Saturday Barn: 1/26/13

Steve and I headed up to the barn to meet up with a huge crew. Despite bone chilling temps outside, it was a balmy 40° in the barn thanks to 4 propane heaters. Good times!

Barn Photos: CLICK HERE

Barn Session: 1/19/13

Schmidt and I headed up to the barn last night to meet up with a bunch of people for a Saturday session. Vic and some of the Circuit BMX crew were headed into town and a bunch of the barn locals were all coming out to ride. What I thought was going to be a pretty low key session ended up being 15+ riders and one hell of a good time. CT, Mass, and RI were all in the house getting rad!

Barn Photos: CLICK HERE

Friday Night Ramp Rager

Great session at Jay's last night, people came out of the woodwork. Some guys were getting rad on their boards, plenty of guys on bikes, and plenty of pizza and cold sodas. Awesome night!

Ramp Photos: CLICK HERE


RAD Saturday

Steve, Schmidt and I headed up to RAD Skatepark to meet up with Chris P. for a Saturday session. To our surprise, the Fat Trax crew rolled in like 10 riders deep and it ended up being a kick a$$ session. It was our first time at RAD, the place is pretty fun, but the masonite is super slick and that fact they have open session means scooter rats everywhere! I mean EVERYWHERE!! Hoping to head back on a weeknight in hopes the kiddies are at home.