Pipe Dreamin'

Tony Long had been texting me throughout the week about a possible early morning fullpipe mission this weekend. Driving 2.5 hours North into the wilderness to ride a cement pipe, hell...Steve and I were down! We left CT at 7:30am and arrived to the pipe around 10, a few minutes before TL and Kyle Amidon. With a few beach towels, a rock dam, and a shop broom we had the place rideable in no time. Man do I love adventures like this one!

On the way home we decided to take a 30 minute detour and head over the the jam at Sunset Ranch. The place was pretty soft and I wasn't feeling it at all, so I snapped some photos while everyone else got rad. All in all, a really fun day!

Fullpipe Photos: CLICK HERE
Trails Photos: CLICK HERE

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