4 Man Jam

Steve and I decided to try and round up some folks for a last minute jam on Sunday. I got texts from people whining about rain, the heat & humidity, the dirt being to dirty, etc. It ended up being the 2 Steve's, Schmidt, and myself getting together to ride. We rode Squatchville for a few hours and everyone was flowing the Green Line. The trails were dialed, super hard packed, and fast as hell! It was humid and we were pounding water, but all in all it wasn't that bad in the woods. All afternoon we saw dark clouds rolling in and heard thunder, but no sign of rain. We made our way to the East Haddam Park after the trails and cruised for a bit. By that point everyone was beat from riding the dirt jumps and ready for some lake action. We headed over to cottage and spent the rest of the day chilling at the lake, grilling, and having fun. 4 man jam!

Sunday Photos: CLICK HERE

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