Bye, Bye Blog

I hate to say it, but the days of taking time to write blog posts is all but dead. Social media has taken over and it's far more convenient to post stuff on Facebook and Instagram. Be sure to go find us on both! Thanks for checking this blog out over the past 9 years, it's been fun!!

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NEJC 2014

This is it boys and girls, the last New England Jam Chowda ever! Mark your calendars, polish up your 990's and install your Kink Pegs…sh1ts going down!

IMPACT is back!

This ain't no April Fools joke!!!

Wow, how many amazing sessions did we have at Impact back in the day....too many!!! So psyched Kevin Robinson is re-opening the park all these years later in a bigger, better location. Get excited folks, this place is gonna be off the hook!!!



Wisdom to Youth 2014

The Wisdom to Youth Contest is back for anther year! We had an awesome time last year and this year looks to top that for sure. Mark your calendar and be sure to get out to the event. Yours truly will be judging!

Some photos from last years event: CLICK HERE


The Dialers Jam

It's been a month since Kyle Amidon passed away and yesterday his friends and family got together to celebrate his life and love of BMX. A huge thanks to everyone that had a hand in making the jam such a huge success, especially the crew at the Barn!

Dialer Tribute Buttons will remain available till the end of March: ORDER HERE

Dialer Jam Photos: CLICK HERE

Ride on Kyle!

The BMX community lost a really good dude last night. I'm so at a loss for words and I can't believe this is even real. Rest in Peace Kyle, thank you for all the good times!!!




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