2012 Recap

This year marked 10 years of TYRANT....10 years of riding bikes and having fun with friends near and far. Thanks for all the goods times in 2012, looking forward to plenty more in 2013. Have a safe, kick a$$ evening! Happy New Year!!

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Snowbikes Are Ready to Shred!

The weathermen have been predicting snow for the weekend, time to pull out the snow bikes! We have 2 operational bikes this year, should be some fun sessions ahead!


RIP Joeys/Grandma's Trails

I caught word that Joey's/Grandma's Trails got plowed a few weeks ago. The jumps have been around in various shapes and sizes since the late 90's, sad to see them go! We hadn't ridden Joey's since the late 90's, then last year we started going back and putting in a lot of digging and riding time. The place was small, but always a good time. Thanks for letting us come ride Joey!

Trails Photos: CLICK HERE

Trail Boss Joey Tarallo


Happy Holidaze!

This creepy 3 foot Santa figure randomly showed up at the skatepark back in September. Steve didn't hesitate to blast a table over him. Seems only fitting to post him today. 


Christmas Eve Eve Sesh

Wow, what a difference a day makes! Yesterday was bone chilling cold thanks to the wind, but it cleared out today and it was great riding weather....especially for 3 days into Winter! I sent out some texts early in the day to see who was around anticipating most people were with family or doing last minute Holiday shopping, but to my surprise a solid crew ended up showing up at the East Haddam Park mid-day. Everyone was cruising around to stay warm, nothing too crazy going down, but the afternoon quickly turned into a heavy sub box session. Merritt's Mike Brennan fired out a 180 over the sub to half cab out into the grass bank. In addition, the downside pedal stalls he was doing were burly. Mercenary Steve and Matt Bagley were taking turns on sprocket to 180's and sprocket barspins, can't believe I didn't see any tacos or teeth snap off. What I thought was gonna be a low key Sunday turned into a solid session. Good times for sure!

I hope everyone has a happy, healthy Holiday!

Christmas Eve Eve Photos: CLICK HERE

I Can't Feel My Hands!

Steve and I were jonesing to ride, but too lazy to drive to RAD or the barn to get indoors. We braved the 35° and 15 mph winds and rode Dayville for a bit. Needless to say, I lost feeling in my hands in about 10 minutes and was pretty miserable. None the less, it was fun getting on the bike and cruising an empty park. 4 day weekend for Christmas, gotta take advantage of any riding time we can get!


Cranx Trip

A bunch of riders from NY, CT, and Mass. made their way up to Cranx over there weekend to get together and raise hell. Steve, Schmidt, and I left CT at 6am and were riding the park by 10:30. The place is epic, the jump lines are insane, and the bowl room is super fun. We're already planning our return trip! Like an idiot, I forgot my remote flash triggers at home so I had to shoot with the external flash mounted on my camera body. Not ideal, but I got a few pics none the less. Next time!

Cranx Photos: CLICK HERE


East Haddam/Willi with T&F

Sorry for the lack of updates, the time change and darkness rolling in at 4:30 is kicking our ass...only been riding on Sundays.

Today was one hell of a Sunday session! The Tables & Fables crew came down from Mass. to ride East Haddam for the first time. A bunch of CT riders came out as well and we had a solid session. After East Haddam we hit up Willi till dark. I'm tired, not much to say, off to the couch!

East Haddam/Willi Photos: CLICK HERE