Circuit/Cumby Trails

Steve and I headed to Rhode Island yesterday with Bongi, his girl and his dog in tow. We went and checked out Circuit BMX's new shop location. Vic has that place stacked with the latest and greatest in the BMX world! Eventually made out way to the Cumby Trails, their local jumps. To say that I was awe struck would be a total understatement. These trails were epic...the place was beyond perfect! Steve and Bongi got on their bikes and got jumping pretty quick, while I was a chicken sh1t and manned my camera most of the day. It was a fun session watching Vic and the locals blast over their huge sets. Gotta send a huge thanks out to those guys for having us at their trails. Amazing!

Cumby Trails Photos: CLICK HERE


Joey's/Bongi's Again...

We rode Joey's jumps for a bit then headed over to Bongi's jungle jumps. Steve had never ridden Bongi's before, but after a few runs was boosting the line and getting rad. We're supposed to be headed to some trails in Rhode Island this weekend. We'll see how things pan out...

Joey's/Bongi's Photos: CLICK HERE


Mid-Day Sesh @ Wethersfield

Bry and I met some peeps at Wethersfield at 11am today for a mid-day session. The place was in nobody at all! It was fun to have the opportunity to flow around that place not worrying about dodging a flying board or pre-teen scooter rat. I've heard rumors that the park is in pretty rough shape and the rumors proved very true. The flat bottom is gnarly and chipped up, but just fine for some 75 PSI bike tires. Fun, fun!


New Decals; Nice!

They're in and they're rad! Get 'em while they last, only a few dozen in stock.


Storm Carnage

Bry and I made our way over to Joey's Trails today to do some riding, but Mother Nature had other plans. The violent storms on Wednesday and Thursday night wreaked absolute havoc on the trails. As we rolled up it was clear to see that the jumps were eroded, very pitted, and needed some solid work. The real surprise came as we got out of the car and actually made our way over to the trails...a 25 foot tall tree fell right on the 4th lip and lander. We spent a solid 2 hours cutting up the tree with axes (cause there was no chainsaw!), removing water from the pits between jumps, packing new dirt on the lips and generally tuning up the place enough to be rideable. When all was said and through we only got in an hour of riding. Bummer!


R.I.P. Hamden Trails

I heard a rumor that the Hamden Trails were gonna be getting plowed, but this was the real nail in the coffin...


Before our session there last September, I hadn't ridden Hamden in nearly 6 years. It's really sad to see such an amazing place being shut down for good. Those trails were truly a work of art and I know the locals broke their back there for the past decade making that place what is was. One can only hope that a new set of trails rise up and the riding goes on.

R.I.P Hamden


New Vinyl Here!

The new website vinyl decals arrived today and the new logo ones should be close behind...


Falcon Monday

We made our yearly trip to Falcon BMX on Monday night. It was hotter than hell, but we managed to get in some solid runs around the track and have a good time. No photos to show for the session, but I'm sure we'll be back there in the near future.


Sunset Ranch Trails Jam

Steve, Bry and I headed up to Mass. to the Sunset Ranch Trail Jam. We arrived at 11 and nobody was there yet. As the day went along more and more riders showed up and people were getting more comfy on their bikes. Chris had the place groomed to perfection and the place was running mint. The soil up there is so nice and tacky, rides so nice! After the trails we hit up Chris' rope swing for an hour or so. Def a great time across state lines! Looking forward to going back soon.

Sunset Ranch Trails Jam Photos: CLICK HERE


New Vinyl Coming

There are 2 new vinyl decals coming in the next week or so. The website sticker is pretty large, meant for a down tube, car rear window, etc. The smaller decal is 5" x 1.25" and should be ideal for sticking just about anywhere.


1st Jumps in June

We had a good sized crew riding Joey's tonight. Surprisingly the placed dried out a ton since Tuesday's session...almost too dry, but we still had fun riding. Steve and Ryan pulled the first over under at the trails, pretty wild! Gonna be one crazy Summer!!

1st Jumps In June Photos: CLICK HERE