Support East Hampton!

East Hampton, Connecticut (my hometown) has a committee raising money for a skatepark. The park is going to be a cement park and is set to be built sometime next year. Help support the Belltown Skatepark and buy a rad shirt. They are $10 and available in all sizes. E-mail or message me on MySpace if interested and I'll put you in contact with the folks selling them.

Shirt design by BMX rider Steve Baklik


Jam photos

Just a reminder to everyone who rode in the jam....Patrick Holland shot over 100 photos at the event and you can view/purchase the images at Digibug. I ordered a few photos and they are inexpensive and are shipped really fast.


Deadly pegs!

Word to the wise...when pegs get really worn down from griding ledges their edges become sharp like razors. My right foot slipped the pedal coming in from one of the wallslaps pictured below and my bike went forward on me allowing my peg to slash my right ankle area. I ride the MacNeil Ti pegs and they are so sharp that they cut through the top of my shoe, sliced my ankle open, and ripped my pants. OUCH!

Moral of the story: file the edges of you pegs if they are sharp!


Riding in Maine

So T and I are up in Maine visiting my best bud Ryan and his wife. I decided it would be fun to bring up the BMX bikes and give the skateparks of Maine a shot. At first glance the park in Belfast looked amazing, until we actually hopped on our bikes and nearly died! The ramps at Belfast are made of a fiberglass material and are the slickest thing I have ever ridden!!! No lie, it was almost impossible to ride! T and Ry were nice enough to take a few photos of me, check 'em out at: Maine BMX Photos



Damn! That's all I have to say.
Photo stolen from Concrete Disciples

1st Dirt 2007

So last night was the 1st time I've played in the dirt this year. The Schallers, nice folks I met through Pedal Power, invited T and I over to ride their little front yard dirt set-up. Mike Schaller and Kyle Gimore have been digging a ton and are in the midst of building some rad trails. Both guys were blasting the double and having a good time riding their bikes. I got a few photos of what went down, check 'em out: Dirt Session

Mike jumping the double

Kyle mid-flight


"OH DAMN" - Part 2

Two more photos I took and a bunch of Jason's from the bunnyhop comp. Check 'em out: Photos - Round 2

Jake Lineberry taking the bunnyhop title at 37.5"


JAM recap

So the "OH DAMN" jam looked to be a rain out at 9:30 yesterday morning when we were loading the ramps and rail into the truck. The ground was soaked and showers were passing every 10 minutes or so. None the less we headed to the park, tarped the truck to keep stuff dry and set up the tables and tent hoping we could scare off the rains. Sure enough, an hour later the park was drying up, the sun was out and riders starting pulling in by the car load. Some of the highlights of the day were the Bresnahan and Bradley boys all the way from New Hamshire coming to the jam (thanks to their folks for driving them!), John Bucklers 540 hurricane on the sub-box and "Fakie master" Ians fakie up the quarter to ice pick on the sub box to fakie in. SICK! Jake Lineberry won the bunnyhop contest at 37.5" with Brendan and Ian an inch off the mark. I believe Steve Baklik and one of the Bresnahan boys tied in the long jump. It was insane to watch!!!! All in all it was a great day!

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO CAME OUT TO RIDE AND HANG OUT! ESPECIALLY THOSE OF YOU WHO DROVE LONG DISTANCES TO DO SO!!! Thanks to Spencer for lending me his truck and tent! Thanks to Scott at Pine Ledge Gardens in Portland for making us the rainbow rail! Thanks to Jason, El, & T fo all their hard work! Schmidt for all his help! and anyone I forgot!!!

An additional thanks to Pedal Power Bike Shop, Cutting Edge, Ghostship Clothing, Animal and Whore Island for their support of the jam!

Jason Patrician shot tons of photos. Also, Patrick Holland shot a ton of photos that can be viewed and purchased on his sight in the coming days.

Check out the few photos I shot along with Jason's at: "OH DAMN" Photos



Despite a rainy start to the day the "OH DAMN" Jam was a total success! About 3 dozen riders showed up and there was a pretty good sized crew of on-lookers. Stay tuned for lots of photos and a overview of the jam tomorrow. Thanks again to all the sposnors and all who came out early to help me set up in the rain! I'm beat and need some rest!!!

One of the Bresnahan brothers from New Hamshire looking back at the jam



THE JAM IS STILL ON!!!!....despite the 30% chance of rain! Pray to the bicycle Gods for NO RAIN!

Also, a huge thanks to Shane at Animal for hooking me up with a tons of stuff for the jam. Pete Fraulino at Cutting Edge put in the good word for us and sent Shane the flyer and low and behold a box of goodies arrived today! Thanks guys!



BUCKWILD on BMXonline!

Props to Fat Tony at RIDE BMX for tossing up a bunch of photos I shot and a quick blurb about the BUCKWILD Jam that went down a few weekends ago. Also a huge thanks to Chuck at Daily Grind for organizing the jam and for hooking everyone up with tons of free eats and drinks. Check out the photos at BMXonline.



With just a few days left before the jam the sposnors list if official. Check out the updated flyer. While you're at it click on the links below and support the jam sponsors!

Pedal Power
Cutting Edge
Whore Island

All of the above sponsors have donated a bunch of stuff which means tons of FREEBIES and prizes for the chaotic contests at Sunday's jam.


Looking good!

The Stamford Park is slated to be open in July, but it looks damn near done to me?

*Antoher photo stolen from The Sideways Guide


Bunnyhop Contest Sunday!

I've been practicing for the bunnyhop contest! HA HA HA!

Photo by Tina McCurdy


New Stuff!!!

OK, so there are a few new items that I will be introducing at the jam...and I also got some new stickers in from a local digital printer. Digital stickers are not vinyl, so they won't hold up to outdoor stickage too well, but they are cheap allowing me to order them in bulk!!!

New Items:

Ladies Thong Panties
Perfect for your girl or the neighborhood MILF!

LIMITED EDITION: "Lots of Logos" Shirt
Only 6 of these shirts exist. 2 Small, Medium, & Large.
Shirt contains a half dozen different TYRANT logos on it.
Image coming coon!

TYRANT "T-Wars" Sticker
A knock off of the Star Wars logo. A classic!
These are super durable vinyl!

TYRANT ".net" Digital Stickers



Stamford update again!

They've begun to pour the Stamford Park. SICK! This thing is going to be mint.

*Antoher photo stolen from The Sideways Guide


"Oh Damn" on

Props to Fat Tony at RIDE BMX for plugging the "Oh Damn" Jam!

Checka, Check it out!

BMX isn't dangerous, dancing is!

I realize its a tragedy when somebody dies, and I feel very bad for this individuals family and friends.....but I also find this article hilarious!!!

Stolen from NBC 30

NEW BRITAIN, Conn. -- A 48-year-old man has died while dancing, trying to outdo a rival with an acrobatic move while "battle dancing," police said. The victim and his rival were competing in a parking lot on Main Street Monday night when he tried a forward flip and landed on his head.

Its a dangerous world we live in!
Drugs, weapons, violence.....and "battle dancing!"


Jam May 20th! Be there!

For you out of towners, here is the address of the park!
(located inside the Clem Lemaire Recreation Complex)
New Britain Avenue
Newington, Connecticut



If you didn't make it to the Buckwild Jam today at the New Britain skatepark you missed out on one hell of a good time! Riders showed up from all over, crazy obstacles were in place, all kinds of food and drink, perfect weather...and so on, and so on! Chuck from Daily Grind brought a tent, lots to drink/eat and some big ups to win the "Hip High Jump". Steve Baklik and Ryan Schmidt built a ghetto sub-box and an extension to add to New Britains crappy bowl. The extension was a big hit as you'll see in the photos. I had to take off as the "Long Jump Out of the Bowl for $5" was in progress. Last I saw Steve Baklik jumped a good 20 feet in distance out of the bowl before washing out and ripping his palms off. All in all it was a fun day, couldn't of asked for better weather or a better crowd to ride with. Check out the photos at TYRANT's Flickr and keep you ears peeled for info on a TYRANT Jam coming up real soon at the Newington Skatepark!!!!

Evan clicking a lookback over the hip

Chuck with a huge 180 over the high jump bar out of the extension


Protect your dome!

Here is the perfect example of why you need to wear a helmet while riding a bike. Peyton went over the bars of her track bike and straight to her head while riding in New Haven. She was knocked out cold and left with a concussion! Luckily, Peyton is broken bones...and she is back on her fixed gear bike already which is burly! I know in the BMX scene its "not cool" to wear your helmet. Personally, I'd rather look "un-cool" riding at the skatepark than look like Mike Tyson beat my a$$!

*Thanks to Shawn Hebrank for the photo. A special thanks to Peyton for being a good sport and letting me post the painful pic of her. GET WELL!


Quick bench session

So I got in from work pretty late tonight....just enough daylight left to head over to the Rocky Hill Skatepark (if you can even call it a park!) and tool around for a while. Tina was nice enough to take a few photos. Man do I have Spring Fever! Itching to get out and ride every free moment I have.

Bench smith

Footplant whip

*Photos by Tina McCurdy

Stamford update...

As I mentioned a month or so ago, Stamford, Connecticut is having a rad skatepark built! They are making some serious progress down there, even with all the torential rains and flooding we've had. Check it out!

*Photo coutesy of The Sideways Guide

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