Skaters Edge / 24 Degree Mini Ramp Session

So I met up with the Begins today, "Pops" Steve and "Tiny Tyrant" Brandon, to go session Skaters Edge in Taunton, Mass. The park is really rad and it was a super fun session. Brandon was almost pulling bike flips into the foam pit, he jumped the 6 foot spine (he rides a 16 inch bike!!!!), and pulled a sick fakie wallride to rollout super clean! Steve was pulling some nice wallrides and looked really comfortable on his BMX bike...he turns 40 this year!!!! I was totally stale today, but I guess that's what I get seeing I've only ridden ramp once in the past 3 weeks. When we got back from Taunton we decided to ride Tiny Tyrant's mini ramp for an hour or so. The catch is that it was 24 degrees and blustery out!!!!! I shot some photos, check them out at Tyrant's Flickr All in all we had a fun day and I was stoked to hang out with the Begins...2 of most fun guys to ride with! Thanks for breakfast and the ride to the park guys!

Tiny Tyrant and I at Skaters Edge


30 Degree Street Session

So I've been getting a bunch of calls from people to come out and ride street at night, but the cold and BMX riding just don't mix! I finally bit the bullet and got out for late night session with a bunch of local guys. It was a good time, we found some new small jibs to session, and Blachura muscled a nice wallride out on a gap to wall I've been eyeing for years. I shot some photos, check them out at Tyrant's Flickr

8 foot gap from that little dirt kicker to near ball breaker by Dave Blachura.
He landed it next try, check the link above.


Tiny Tyrant's been shredding through the winter

So I headed out to visit Tiny Tyrant Brandon Begin and the family today. I wasn't suprised when I rolled up to a new box jump set up in the driveway and a kicker close by.....he's been riding even though its 20 out!!! Let me alos once again mention Brandon is 11 and rides better than half the teenagers and adults at the skatepark!!! I got a few photos of Brandon doing a good size gap to fakie and an awesome e-brake air. Check them out at Tyrant's Flickr


Tyrant MySpace Background

With the help of Matt Lolli's sick photography I have designed a Tyrant background for all you MySpace junkies out there. You can get the URL for it at Tyrant's Flickr
1. Click on the background image
2. Copy the URL from your browser task bar on the top of the screen
3. Use Thomas' MySpace Editor v3.5 to edit your MySpace page
4. Paste in the URL and select the "center the image" as your background option


Pre-Blizzard Session

So many people, especially myself, have been giving Flatland Josh a lot of crap because we never see him riding anymore. Come to find out Josh is now riding brakeless and is getting super smooth! Josh and I headed to a few local parks today, despite the 33 degree temps, to do a little riding before the snow comes. Josh was pulling off some serious tricks! You can check out the photos at Tyrant's Flickr

Sorry...but I honestly don't know what they call this...but its sick! especially brakeless!!!!