you made a HUGE mistake. Tons of bikes, tons of riders, tons of sh1tty ramps, we slept on a mountain, bathed in a river, grilled a bunch...come on, what more could you ask for on a weekend getaway with the dudes! Looking forward to next year!!

Donner Party Photos: CLICK HERE


Summer Siesta

Haven't posted anything in over a month. It's Summer and it's been hot as hell. No riding, all fishing and chilling at the lake. We'll be back at it soon enough...


Wisdom to Youth Jam

I've been waiting for this jam for weeks and yesterday was finally the day. All the legends of my youth congregating in one venue to get rad on their bikes. Really have no words to describe the day other than EPIC! Everyone was having a great time, the weather ended up being awesome, nobody got hurt, and fun was had by all. Can't wait till next year!

Wisdom to Youth Photos: CLICK HERE


Wayside Plowed!

I noticed a jaw dropping photo appear on Schmidt's Facebook wall yesterday afternoon, The Wayside Trails had been plowed. Needless to say, I was sick to my stomach, it always stings to see any Connecticut spot destroyed…especially when it comes unannounced and happens out of nowhere...even if I wasn't a local and don't live in Berlin.

An article was posted in The Berlin Citizen back in October after the police "randomly discovered the trails after a noise complaint". Give me a break! Wayside has been around for over a decade and countless riders have passed through those trails over the years, they didn't just randomly appear over night and the cops and town knew damn well they were there. A legacy of BMX was flushed down the tubes today thanks to the Town of Berlin. Looking back at that article Town Manager Denise McNair wanted the trails plowed due to liability, so I'm sure she's the one who we owe the heartfelt fuck you to!


New Tees In!

The Dig, Stack, Pack, Ride trails tees are in! $12 cash or credit, hit me up in person or buy one HERE! Thanks for the support!


T&F Sunday

Steve and I headed East to meet up with Tony Long and some of the Tables & Fables crew this morning. We met up at Tiverton and ride the cement park for a bit before heading to New Bedford and getting rad for the rest of the day. It's always fun crossing state lines and taking BMX day trips, especially to places you've never ridden. Thanks TL!

Buttery Brook Jam: 5/18/13

Yesterday was the Buttery Brook Jam and it was an awesome day! There were a ton of riders, a ton of prizes, and the weather was spot on. Gotta send a huge thanks out to Colby B, FatTrax, and everyone else who had a hand in making the jam a success.

Buttery Brook Photos: CLICK HERE


Buttery Brook POSTPONED!

Saturday's Buttery Brook Jam is being postponed due to rain. New date, the 18th. Be there!


Ride for Boston Jam

Steve and I headed up to the Ride for Boston Jam at the Agawam Park and Taylor Wink followed us up to get in on the fun. The event was really well organized and had some great sponsor backing. They had live bands playing, food, etc. To my surprise, the BMX turnout was pretty poor. Not sure if people went elsewhere cause it was a gorgeous day, but it was sad that such a great cause got shunned by so many. None the less, the jam went on and people got rad...and $1,200 was raised. Good stuff!!

Ride for Boston Photos: CLICK HERE


Squatchville is Running!!

First session of the year at the Squatchville Trails and the place is running great! So looking forward to this years trails season!!

Squatchville Photos: CLICK HERE

Jake's Still Hucking

Met up with Steve, Jake Lineberry, and Alex Muir at East Haddam last night and the park was empty. I had high hopes of getting a solid session in, but that ended quickly as I went OTB hard on my first run. Needless to say that ruined my night...and my left knee! The other guys gave it hell and we're getting rad with the park all to themselves. Can't believe after all these years and all those hard crashes Jake is still hucking himself like a rag doll. Dude ain't right!

East Haddam Photos: CLICK HERE

Jake Lineberry - Crazy Peg Manual from on Vimeo.


Northwoods Again

We made it out to Northwoods again for another kick a$$ session. Love that place!!

Northwoods Photo: CLICK HERE


Flatland Fracas 2013

Mark your calendars, the Fracas is July 21st! I'm psyched to be a part of this and even more excited that Josh is back on his flatland bike and riding in the event. Bound to be a kick a$$ day! Whether you ride flat or not, come out and support the New England BMX scene!


First Dirt 2013: Northwoods 4/9

We finally got some trail riding in! Steve and I headed out to Northwoods, Tim C's backyard set-up, and got a solid 1.5 hours in before dark. The jumps are somewhat small, but it's super fun and the guys keep it pretty mint making for a great intro to dirt after a long Winter. Looking forward to getting back there often this year!

First Dirt 2013 Photos: CLICK HERE


Maul's Brawl 2013

The dudes at Maul's know how to throw a party! The 2013 edition of the Brawl was OFF THE HOOK! People were blasting, there were tons of prizes, to my knowledge nobody got really hurt, and everyone had a hell of a time. Thanks John & TL! A huge thanks to all the folks that supported TYRANT and bought tees and/or hats...or even just took some stickers. Much appreciated!!!

Maul's Brawl 2013: CLICK HERE


Spring Willi

Back to back t-shirt sessions, dare I say Spring is finally here! Merrit Mike was in town for the Holiday weekend so I scooped him and Steve up and we headed out to Willi to get a morning session in. Good call on our part, it ended up being a kick a$$ session. Some of the T&F guys were down from Mass. and some of the RI crew came across and dudes were getting rad. Def a good time!

Willi Photos: CLICK HERE


Skate vs. Bike Rant!

The skate vs. bike drama at East Haddam has been at an all time high the past week. People are fuming that the ledges are all busted up and apparently they feel sh1t talking and ghost riding their boards is going to resolve the issue?!?

Everyone out there knows damn well I was being a peg Nazi when the park first opened. As the rules stated "no pegs", but we were fortunate to get the town to allow plastic pegs/sleeves as an exception. We're quickly approaching the 1 year anniversary of the park and the snake ledge and sub box look like someone took a sledgehammer to them. Sucks! I'd be lying if I said I'm surprised! We all knew this was going to happen and we all questioned the no coping decision from the start. At this point, the ledges aren't magically going to fix themselves so I think griping about pegs on them is a moot point. I haven't seen much BMX action on the granite coping in the pool and do agree metal pegs need to stay off it! What pisses me off is the kids mouthing off that "It's a skatepark, not a bike park". Last time I checked, the skatepark committee that raised the funds to have the park built was made up of 80% BMX riders...most of who are still local and riding the park.

If the town is willing, I'm all for raising some cash to get some metal slapped on those ledges, even if it's just some angle iron. If not, on well. Shut your mouth and enjoy the park. Anything is better than nothing!


Could it be Spring?

Sunny, blue skies, 58° Spring finally here?!? A bunch of people met up at East Haddam around 5 yesterday evening and sessioned the park well into the darkness. Good times!



T&F in Town

We had plans for the T&F crew to come into town last weekend, but ringleader TL had to take care of some business at home. We postponed the get together to the 24th...and it worked out perfectly! The sun was out and the temps finally made their way toward 50°. At one point we had 26 riders at the East Haddam Park, running it! It's always good when the T&F dudes come to town. Looking forward to making our way up to their turf soon!

Sunday Photos: CLICK HERE



Steve and I shoveled East Haddam with 2 skaters for 4 hours yesterday in hopes of being able to ride the park today. We couldn't get the whole snake run clear, but it was clear enough for a fun session today. Sunshine, 50°, t-shirt, and sun burn to show for it. Awesome day!

East Haddam Photos: CLICK HERE


Maul's Brawl 2013

It's that time of year again kids, Mauls Brawl! Last year was off the hook, I'm sure this year is going to be bigger and better. Steve Morse is going for the Expert Crown after a podium finish last year :P Be there!

Last Year's Maul's Brawl Photos: CLICK HERE


Vintage Taj Takes Flight

Dog Piss snapped his cranks yesterday at the barn and instead of calling it a day he proceeded to pull a 90's Hoffman Taj off the wall to ride. The bike is a solid 40 lbs and has been a display piece at the barn along with other vintage rides. Needless to say, Chris rode the hell out of that thing and lived up to his nickname!

Vintage Taj Photos: CLICK HERE


Barn Session: 2/23/13

It's been 3 weeks since we've ridden last, way too long! Steve and I headed up to the barn mid-day to meet up with some old friends and bring a few new CT folk's to the barn for a low key session. Super fun afternoon of riding!

Barn Photos: CLICK HERE


CT Bike Session

After 25+ years CT Bike and Skate is still there...looking just like it did in the late 90's when we were riding there on a weekly basis. It had been 16 years since one of yesterday's crew last rode the park and only a few months for others. It was great to see old friends come together for a super fun session. Huge thanks to the Mass. guys for trekking down for the day! Gotta do it again soon!!

CT Bike Photos: CLICK HERE


New Hoodie!

The new silver gray American Apparel hoodies are now available in the store! Limited quantities available, get on it!!

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Saturday Barn: 1/26/13

Steve and I headed up to the barn to meet up with a huge crew. Despite bone chilling temps outside, it was a balmy 40° in the barn thanks to 4 propane heaters. Good times!

Barn Photos: CLICK HERE

Barn Session: 1/19/13

Schmidt and I headed up to the barn last night to meet up with a bunch of people for a Saturday session. Vic and some of the Circuit BMX crew were headed into town and a bunch of the barn locals were all coming out to ride. What I thought was going to be a pretty low key session ended up being 15+ riders and one hell of a good time. CT, Mass, and RI were all in the house getting rad!

Barn Photos: CLICK HERE

Friday Night Ramp Rager

Great session at Jay's last night, people came out of the woodwork. Some guys were getting rad on their boards, plenty of guys on bikes, and plenty of pizza and cold sodas. Awesome night!

Ramp Photos: CLICK HERE


RAD Saturday

Steve, Schmidt and I headed up to RAD Skatepark to meet up with Chris P. for a Saturday session. To our surprise, the Fat Trax crew rolled in like 10 riders deep and it ended up being a kick a$$ session. It was our first time at RAD, the place is pretty fun, but the masonite is super slick and that fact they have open session means scooter rats everywhere! I mean EVERYWHERE!! Hoping to head back on a weeknight in hopes the kiddies are at home.