Christmas Eve Eve Sesh

Wow, what a difference a day makes! Yesterday was bone chilling cold thanks to the wind, but it cleared out today and it was great riding weather....especially for 3 days into Winter! I sent out some texts early in the day to see who was around anticipating most people were with family or doing last minute Holiday shopping, but to my surprise a solid crew ended up showing up at the East Haddam Park mid-day. Everyone was cruising around to stay warm, nothing too crazy going down, but the afternoon quickly turned into a heavy sub box session. Merritt's Mike Brennan fired out a 180 over the sub to half cab out into the grass bank. In addition, the downside pedal stalls he was doing were burly. Mercenary Steve and Matt Bagley were taking turns on sprocket to 180's and sprocket barspins, can't believe I didn't see any tacos or teeth snap off. What I thought was gonna be a low key Sunday turned into a solid session. Good times for sure!

I hope everyone has a happy, healthy Holiday!

Christmas Eve Eve Photos: CLICK HERE

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