New England Jam Chowda': Round 1

WOW! Sunday was off the hook! I was at Haven for 13 hours and some serious riding went down! Tons of photos are up!

To start the day the Amateur's competed in a park competition. Damn! These kids are gooood, and most of them are 14,15,16, etc. Brandon Begin took 3rd throwing down a tire grab, toboggan, and some rad pedal grinds all while rocking out in the new TYRANT t-shirt ;)

In the Expert competition people were going off and Don Pavelka and Jake Lineberry were rocking out the TYRANT T's. Jake threw down a crazy 720 over the box, a backflip turndown over the hip, and some flairs. Don took home 3rd throwing down some gross inverts, tailwhips, bar spins, and what not.

The "Best Trick on the Sub-Box" contest was by far the highlight of the day! Everyone who entered was going big, but it really came down to Gary Russell, Don Pavelka, Tom Burke, and Jake Linberry in the end. Bryan Arnwine was giving it hell trying to land a handplant over the sub, but came up a bit short. Gary was throwing down some rad pedal stalls to 270, icepick to fakie's, and his banger was a dialed downside icepick. Tom was going off on the sub box with ice picks, icepick to no-footed can-can, bar-spin to ice pick, etc. Jake Lineberry was landing abuabacas, ice picks, downside foot plants, and a 270 smith stall to fakie. Don footjammed the sub, but his focus was manualing the top of the sub-box to tailwhip off...which he eventually landed. It was super close between Don and Gary, the judges couldn't really decide but in the end Don won the Ghetto Trophy. All in all it was SICK!!!

After the comps I had the park rented from 9-11 and for the 2nd month in a row I GOT SCREWED! When 16 people claim they're coming and only 6 show up that leaves me $120 in the hole...which sucks! No more rentals on my dime unless people pay ahead!!! Kat at Haven was nice enough to stick around and let us ride a little longer which I greatly appreciated! THANKS!

I was super psyched that the new TYRANT shirts were well received! I SOLD OUT of shirts by the end of the day and took a bunch of orders as well. $10 bucks, get your hands on one!

A HUGE THANKS to everyone that made this contest a success...Haven Skatepark, DropOut BMX, Stampede BMX, us, etc.

A HUGE THANKS to Don Pavelka, Bryan Arnwine, Jake Lineberry, and "Tiny TYRANT" Brandon Begin for repping TYRANT all day everyday. You guys are kick a$$!

Check out the photos: CLICK HERE!

Don Pavelka taking home the "Best Sub-Box Trick" win!


New Ghetto Fabulous Shirts!!!

So T and I started cranking out the new shirts yesterday and finished them today with a TYRANT logo screening! These shirts are nuts! Each shirt is hand bleach blasted meaning not one single shirt is exactly alike...they're all custom! I'll have a handful of these shirts for sale at the Haven Competition tomorrow and I'm sure they'll sell fast. If I sell out I'll start taking orders and have more by Tuesday nights BMX session at the park.

$10 bucks, get on that!



Another rad night at Haven, what else is there to say!

Get well wishes to "Tiny TYRANT's buddy who jacked his ankle! (my apologies, I don't know his name) The kid was trying to 360 the box jump and came down on his ankle hard! He rolled it so hard his ankle bone touched the ground! OUCH!!! That thing was huge and discolored in minutes!!!

Photos at usual, CLICK HERE!

"Tiny TYRANT", not so tiny toboggan!

Stick 'em up!

Thanks to Matt at Honan Sign Co. up in Winthrop, Mass. I will have new TYRANT car decals in stock for the weekend. There is a limited amount of these available, so get one like now! Look for Don, Jake, Schmidty, and myself to be rocking these on our cars very soon!

24" x 3.5" All Weather Heavy Duty Vinyl

Also, hot off the press' are these rad new 3D TYRANT stickers. I'll have hundreds of these things on Sunday, grab some and stick 'em on your bike, car, etc.

Team TYRANT...kinda

Well TYRANT doesn't have a "team", but this Sunday we'll be well represented at the New England Jam Chowder contest at Haven Skatepark.

Don Pavelka, Bryan Arnwine, Jake Lineberry, and "Tiny TYRANT" Brandon Begin will be at the event killing it and repping TYRANT hard.

I'll have a few cool promotions going on Sunday so stop by and say hi!
-Limited Edition T-Shirts: $10
-Pint Glasses: $5
(includes a FREE can of Dr. Pepper courtesy of Shawn Hebrank)
-Gear Bags: $12
...and always tons of FREE stickers!


Bag It!

Mass quantities of the TYRANT Gear Bags now in stock. Why spend a fortune on a "messenger bag" from one of those trendy companies when you can spend $12 bucks and get a rad pack from a home turf outfit like TYRANT. No bells a whistles here dudes and ladies, its a simple canvas bag with a 2 button closure, shoulder strap, and 5" x 4" inner zipper pocket. It's plain,simple, and cost effective!...enough said! Contact me if you're interested, I appreciate your support!


P. Krol's Playground

Arnwine and I met up with P. Krol and Dave Blachura at Krol's backyard dirt playground. Pete's backyard has seen all kinds of set-ups and several years of Krol Fest, but the new set-up is by far the sickest ever. We rode for a few hours and I shot a few photos here and there. Blachura was going off and Arnwine looked comfortable jumping...not bad for a street shredder! The night ended on a low note when Bry ejected on the 2nd set and gored his right arm pretty bad. We cleaned Bry up and I took him home to have his mother (a nurse) take a look at the carnage. Bry's mom said, "looks like somebody needs stiches", and what did Bry do?...bandage the cut up and go ride street instead. That dude ain't right! Check out the photos HERE.

Blachura in flight



All I gotta' say is be there sucka's!
Swag and trophies for the winners courtesy of TYRANT!

For more info contact: Haven Skatepark or DropOut BMX.

The Boy Got Ups!

So Bry Arnwine has been training in a secret lair somewhere in the darkest depths of M-Town. Arnwine's routine includes endless hours of lifting to develop massive forearms and bicep strength...strength that will allow Bry to soar high and take home the gold medal in the Beijing Olympics BMX Bunnyhop. OK, that's BS, but seriously, Bry has been working on his hop and its getting bigger by the day. Tonight Bry was popping over everything in his path including a 38" rail with a 44" drop on the back side. B-B-B-BURLY! Sadly, Mother Nature was enraged and nailed us with thunder, lightning, and downpours cutting our session short. Check out the few photos of Bry I did get to shoot over at TYRANT's Flickr.

38" hop to 49" drop


Riding on "Go Skate Day"

So yesterday was "Go Skate Day", but I don't skate. Arnwine, T, and I headed down to Haven last night just in time to watch the "Go Skate Day" Bar B Q and session die down leaving the park virtually empty for us bikers. By 10 pm there were about 5 skaters left and only a half dozen riders...we had the park all to ourselves. For once I rode and ton and didn't do much with the camera. I was super stoked on Brian Arnwine's bunnyhop and manual madness. Bry has been riding a lot lately and his hop is higher than ever. Check out the photos over at TYRANT's FLickr.

Arnwine 35" hop to manual

I didn't realize the barrier obstacle was still off limits to bikes until we were asked to stop riding it. I was under the impression the barrier event was a 1 day deal and was over. My apologies skater dudes...won't happen again. Hopefully no hard feelings!


Lights on at Clinton

So tonight T, Arnwine, and I met up with a bunch of people at the Clinton Park for a night time session under the lights. Great times with great friends! Tons of amazing trickery caught on film over at TYRANT's Flickr.

2 stories from tonight worth reading...

First, the cops show up at the park looking for some girl. One cop is asking everyone around the skatepark if they know this girl, was she at the park, how long ago was she here, etc. Come to find out, this girls parents reported her missing earlier in the day. If I had know I would of grabbed the girl and turned her in...and demanded a reward of course. The girl was hanging out at the skatepark for like an hour and when the cops came she booked it into the woods with some boy. Apparently folks in Clinton found this to be such an ordeal that it made it on the 11 o'clock news. Read the story HERE. Typical middle school drama! Girl lies to mom and dad and says she is hanging out with friends and she runs off to be with her boyfriend.

Story 2 is brutal, no lie! Nolan Parent is one of the Haddam BMX shredders. I've ridden with Nolan a ton of times over the past 8 years I know the kid has balls of steel...but tonight I found out he is just plain invincible!!! Nolan was attempting to pedal stall the 5 foot sub rail, but he fell outward and over the rail. To save himself from falling 8 feet, Nolan reached out to grab the chain link fence and nabbed it with both hands. Nolan was hanging from the top of the fence...but have you ever seen the top of a chain link fence? It is basically spikes. Both of Nolans hands were stabbed with two 1/2" steel fence barbs and he was hanging like a human shishkabob!

Nolan had to pull himself up and literally rip his hands free. It was the grimiest thing I have ever seen and no lie, there were skin chunks stuck in the fence. What blew my mind was that despite 4 major puncture wounds and lots of blood, Nolan got back on his bike and landed the damn trick the next try. BURLY! Dedication at its finest! Props to Nolan for having a steel set!!!

Don 180 bar spin over the spine!


CHEE On The Road Again!

So Bob German, a friend of mine and fellow CCNS Cycling Team rider, bought the General CHEE off me a few weeks ago. For those of you that don't know about the CHEE, look back to a post from October 2007. The CHEE took me 210,000 miles over the past 10 years to places all over the country and Canada and was the official TYRANT mobile for the past 5 years. I thought for sure I was going to have to lay her to rest when I got my new car last year, but after 6 month of sitting Bob invested a little TLC and $$$ and brought the CHEE back to life. She is on the road again running like a charm. 300,000 miles it!!!


Hebrank Sighting in CT!

"never quiet, never soft", Shawn Hebrank was hiding in a fox hole in Connecticut yesterday tattooing. Good times hanging out with Shawn! More photos at Tony's Flickr.


Tiny TYRANT...

Tiny TYRANT is starting to kill his backyard ramp. Can't wait for the re-layering of the ramp to go down! Check out Brandon HERE!


Keving Robinson is off his rocker!

Kevin Robinson + (60 foot rolling + 27 foot quarter) = INSANE WORLD RECORD AIR ATTEMPT!

Tonight, 8 PM, its going down!!!


heat Index of 105 Degrees!

In the words of the famous (or infamous) Toothless Ray...

"It's so hot you can't do nothing'"

Stay inside, crank the AC, and order some TYRANT shirts off our MySpace Page!
...or go ride Haven and hope to hell the fans are on!


T's Getting Handy with the Camera

So T has been taking some rad shots of me with my camera lately. I rarely post photos of myself these days, but there are a few over at TYRANT's Flickr that T shot tonight at Newington.

Wallride shot by T


Truth Be Told!

Albie Rock spits some great lines on a daily basis, and today's words of wisdom were amazing! Head on over to Al's blog and read the hotness!!!

Be true to yourself!


Practice makes perfect!

So T finally has learned how to bunny hop! Last night the concept finally sank in and next thing you know she was hopping over this paint stripe. I'm so psyched for her! Now we have to get her airing out of ramps! In due time...

T took this rad photo of me jumping over an invisible object ;)


Good Old Newi!

Arnwine and I met Jake Lineberry and Schmidty at the Newington Skatepark today. It was a bit hot out, but we all had a good time...well maybe not Jake. After corking out a huge flair and various oter insane tricks cleanly, Jake crashed going up the big quarter pipe and went face first into the cement. We all thought for sure the kid was out cold, but after a few seconds of silence Jake got up...and called it quits for the day. Seeing he wasn't wearing a helmet, walking away with some cuts, a "swellbow", and a nice shiner wasn't bad at all. Head over to TYRANT's Flickr to check out the photos I shot.

Huge flair off a 7 foot cement quarter and no helmet.
That boy ain't right!