Ok boys and girls, tomorrow is Krol Fest....its finally here!!! The festivities begin at high noon and the weather man said its going to be gorgeous! Get on your bike and come shred the radest back yard set-up in CT!!! PLEASE NOTE: There is limited parking so all of you coming please try to car pool. Be sure to bring some spending money, there will plenty of cool stuff to purchase! Matt Lolli designed a rad "Krol Fest" t-shirt and they will be for sale. Tyrant BMX goods will also be available out of the trunk of my car, look for the red TYRANT BMX Carolla.

The first jump of the set. Bring your balls, its burly!!!


ROADtrip on the horizon!

So it looks as though Lolli and I are going to step up and ROADtrip out to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the Race to Replace. This event is a 25 mile road bike race on the actual Indy 500 track and all the proceeds from the event go to The Lance Armstrong Foundation and the Indiana University Cancer Center. It's going to be an adventure driving my POS car 13 hours to the middle of the country, but the way I see it is that this is a once in a lifetime chance to ride on the Indianapolis 500 track. This is a one time event, its never going to happen again!!! Nothing is set in stone yet, but the chances of us going are looking pretty good. So if you don't see me at the skatepark too often in the next month, it cause I'm out on my road bike putting in the miles to get extra fit for the race.


New Skatepark!

So I heard some rumors about a new pre-fab park opening in CT and the word is that its pretty sick! I asked around and got some details as to where the park is located and decided to go on a rainy Saturdays drive to check it out. To my amazement the park is a really cool layout, especially for a pre-fab park, with tons of random obstacles and a 7 foot cement mini-ramp that looks super fun! The locals made me swear that I wouldn't give away the location of the park till its open to the public. The place is still locked up like Fort Knox and is plastered with "No Trespassing" signs. I did post a few spy photos below so you can get a taste of what it has to offer. Rumor has it that the park will be open by mid-July.


Man down!

Just wanted to send a quick "Get Well Soon" out to Tiny Tyrant Brandon Begin. Apparently Brandon was going for something big on his ramp Monday night and slipped a pedal, leaving him with a man size hole in his shin. This injury was his first major riding related one, resulting in a visit to the ER and bunch of stitches. Welcome to the world of BMX kid! Not to jinx you or anything, but I'm sad to say that probabaly won't be your last riding related doctors're only 11! Get well, get some shin guards, and get back on the bike!

Session Redo

So I'm sad to say that Matt Lolli had some camera issues last Friday on our Connecticut mini-roadtrip and was only able to salvage a few photos which I included below. We are planning to to do the exact same trip, sessioning the exact same spots in the near future, possibly even this weekend. Check back in the coming weeks for some sick photos of the trip. Thanks again Matt for all the effort put into setting up tripod, lighting, etc. at all the spots.....ready to do it again!?!?

Ghostly jersey barrier transfer at just about 1 AM

I ripped a few good rides on this wall! Here is the entry to one.


Summer Scorcher!!!

After a nice breakfast with my parents for Father's Day I headed out to the Begin's place to a picnic. As usual, right when I arrived tricks were getting thrown down except this time it was Brandon's twin 6 year old brothers stepping it up. I witnessed a one hander, some tweak airs, and even a quick no hander within the first 10 minutes. Brandon was boosting up and out of the 3 foot vert extension on the 6 foot quarter, has fuf's dialed on the 4 footer, and was pedal stalling the shadiest 4 foot "Derek Quarter" I have ever seen.....Derek would be proud!!! All in all it was a great day expect for the fact that it was 95 degrees out and I was basically melting all day! For the second time this year I broke my 30/80 Rule riding Tiny Tyrant's ramp...that is, no riding under 30 degrees or over 80 degrees...cause its miserable! Back in February we rode the ramp when it was 22 out and that was brutal too!!! Thanks to the crew for having me over and compliments to the chefs for the awesome food!!! Check out the photos at Tyrant's Flickr.

Tiny Twin Tyrant's - 6 year old Ethan and Nathan are getting good!

The Good and the bad!!!!

So I took a day off from riding a helped build the 6 foot monster hip at P. Krol's for the better portion of the afternoon. We are making a lot of progresss and it looks as though the P. Krol Jump Jam on July 1st is going to be INSANE!!! Check out the pics below of stuff! In other news, I think I am the dumbest person ever!!! I went solo steet riding tonight, and I swore never to ride alone again after the October crash of last year that resulted in missing teeth and a cracked skull and a titanium rod in my skull!!! It was warm out and I was itching to ride! I let down my guard and sure enough I got jacked! My left arm is seriously bruised and I have 3 full forearm length deep scrapes that are very harsh!!! Hey, you know what they say, "you wanna play , you gotta pay!"

Dave Blachura "ain't right!" Monsterous back flip!!!

The huge hip is coming to life for the jam in 2 weeks!!! Dave Blachura trying to be David Blaine and levitate...look!!!


Best session of 2006!

So Matt Lolli and I headed out on a Friday night street mission all over Connecticut. Out travels took us to Cromwell, Wallingford, Hamden, and back to Middletown at just about 1:00 AM!!! Tonight was the most successful session of the year for me, I got a ton a lot of stuff done and it was fun as hell!!! Matt shot a ton of film which I am really looking forward to seeing. He was running all over each spot with his camera and tripod, switching lenses, and setting up the best shots. Tonight we even resorted to using my car headlights to session a few spots. Nothing beats a sick summer time street session!!! Until Matt gets his film developed enjoy the few really rad shots he took with my digital camera. Thanks Matt! Check out the photos at Tyrant's Flickr.

Loading dock launch over a shopping cart.


Limited Edition Shirts

I printed a run of LIMITED EDITION shirts to be sold at P. Krol's Jump Jam on July 1st. The mens shirts are forest green with dark blue ink. The ladies shirts are pink tank tops with blue ink. All shirts will be $10 and its first come first serve. There are only 2 dozen mens and a dozen ladies available, so get 'em early in the day before I'm out!!! These shirts are LIMITED EDITION and will NEVER be printed again in these color schemes!!!




Sunday Evening Session

So I went and rode the P-Banks with the Urban MTB crew and it was pretty wild! Blachura decided to huck himself over this monsterous gap.....and after landing it the first time he decided he needed to do it 3 more times! It was pretty sick! There is an asphalt incline that goes up to about 4.5 feet and if you gap off the side its a 12-20 foot gap to the bank landing depending on where you hit it. Dave jumped the biggest gap possible and I'm sure if the top of the ramp wasn't overgrown with vines and bushes he'd huck it even bigger! Check out the photos at Tyrant's Flickr. After the banks we headed over to P.Krols to work on the 4 pack to 7 foot quarter and rode a little when it was dialed in. After I left apparently Blachura started throwing down backflips..cehck out the video below. Goodtimes for sure! I was on the bike for 8 full hours today!!!

That boy ain't right!!!

Dave Blachura's got backflips dialed on his MTB

Sunrise Session

So I headed over to the Groton Skatepark at 7 AM to meet Don Pavelka and do some riding. Yeah, I know 7 is super early, but Groton doesn't allow bikes and the skaters and cops aren't usually to thrilled with us!!! Don showed up around 8 and 15 minutes into his session his steerer tube on his fork snapped. I can't believe he didn't crash and eat it, cause he was jumping a gap and was about 4 feet in the air. That session came to a quick and bitter end so I headed an hour north to meet Tiny Tyrant and a bunch of other little rippers over at the Newington Park. I shot a pretty rad video of Brandon, check it out...

Tiny Tyrant with a spine 180 to rollout

WOW! How does steel just break in half like that!!!


Urban Mountain Bikers

I was feeling a bit tired today so I decided to not ride and shoot film instead. I met up with P.Krol, Blachura, and John Salafia at the North End Bank to shoot a little film of yet another session on the ghetto parking curb sub box. I'll tell you, those urban MTB's are no joke! It took me like 10 trys to fuf the little sub on John's MTB. Its a whole new world with big wheels and a suspension fork!!! Check out the photos at Tyrant's Flickr.

Peter Krol going for an abubaca


Better Days

So I've been feeling better for 2 days now that I got some prescription meds so being the idiot I am I went riding tonight. I should be resting for a few more days, but I was itching to ride and P. Krol, Blachura, and Lolli were headed out to ride some street. The rain that was suppost to be coming passed just to the south of us so I had to take advantage of the little dry time we had. I shot a few pics but the only one that was clear was the one below.

Blachura - Bank to footjam on a ghetto parking block sub box



Alright, sorry about the lack of updates! It rained a good amount this weekend and I have been sick since Saturday so I spent the better portion of the weekend in bed. So if you want to know what I have been up to, here you go....

...taking stuff to get better!