Sunday Edge

Somehow I got motivated and hopped in the car at 6:30 this morning to solo it over to Skaters Edge to meet up with Tony Long and Gamache. Glad I made the trek, it was a good time and after not riding in almost a week it was much needed!

Edge Photos: CLICK HERE


Lazy Jay's

We rode Jay's ramp last night....well, I was a lazy POS....everyone else rode while I shot some photos. Just wasn't feeling it. Been off the bike for a week, gotta shake the cobwebs. Blah! Steve broke in the new bike, it looks rad!

Jay's Photos: CLICK HERE



We got a solid 6" of snow yesterday and Steve and I took the snowbikes for a rip. Due to the bitter cold temps the snow was ultra light and fluffy and wasn't packing at all. The bikes went slower than usual due to all the drag in the powder, but it was still fun. Hoping to get a few runs in today when things warm up and the snow is tacky...things gonna rip!


High Class Truckers

The new high class trucker hats are in, embroidered! The hats are $13.00, hit me up in person or PayPal and I'll ship for free.


Crack boom!

Steve and I adventured out to the Willimantic Park yesterday despite 20 degree temperatures. We got about 20 minutes of riding in when a huge crack boom echoed across the park. Steve rode over to where I was asking if I heard the loud noise his bike made? After a quick once over we found that Steve's FIT Aitken S3 frame had blown out at the down tube gusset. Remember kids, FIT is SH1T!


Back in the Day: Misc. 2001-2004

Man did we raise hell back in the day. So many parties, road trips, and all kinds of antics. Here's a little bit of everything to round out the "Back in the Day" Series this week. I hope I drummed up some fond memories for you old school heads.

Misc. Photos: CLICK HERE


Back in the Day: Newington

The Newington Park has been around since 2001 and I'm pretty sure we've ridden that place damn near a thousand times! It's a sad excuse for a park, but we always go back for more. Lots of memories there!

Newington Photos: CLICK HERE


Back in the Day: Groton

Countless times we've woken up at the a$$ crack of dawn to get down to Groton and ride before the skate Nazi's show up. These photos are a fond memory of a 6am session back in the Summer of 2003...

Groton Photos: CLICK HERE


Back in the Day: Jay's Ramp

Jay's ramp has been around for 12 years now and we've ridden in on and odd every Tuesday for those 12 years. Lots of memories down in the basement of that factory!

Jay's Ramp Photos: CLICK HERE


Back in the Day: Chicopee Warehouse

Man, what can I say about the Chicopee Warehouse...the place was amazing! So many great sessions with so many kick a$$ people!

Chicopee Photos: CLICK HERE

Back in the Day Series

Going along with the whole reunion theme from this passed weekend I've decided to dig out some old photos from the early 2000 era. I'll be posting a different set each day this week. All you old school dudes...and new school kiddies that weren't even riding back then...enjoy!


Reunion/Benefit Jam

Saw tons of old friends, made some new ones, raised some funds for Steve Estridge, and had a hell of a good time. Thanks to Kipp and Matty Still for organizing a great event!

Reunion/Benefit Jam Photos: CLICK HERE


Back in the Day: MSC

The MSC/Local Trails Reunion Jam and the Benefit for Steve Estridge is tonight! I dug deep and found a bunch of old MSC photos. Really looking forward to seeing some old friends and helping out a fellow rider in need!



Embroidered Caps

New hats are on the only took me 5 years or so! Embroidered "t y r a n t" on black hats - $20.00


Willi. Rolling Deep!

We had a ton of riders at the Willimantic Park yesterday. It was awesome to see so many dudes out to ring in the new year. Sunny and 44 in January, can't beat it!

Willi. Photos: CLICK HERE