Yeah, that's right! is now the site to access to check out Shawn's rad artwork. It is no longer .com!...or at least for the time being.

Stepping it up!

So "Tiny Tyrant" Brandon Begin is awaiting his 18" bike to arrive. After many years of shredding on the 16" Brandon is stepping it up. Don't be fooled though, he still kills it on the 16". Yesterday I took Brandon to the Windsor and Rocky Hill parks and he was going off...and he is riding brakeless now too!!! We also sessioned the Begin home ramp for a while...have a look at TYRANT's Flickr.

Table-top out of the 7 foot quarter

Toboggan air


Proud to be Pedal Powered

For the 2nd year in a row Pedal Power Bike Shop, the shop I work at on the weekends and race road for, was selected one of the Top 100 bicycle shops in the United States. Congrats guys! Pedal Power kicks a**!


More stickage...

More TYRANT stickers being stuck in random places. Thanks for the photos guys! Keep 'em coming!!!


December 17th and 50 out!!!

So D. Whip, Lolli, Steve A., and myself went out street riding tonight and it was 50 degrees at 9 pm. What the hell, is it really December??? Anyway, I'm not complaining, it was a great night but sadly we were all pretty tired and not too much went down. Have a look at TYRANT's Photos

The Crew in the Harbor Tunnel

Cone hop. Photo by Steve A.


Random Photos

So I used to be a rollerblader before I started riding....can you tell?

Huge mute grab launching off the dunes in mid-December
Photo by J. Patrician

Wacky mid air shot - Photo by El. Madd



It was just brought to my attention that while out riding last night Lolli was the victim of a drive by. NO WORRIES, it wasn't a shooting, but Lolli was nailed with various projectiles. What the hell is wrong with kids today? Not only could Matt have been injured or crashed, he could have been hit by another car on the road. Luckily Matt was OK and is as psycho as me and grabbed an empty glass vodka bottle out of a near by recycling bin. He was ready for the punks as they turned around in a driveway and appeared to be coming back for another bombing. When they saw Matt was now armed they peeled out and took off in the opposite direction. COWARDS!


New Whips

So we rearranged the ramps in Whip's Basement and had our first session of the '06-'07 winter season Saturday night. Steve A., Lolli, Dean, Squirrel, and myself rode for a few hours shredding the new layout. Dean wants to build a couple more quarters and I am destined to convince him to build a 3 foot tranny bowl corner or curved wallride down there! Check out the photos from the other night at TYRANT's Flickr.

"Squirrel" Bob German getting squirrelly footplanting on the clown bike


Bling Bling Tooth Tooth

Ok, I officially have a mouth full of teeth again. It has been 1 year and 2 months since my nasty crash! 14 months made up of 5 surgeries and $5,800 in dental bills and I had my last porcelain tooth put in this morning. Word to the wise....don't fall on your face!!!



Sorry for the lack of updates this week. I have been sick and haven't ridden the BMX bike in 8 days. This sucks!!! Hopefully I'll get out this weekend and get some photos and video. Check back Sunday night for an update.


Happy Birthday "Pops"!

So I'd like to send a Happy Birthday out to "Pops" Steve Begin (Tiny Tyrant's dad). Steve turns 40 today and his wife organized a great suprise party that went down last night. Despite being an old man now Steve is still shredding on the BMX bike and will continue to.

Can your dad do wallslaps?...doubt it!
"Pops" still ripping at the ripe old age of 40!


Stay Warm!!!

I know I said I was only printing on American Apparel products, but I got an AMAZING DEAL on some 100% cotton long sleeve t's, which means you get an amazing deal on them!!! Corporate American is asking $22 and much more for a long sleeve, TYRANT's are $13.

TYRANT CREST LONG SLEEVE'S - $13 - Brown or Gray


M-Town Sunday Street

So Steve. A, Flatland Josh, Blachura, Bob German, and myself headed out for a late night street session in Middletown. The session started with Steve and I sessioning an old loveseat from my living room that broke and was dumpster bound. It was pretty amusing! It was great to see Josh out riding and linking some great tricks. As usual it was a really fun session and we rode all over town. Thanks to Steve A. for manning my digital camera and video camera for most of the night after he hurt his leg early on in the session. Check out the photos at TYRANT's Flickr.

The Sunday night crew. Where is Matt Lolli and Dean Whipple?

Steve A. with a nice Smith grind


Tons of riding this weekend!

So my 4 day Thanksgiving min-vacation was jam packed with riding. I made it down to the Clinton Skatepark twice to ride BMX, rode some street, and put in 132 miles on the road bike in the course of the 4 days. Yesterday I picked up "Tiny Tyrant" and took him riding for the day. We hit up the Newington Park for a while and then made our way to Clinton. As usual, Brandon was turning heads and going off on his bike. Arnwine and I felt like we were traveling with a rockstar he was getting so much attention!

"Tiny Tyrant" shredding Clinton


Random Stickage

OK, so I totally don't condone sticking TYRANT stickers on signs, peoples, cars and elsewhere, but...these are creative! Here are a few photos that random people from around the Northeast have sent me and I'm sharing them with you. Enjoy!

TYRANT is vegetarian, but well represented at a Thanksgiving dinner in Rhode Island.


5 hours at Clinton

So Arnwine and I headed to Clinton to shred yesterday and it ended up being a long, cold session. There was a lot of rad trickery going down, like Fakie Masta's crazy fakie spine tricks and what not. I was doing a lot of riding so I barely shot any film. Check back later today or tomorrow for some insane footage. I'm picking up Tiny Tyrant and he, Arnwine, and myself are going to hit up some street and park today. Until then enjoy Arnwine's burly fuf (yes, its a fuf! eventhough it looks like and abubaca)


"Metalli-Crest" Jackets

Here is the latest TYRANT item I've been screening. These are black American Apparel Track Jackets with a black metallic enhanced TYRANT Crest logo. Contact me via of via the TYRANT MySpace Pageto place an order for one.

"Metalli-Crest" Jackets - $35


Sunday Session at the Begin's

So Craig Samuels and I headed out to the Begin's to ride their mini-ramp this afernoon. We met up with "Tiny Tyrant" at his house and Ben Church came out to ride as well. It was a fun session as it always is at the Begin's. Brandon was blasting over his box jump and pulling some pretty big toboggan's and 360's. It was nice to ride with friends and enjoy the rather warm weather for this time of year. I shot a bunch of photos, check them out at TYRANT'S Photos.

Ben Church throwing his bars

Brandon"Tiny Tyrant" Begin boosting a toboggan


More exposure!

So Jason's photo of Aaron Tauscher's telephone pole tap made it onto too. Follow the link and check out the "Readers Photos: November 17, 2006" section. Congrats guys! SICK!

through these eyes

If any of you riders out there are into art check out my new blog through these eyes dedicated to my free thinking, open-minded, artsy side.



The NEW STICKERS are here and look great! Get some at Pedal Power Bike Shop, contact me via TYRANT's MySpace or e-mail me at TYRANT.

Wreaking Havoc Since 2002!


Shawn's New Flu

OK all you crazy, open-minded, artsy people like myself! Shawn Herbank has a killer new style of artwork available for purchase and I suggest you get one. These Bird Flu records are available through the link above. Contact Shawn or stop by Turnpike Tattoo and talk to him in person Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays, or Saturdays. Support the original artwork and support Shawn....cause he supports the hell out of TYRANT!!!


...including stickers, a Limited Edition TYRANT print, a Holiday Card, and other random goodies throughout the year. E-mail me at TYRANT and I'll get you on the list.

Congrats to Jason and Aaron

So Jason Patrician submitted the photo he took of Aaron Tauscher's telephone pole slap to VeloNews' photo contest. The photo was taken at this years Pedal Power Stunt Show and it is now published at For those of you who don't know about Velo News, they mainly focus on road cycling, so its totally rad that they chose a BMX photo to publish on their site. SICK! For those of you who don't know Aaron, he is a total shredder and the most modest dude you will ever meet. As for Jason, he's an insane graphic designer and illustrator. Congrats to Jason and Aaron for getting some global exposure! Velo News is viewed worldwide!!!

Pedal Power!

OK, so there has been no insane riding to update you on in the past week, for that I apologize. What is pretty rad is that Pedal Power is totally beefing up their BMX section and a ton of new merchandise is in stock! Some of the cool new stuff to check out is the Felt BMX bikes, a ton of Fly Bikes products including the killer Rueben tires, and the Failure Grade 1 frame.

Stop by Pedal Power and check out the new stuff!


"Heartbeat" Session

So most of the guys who rode street the other night got together tonight to head up to "the Heartbeat" (Hartford) for a late night street session. As usual it was a good time and people were getting stuff done. Dave Blachura was back on his bike and killing it after 6 weeks off with a broken collar bone. Steve A. pulled a few solid wallrides and ended the night feebling down a 6 stair set. Lolli was spinning flatland tricks on his Deuce Deuce on the Bushnell Stage. It was nice to get a crew together and rip around the city hitting up the popular spots and being a little mischievous here and there.....Bob and Bryan! All in all it was a great session despite the chilly temps. Check out the photos at TYRANT's Photos and check out Ghostship Clothing (hoodies being worn by Matt and Steve in "Bushnell Stage photo)

The crew "hanging out" in Heaven in downtown Hartford

Stopping to pose on the Bushnell Park Stage

Dave Blachura is back on the bike!



So I headed out this morning at 7 am with temperatures in the upper 20's to put in 60 miles on the road bike. I headed out of Portland, up into Cobalt, East Haddam, Moodus, Colchester, Marlborough, East Hampton, and back home. It was a fun ride and a good workout. Let me tell you, if you dress properly it really isn't that bad out once you get going and your body warms up. I swear by the Pearl Izumi Barrier Jacket! With a base layer and a long sleeve jersey underneath it keeps you nice and cozy!...and we have them in stock at Pedal Power. No need to bore yourself to death indoors on the trainer when you could still be out on the roads!

28 degrees at 7am - 60 miles ahead of me


TYRANT on BMXonline again!

OK, so I got another photo on and I'm super psyched. This time its Don Pavelka throwing out the mother of all extended no-footed cans. Thanks to Don for going big, but seriously....when doesn't he!!! Check it out for yourself at under the "Readers Photos: November 3, 2006".

Don getting extended over the 4 foot spine!


New Stickers!

OK, so I've been slacking and haven't ordered new stickers in ages. Below are the 2 new TYRANT stickers that will be here in a few weeks. I have thousands of the headtube size "Love to Ride" ones coming and a few hundred of the large stickers....perfect for street signs, car bumpers, ramps, etc. A special thanks to Shawn Hebrank for the amazing heart illustration for the "Love to Ride" sticker and shirts (coming soon...I promise!) Show some love and check out Shawn's site.

"Love to Ride" - 2.75" x 2.13" (Headtube Size)

"Bigger is Better" - 8" x 2.75" (Bumper Sticker Size)


Starting November with a bang!

So I started the new month off by doing a ton of riding! I started the day at 4 am on the road bike in the rain with the lights running to guide my way. I put in 38 miles before I headed to the office for 8. It is so much fun getting out when nobody is on the roads. I was out for a few hours and I saw literally 6 cars....amazing! After putting in 9 hours at the office I headed out with a crew to do some night time street riding in Middletown. Arnwine, Lolli, Steve A., Pete F., The Todd, and I rode for a few hours hitting up several spots. It was like the old days as we sessioned Spear Park for an hour ripping grinds on the slick ledges. Steve A. rediscovered his feeble grind and looked like the Steve A. of 1999-2000ish....when he was killing it on a regular basis on the BMX bike. It was sick to see him super comfortable on his bike again and eyeing up some burly stuff! Lolli traded the BMX bike in for his track bike mid-session and was pulling out some wacky stuff and trying to learn even crazier things. As usual Arnwine was going off manualing for miles at a time. The Todd and Pete F. brought out their STPs and were fine tuning their manual skills and trying Lenosky style trickery. It was super fun to get a crew out to enjoy the unusually warm weather and ride hard. Sadly I think this will be one of the last warmer nights of 2006. Check out a few photos I took at TYRANT's Photos

Steve A. ripping some huge feebles like the old days at Spear

Arnwine's high speed gap to manual bonk


Happy Halloween

Happy Helloween to all the ghouls and goblins out there from the TYRANT crew.

You ain't no Jack Sparrow!


Successful Art Show

Thanks again to all of you that made it out to the TYRANT / HEBRANK Art Show tonight. The show was a major success with Shawn selling all but 2 of his pieces and myself selling 4 of the 10 I presented at the show. The fact of the matter is that the show wasn't about selling art or making money. The show was about both Shawn and I's love for creativity and originality.

Shawn dressed to represent the Bird Flu

Freddy and I at the art show


Frigid Fall Session

So a crew on us met up at the Clinton Park for a night session under the lights. I was so suprised when we got to the park, there were only 10 kids there....that was a first!!! Usually the place is infested, but I guess kids hate the cold. Anyway, it was a good session and as usual people were going off. Don Pavelka was 360 whipping like it was his job, Ashley Crabb rose from the dead and threw down some radness including a few backflips, Arwine did the smallest wallride ever like 6 feet back out a quarter, and Garrett Pyskaty was fine tuning his tail whipping skills. All in all it was a fun time...minus the low 40 degree temperatures!!! Check out the madness at TYRANT'S Photos. As always, thanks for scoping out the blog!

Garrett Pyskaty tail whipping the box

"Hulk Hogan eat your heart out...a backflip!" from Crabb

Can you say dialed!!!


Stunt Show Part 2

OK, so I got some more cool shots of the stunt show that I posted on TYRANT's Flickr. A big thanks to Erik Then for sending them my way and allowing me to post them. Erik was also the guy who drove the UHAUL full of trials obstacles down from Boston late Friday for the show. Many thanks to him for his extra hard work and effort! Until next year...

Tiny Tyrant with a lawnmower.


Arnwine on

So I was stoked today to find out that one of my photos of Bryan Arnwine from our Yale street riding session last week made it up on For those of you who don't know the site is run by Ride BMX Magazine and 8 photos from around the country are chosen daily. I'm psyched my photo got picked and Bry got recognized. Check it out at under "Readers Photos: October 24th".


Another great show!

For the 3rd year in a row the Pedal Power Stunt Show was a total success! Many thanks to Gary and Bill at Pedal Power for letting us put on the show again. I'd also like to thank our sponsors: TIP Plus BMX, Primo, Giant, MOSH, Maxxis, MotorTabs, TYRANT BMX, and Ghostship Clothing. Props to all the riders who came out to shred, Steve Begin for all his hard work helping get the course built, and all the loyal fans that came to watch the madness!

**Special thanks to Jason Patrician for all the amazing photos!**

The riders this year were going off! Everyone was feeding off one another and some huge stuff went down. Among the highlights were Team USA rider Bryan Yezierski and Tom Ligin's amazing trials riding, Don Pavelka's tailwhip transfer over the 8 foot quarter to quarter gap, Aaron Tauscher's telephone pole wallslap, 12 year old Brandon Begin's no handed fakie air, and Josh LaRosa's crazy flatland links. Go to Tyrant's Flickr to see all of Jason's rad photos!

Aaron Tauscher decided to wallslap the telephone pole

12 year old "Tiny Tyrant" Brandon Begin blasting a fakie air on his 16 inch bike!

Don Pavelka boosting and inverting


No Need to Celebrate but...

I totally overlooked the fact that Monday, October 16th was the 1 year anniversary of my horrible bike crash. Missing teeth, a dozen stitches, my 6th concussion and road rash everywhere...and I had my helmet on! It was a mess! I can't imagine what I would have looked like without it! Anyway, after 4 surgeries and about $5,700 in cosmetic oral suregery (which insurance doesn't cover!!!) I'm back to normal...or as normal as I'm going to get.

The only tooth that came out in 1 piece. NASTY!!!



This is your last reminder that the 3rd Annual Pedal Power Stunt Show is this weekend. Come out and check out the madness! Among the riders will be the boy wonder "Tiny Tyrant" Brandon B. This 12 year old kid is nasty! Don Pavelka, Bryan Arnwine, Josh LaRosa, Aaron Tauscher and Garrett Pyz. (as seen in the TYRANT photo galleries) will also be riding and going off!





So Bry. Arnwine and I headed down to mingle with the YALEians and ride the campus...and a little bit of downtown New Haven. The session was pretty solid and as usual Arnwine was tearing apart everything in his path! Monster wallrides pedaling 20 mph dodging 4 lanes of traffic, marathon length manuals, and some dialed fufanus! The session ended quickly when we were forced to be on our way by the YALE "boys in blue". You know....cause BMXers are such a threat to society, but the drugs dealers and thugs roaming around the campus are harmless!!! SO LAME!!! Anyway, check out the rad pics at Tyrant's Photos on Flickr and the video below. As always thanks for checking out the blog and supporting TYRANT!

The photo does it no justice! The bank up to the wallride is at least 12 feet tall!!!

Inner guardrail icepick. Photo by Arnwine.

Arwine's marathon length manual late night!