Hit Up Some Eastside Parks

We got a small crew together to hit up some of the cement parks on the Eastside of the state. Jordan gets props for traveling nearly an hour to come out and ride with us! Also great to ride with Don for a change, been way too long! We sessioned Norwich, Plainville and then made out way to Jay & Al's backyard mini. Super fun day!!

Eastside Park Photos: CLICK HERE


Justin's Backyard Jam

Super fun time at Justin's new backyard ramp set-up. to say I'm jealous would be a total understatement, place is rad as hell!!!

Backyard Jam Photos: CLICK HERE

NEJC 2013

Jam Chowda 2013 went down despite a good amount of rain, but that didn't scare away the masses! By mid-day there were hundreds of people at the event, people were hitting the ramps and street set-up, the bands were playing and NEJC was in full swing. It was great to see so many faces I haven't seen in ages, friends from far and near. Gotta send a huge thanks out to Chuck for making Jam Chowda a reality and thanks for all of you that grabbed some TYRANT swag from out tent, your support is greatly appreciated. Until next year...

Event Coverage:
Tables & Fables
Circuit BMX
Skizz BMX

Rad photo of Phil Cote shot by Tony Long