You heard it here first...remember that! Pedal Power Bike Shop in Middletown (my second home) is expanding this Spring and they intend to open a NEW BMX AREA on the 2nd floor of the shop. To add to the fun, Middletown has had plans drawn up for the new skatepark the town is proposing...and its going to be the 2ND LARGEST OUTDOOR PARK IN NEW ENGLAND!!!! So get psyched! Winter is going to end eventually and there is going to be a lot of cool stuff to look forward to this Spring. If you are interested in attending meetings about the Middletown Skatepark they'd love to see you. I believe the meetings are Thursdays at 3:00 PM at the Russell Library, but stop by Pedal Power and ask "Digger" Davis for the full scoop...he's on "The Board"


More photos on

Matt Lolli and I both got some of our photos published on WoozyBMX Click on the "Readers Photos" may have to scroll right to locate it. Anyway, I submitted a rad shot of Mercenary Steve doing a sick table at Newington and a photo of Ryan Schmidt at his trails in Berlin. Check them out, its great to have local riders featured in an overseas magazine!!!


Strictly for the hardcore!

I thought I was going to be the first person to get a Tyrant tattoo, but Luke Liquori of Cromwell beat me to the punch. He stopped by to show me the ink today, its the Tyrant skull that Steve A. designed. Luke got it inked on his elbow right in plain site....pretty sick! Props to Luke and to Shawn Hebrank his tattoo artist out of the new Turnpike Tattoo in Meriden

Dondor Jam at MSC

A ton of people showed up to the Dondor Jam at MSC on Wednesday night! There was some great riding going on with serious tricks being thrown down. Don Pavelka went off, but it was suiting because it was his 21st Birthday. All in all we had a good time and you can check out the photos at Tyrant's Flickr

Don Pavelka downside whipping the gap on his 21st birthday!


I guess I'll try to like winter...

So I've been complaining a lot recently that this cold weather and snow are awful because its keeping us all from riding outdoors. Well I finally gave in to Old Man Winter this weekend and hung up my bike for the day and took out my skiboards (yeah...I said skiboards! I'm not a trendy snowboarder!) I headed up to Jiminey Peak for the day with my buddy and his girl and it was a hell of a good time. Who knows? I may enjoy winter if I ski more often.

Starting 2006 off skiing in the Berkshires