Sold Out to Stay Loyal!

So last night was the Devils Night Alley Cat and I totally sold Drew out! I never got the bag of swag I was donating from TYRANT and DEATH 2 DOPERS down to New Haven cause I left Monday to Boston for the Red Sox Parade. Sorry dude, but I had to to sell out to be a loyal Sox fan. Alley cats are going on all the time, but the Sox winning the Series has only happened twice in the last 86 years! I had to go...may be the last time in my life I'd have the opportunity! I don't have the Boston "B" tattooed on my ankle for nothing! I hope the race went well and I still plan on giving you all the swag I promised you so you can hand it out or use it for future races.


Random Stuff

So here are few random things...

I was over my cousin Johns yesterday tooling around on his chopper bicycle that he acquired from Shawn Hebrank. Shawn and Andy fabricated this beast a few years back and its been put to good use lately. That thing is nuts! 5 foot high handlebars and a 3 foot high seat. Word on the street is that there is going to be a race between Drew from New Haven and I. Drew has a killer chopper fixed gear tall bike, at least 6 feet high. Your going down Drew! Check out the photos T shot at TYRANT's Photos.

Also, John is selling the Team TYRANT Moped, his 2006 49cc ripper that he paid $2,600 for. He is asking $1,200 which is a steal for this thing, so tell all your friends.

MSX is dead!

So I only rode the MSX Trails once this year, pretty pathetic, but nobody was up-keeping them so I don't feel guilty. T and I stopped by the trails yesterday to see how things were looking. We had hopes of raking out the place and tidying up the jumps enough to make the place ridable till the 1st snow fall. To my surprise there is a new medical building being built less than 100 yards from the trails right through the woods. Based on the property markers that were staked out the small set and berm are on the land of the medical building. With that said, I think MSX is truly going to see its death this year. I'm going to stay optimistic, but I wouldn't doubt the trails are leveled before 2008. Lots of good memories at those trails, especially from 2001-2003 in the Haggerd Trails days when I was living in Middletown.


Cyclocross Action

Yesterday was the State Cyclocross Championships and my 1st cross race ever. It was a really good time, despite being totally exhausted after the grueling race. The course was super fun even though the grass was really wet when the race went off at 9am. Head over to my personal photos page and check out the photos T and I shot throughout the day. Lolli was repping Ghostship hard and handing out $1 dolla' primes during the mens Elite race. It was sight watching pros sprint for dollar bills!


R.I.P Chee

So the General Chee, the official team vehicle of TYRANT has been laid to rest. After 10 years and 210,000 miles of hell raising my Toyota Corolla has finally reached its limit. I couldn't of asked for a more reliable car! I've been all over the USA with 1-3 bikes on the roof, ridden amazing parks, raced amazing races, and saw some great sights! Taking the place of the Chee is a 2008 Toyota Matrix. Lots more room than the Corolla, the same reliable Toyota engine, and its new! I'm awaiting R. Gates to call with the "official name" for my new ride...ha ha ha!

TYRANT invades Paris

So T went to Paris and decided TYRANT needed to rear its ugly head overseas. Take a look HERE.

TYRANT outside the Louvre in Paris.
If you don't know what the Louvre is get educated!!!


Devils Night Alley Cat 4

So TYRANT kicked in over $100 of merch. for this years Devils Night Alley Cat Race in New Haven. Get down the green by 7 on the 30th to register to race. It's going to be nuts!

YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST: TYRANT is also kicking in a hoodie, gear bag, sticker pack, and 6 pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon to the 1st person to complete the ENTIRE RACE on a BMX bike!!!

That's the challenge, whose going to man up?!?!?


Too dark to road ride!

So the annual Pedal Power "End of the Season" Party was tonight. If you don't know, it's basically a fun event to gather good customers, eat good food, drink good drinks, and celebrate a great year of Monday night Pedal Power road rides. Hell, free food and drinks, I'm in! Thanks to Gary and Bill for running a kick a$$ shop...come on!....only Top 100 shop in CT! Plus, its our 4th year on the Top 100 Shops list. Check out the few photos I shot HERE. Hope everyone had a good time! Until next year.....


The Fog!

Yeah, that basically sums up the session we had at the Clinton Park tonight under the lights. It was fun for about an hour until dense fog and spotty showers rolled in. A militia of guys came out to ride including Don Pavelka and Garrett Pyskaty coming down from Warwick, Rhode Island. As usual people were going off...too bad I left my slave flash at home and was stuck using the cheesy pop-up flash on my camera. Not to mention, I can't shoot film under those stadium likes worth shiat! Anyway, check out the photos at TYRANT's Flickr, there are a few hot shots. Until next time....

Don thought this table sucked. I thinks its dialed!