Almost 5 years!

So May will be 5 years that I have been doing the whole TYRANT thing. It all started back in 2002 in the spare bedroom of my old Middletown apartment. To celebrate 5 years of wreaking havoc I'm re-introducing the original TYRANT logo, which I never printed on shirts. I am currently in the process of creating 5 Year Anniversary Hoodies with the original logo vertically on the chest and the tag line "Wreaking Havoc Since 2002" on the right sleeve. Check back for details or contact me to pre-order a hoodie. Only $20!!!



So I received my new fish eye lens for my Canon video camera yesterday and I have the new Sigma 8mm F3.5 EX DG Circular Fisheye arriving in a few weeks for my digital SLR camera. Time for this cold to break and some photographing/filming to go on. Contact me if you want to head out and ride/film.



Props to Bryan Arnwine for being featured in the "Readers Photos: Jan. 29" section of Bry laid down a burly fufanu on a sub-wall at the 2007 Dondor Jam and RIDE BMX posted the photo I shot of it. SICK! An additional congrats to Cory Champagne of Mass. I shot a pic of Cory blasting a rad invert and RIDE posted that photo as well. Both of these riders are total shredders and I appreciate the opportunity to capture them in action...even though I really never asked Cory! Thanks guys!



Below are the 4 new shirt designs that are available, with 2 more soon to follow!!! These shirts are going to be made-to-order. In other words, you pick from the shirt options, choose a size, and I'll custom print the shirt for you. Check out the details below!

TYRANT Made-To-Order's:
Short Sleeve - $12 - Available in just about every color of the rainbow!!!
Long Sleeve - $15 - Available in 12 colors
Hoodie (non-zip up) - $25 - Available in 12 colors

**$2.00 shipping cost if I have to mail it to you**

-Local Buyer in CT: 3 days
-Out of State: 7-10 days (till you receive it)



"MADNESS" - Design courtesy of Shawn Hebrank

"LOVE FOR RIDING" - Design courtesy of Shawn Hebrank


My Ride

So I've received numerous e-mails, mostly from younger riders out there, asking what my bike set-up is. In addition, Don mentioned doing a bike check on his blog and it prompted me to take action.
It doesn't matter what you ride, as long as you are having fun
...but just for the hell of it here it goes...

My Ride
21" S & M Stricker (2003 model)
-Odyssey Hazard Lite LHD Hub laced to 48 hole Primo Balance Rim (Rear)
-Odyssey 10 tooth one piece driver
-1999 DK 3/8" sealed hub laced to 36 hole Primo Hula Hoop Rim (Front)
-Odyssey Pro Dirt Fork
-Chris King Headset
-Superstar Stem
-Macneil Lighter Bars
-Coalition Team Grips
-TYRANT Bar Ends
-Dia-Tech Dirt Harry Brake Lever
-Odyssey Liner Brake Cable - Glow in the Dark
-Odyssey Evo 2 Brakes
-Kool Stop Fat Pads
-Shadow Chain
-Shadow Lite Sprocket - 28 Tooth
-Odyssey Cielenski Pedals - Sealed Magnesium
-Primo Powerbite Cranks - 180mm
-Primo Euro BB
-Titanium 22mm Spindle
-TYRANT Seatpost Clamp (Prototype)
-Coalition Seatpost
-Shadow Pneumbra Seat - Whittion Model
-Primo Pro Taj Tires Front & Rear
-Macneil Ti-Pegs

-Cut down axles
-Disc brake clip to hold brake cable against frame
-Custom paint job by Black Magic Bikes
-2 inches cut off seatpost
-Old school cantilever brake springs used in my EVO 2's
-Foam pencil grip over brake lever for comfort (thanks to Tiny Tyrant!)
-Black spray painted front spokes & hub
-3 stars, 1 moon, and 1 tiger paw spoke beads on front wheel

-26.2 lbs.


Left one out...

Somehow I overlooked this burly photo of Bryan when I was posting the pics from the Dondor Jam. Sorry Bry!


More Dondor Jam...

There are a bunch more photos of the Jam that Jason Patrician provided me with. Check them out at TYRANT's Flickr I also posted a half dozen more photos that I tweaked heavily in Photoshop to make them look halfway decent.

An artsy take on Brandon Begins extension carve.

2007 Dondor Jam

So the 2007 Dondor Jam was a total success with at least 40 riders showing up to shred. The Dondor Jam T-Shirts donated by TYRANT were a total hit as well with all 22 being tossed out to the riders. "Dondor" Don Pavelka was going off as expected and many other riders were going big! Check out the photos at TYRANT's Flickr.

"DONDOR" in full effect!

Logan Mitchell with a toboggan

* It's going to take time to get comfortable with my new camera, not to mention the lighting at MSC is HORRIBLE!!!. I took a lot more photos than I posted, but sadly all the others came out lousy! Sorry to all who I took shots of and didn't get a quality image!

**A thanks to Matt Lolli for letting me borrow his fish eye lense for the event.



The time is here once again, the 2007 Dondor Jam is this weekend. Don Pavelka is turning 22 this year and will be hosting his 3rd annual birthday jam @ MSC Skatepark. This year looks to be the best yet!!! TYRANT will be co-sponsoring the event and providing 22 FREE Dondor Jam t-shirts to the 22 riders that Don felt "earned them".

**Friends of Don only. This is a private party!!!**
$10 admission at the door - 9pm to Midnight, Sunday Jan. 21st - MSC Skatepark

TYRANT shirts/jackets will also be for sale so bring some extra spending cash!!!
Plenty of FREE stickers to go around!


Tiny Tyrant, in the spotlight again!

So Brandon Begin submitted a self made video to the Props Video contest and he is featured today on Go check out Tiny Tyrant's video, he kills it! Congrats Brando!

"Tiny Tyrant" goes global!

Congrats to Brandon Begin on making the "Readers Photos" page for January 9th on I submitted a photo of Tiny Tyrant blasting a table out of the 7 foot extension on his mini ramp and Ride BMX obviously dug it. SICK! 3rd photo of a TYRANT rider in the past year posted on that site! Keep shredding guys!
As always check out all of our photos at TYRANT's Photos

Thanks to the guys at RIDE BMX!


More footage of Don

I thought Don P. killed it when we rode street the other night, but the tricks that night were nothing compared to the stuff in the video below. Check out this latest video he posted on his blog from a Taunton session this past week. INSANITY!!! I believe the other rider in the green is Dan Paolozzi, one of Don's buddies from Rhode Island.


Quick Clip

Here is a quick clip of "Tiny Tyrant" shredding his backyard ramp. Do you know any other 12 year olds on 16 inch bikes blasting table tops 4 feet out of a 7 foot ramp?

1st 2007 Street Session

So we started off the new year with a bang! 15 riders showed up in Middletown to head out and ride some street, including Garrett P. and Don driving all the way up from Warwick, Rhode Island. In typical "Dondor" fashion, Don was pulling out the stops and landing tricks off and on everything. Schmidty came out to shred which was nice, haven't seen him in months. The Pedal Power Crew was in full effect with half the staff out on their bikes. REPRESENT! Team USA Trials Rider Bryan Yezierski graced us with his presense and was going big like usual! All in all it was a good night and a great way to start off 2007! Riding bikes and having fun with friends! Check out the photos at TYRANT'S Flickr as usual. Also check out the little video I threw together below.

Don with a 16 stair rail slide

Bryan Y. with some "hairy" trickery

Thanks to Matt Lolli for shooting a ton of this video while I shot the still photos!


Pictures, Pictures, Pictures!!!

OK, who wants to go out and ride and let me shoot some film of them in the very near future? Shoot me a message at TYRANT's MySpace Page. I have a Canon Digital Rebel XT on the way with a Canon EF-S 17-85 lens with built in Image Stabilization. To add to the fun I also have an aftermarket slave flash and wide angle/macro lense coming. Thanks much to my folks and a special friend who gave me gift certifiates to J & R for Christmas which is helping me pay for all these goodies! It's going to be crazy! I'm so super psyched!!!

Quick Session

So I just got some new parts for my bike and I was jonesing to ride and see how the new set up felt. I'm running a D. Whip special on the back. He built me up a Odyssey Hazard Lite LHD with a 10 tooth one piece driver laced to a 48 Primo Balance Rim. Thanks to Pete F. I'm now running a 30 tooth Profile Imperial Titanium Sprocket in the front. I've had a bunch of people tell me that my 30-10 gearing is too much, but I ride legs can take the abuse! I rode around at a local school for a bit and then decided to huck some tricks off my friends porch. Jason just got a new lense and slave flash for his camera and he decided to play with them while I tooled around on my bike.

180 over the hedge gap off T's porch. Photo by J. Patrician.


TYRANT Christmas

I just got this picture from my buddy Jason. Its a photo of his families Christmas tree all the way up in Syracuse, New York. I hope Santa took one of those stickers for his sleigh!


Pedal Powered : Part 2

I'd just like to correct myself.....I posted a few weeks ago that Pedal Power was voted one of the TOP 100 bike shops in the country for the 3rd year in a row, when it was actually the 2nd year in a row...3rd time in the shops history. Ooopps! Anyway, the shop rules so stop by and support your local bicycle retailer! is back!

Shawn battled and got his .com back. So go check out the rad new tattoos he posted!

Check out D. Whips's tagged up forearm!