TYRANT: 2002-2012

Today marks 10 years of TYRANT!
Can't believe how fast the time has passed.
Glad we're still riding our bikes and having fun.
Thanks to anyone that has shown love over the years!

Squatchville: 6/20

Trails were running so nice last night, enough said!!!

Squatchville Photos: CLICK HERE


June Ranch

We were on the road at 9:30 this morning to head up to Sunset Ranch to meet the Chris and his locals and the Tables and Fables crew who were traveling over from Eastern Mass. We made it up in record time and were on our bikes riding the lines by 11....pre-noon riding is a rarity! It was a fun session at the trails, even the T&F street dudes were getting rad on the roller and wallride line. Mid-day Tony Long and his crew took off to go explore some other spots in the area and the rest of us gave it hell at the trails for a few more hours. We ended out the day chilling by the river and getting gnarly on Chris' rope swing...always a good time! It was great to see the T&F dudes again, been too long...and as always it's rad getting back to Sunset Ranch...good stuff Chris!  Sunday funday for sure!

Sunset Ranch Photos: CLICK HERE



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Thursday Adventure: June 7th

This afternoon/evening was quite the freakin' adventure! Steve and I met up at Squatchville around 5 to get some riding in. Steve dumpster dove some awesome tarping material from the job site he's currently working at...and it couldn't of come at a better time! After 45 minutes of riding the sky turned pitch black and we heard rumblings of thunder in the distance. We scrambled to tarp the whole place off and made it out to the cars just as the rain began.

I stalked the in coming storm on my phone and saw on the radar that East Haddam looked to be dry, so we hustled out to the skatepark site to check on the progress while the storm passed. The park is looking so good, they added 2 grind boxes, a boob, and a bunch of small trannies and wedges are rebarred out and ready for crete. By then it was pushing 7pm, the rain had passed over the trails area, so Steve and I headed back over to see if the place was still rideable. On the way to the trails a bitchin' rainbow appeared, always a great sight!

We arrived back at the trails to find the place about 80% dry...thank you dense foliage and new tarps! We pulled the tarps on the High Life line and rode till it was too dark, sometime after 8. Super fun day for sure, can't wait for the next one.

Thursday Adventure Photos: CLICK HERE


Safe Riding Reed!

Today was Reed's going away jam at the Wethersfield Skatepark. Reed leaves Wednesday to ride across the country as part of Bike and Build. A bunch of dudes showed up to wish Reed well, raise hell, and ride some bikes...always a recipe for a good time!

Go help Reed: DONATE HERE

Reed's Jam Photos: CLICK HERE

Afternoon Adventure

After 2/3's of the day raining and being lazy dozing on and off on the couch, I motivated and headed out to the trails around 4:30. I arrived at the usual parking spot and on my way in I found Steve beside the brook looking perplexed. Yeah, the brook we usually tip toe over on rocks was a full on raging set of a solid 2-3' overflowing it's banks. We adventured through the woods looking for some boulders to jump across on, but nothing. The end result was Steve being brave and walking across a moss covered fallen tree 6' over the water in his slick Vans and me taking off my shoes and socks and wading across a thigh deep area that was slightly less gnarly.

It was no surprise that there were puddles the size of kiddie pools at the trails when we arrived. It rained like hell and the whole place showed very harsh signs of it. Lots of pitting, lots of erosion, lots of tuning up to be done! I decided since I was already wet and muddy from the water crossing I'd spend the rest of the afternoon working Huck Finn We dug for a solid 3 hours cleaning up the lip and lander in the High Life Line adding some height to each. We also tuned up the first berm and added a new roller after it in the Pump & Bump Line. The sun finally cracked and when it did it was eerie in the trails. There was a bunch of fog, it was humid as hell, and creepily quiet in there. All in all it was a good dig session and we got a lot done.

We rounded out the day heading over to Salmon River to clean off and take a dip. Once again, the place was moving really quick due to all the rain. It was cold and it took some effort not to let the current sweep us away, but it was refreshing after all the digging. Loving Summer already, and it's not even here!


East Haddam Almost Done!

It's only been a month or so, but the East Haddam Skatepark is almost done! Can't wait!!

Photo by Steve Baklik


June Squatch

Steve and I headed over to Squatchville tonight to give the new step-down a go. We were hoping the lander packed in well so that we could get some runs in prior to the weekend rain out. Sure enough, the line was running great. The last few months of hard work is paying off, super fun session tonight. I was psyched that Steve grabbed a few shots of me, proof I do ride :P Loving having local trails!

Squatchville Photos: CLICK HERE