Tuesday Session: March 29th

Bry and I rode the Cromwell park for an hour or so with Ryan Staron before Evan showed up and persuaded us to head over to Wethersfield. It was the first time we've been to the Wethersfield Skatepark this year and the Winter was not nice to the park. The majority of the flat bottom is cracked and chipped away making the place nearly un-skateable. Apparently this has resulted in the park being virtually empty on a daily basis...leading to some heavy BMX sessions. I'm sure the town is gonna fix the damage so get your sessions in before it's infested with kids again!

Tuesday Session Photos: CLICK HERE


Plainville Park

The new Plainville Skatepark is open and Bry and I hit it up on Friday afternoon for a bitter cold session. The place has a few good hits, but is pretty spread out and most pre-fab parks are. Brandon Begin showed up and was getting rad. It was good to ride with him, haven't seen that kid in forever. Good times likes usual!

Plainville Photos: CLICK HERE


Jam Postponed!

Sorry folks, the Spring Has Sprung Jam is being postponed till May. We're due to get 5-8" of snow tonight, the temps are gonna hover around freezing till next week, and things just aren't falling into place as expected. We'd rather postpone it and have it be a great event, than have a cold, sh1tty one this weekend. Stay tuned for a new date!


Saturday Sessions: 3/19/11

Steve and I hit up the Middlefield Skatepark Saturday afternoon. I didn't even have my bike out of the car yet and some 3 foot tall weiner who couldn't of been any older than 12 or 13 felt the need to belt out "Skateboards Only" if that was gonna stop us from riding the park. Need I say it again...we have plastic pedals, pegs, and bar ends. Our bikes are less destructive than skate trucks! We rode the place for 20 minutes or so before a ton of skaters rolled in. The place isn't crowd friendly and is packed with 5-8 people trying to session the place at once so we hit the road.

We headed over to the Newington Skatepark later in the afternoon and the place was crowded as usual. Pro-hoes sitting on the ramps, little kids on scooters....typical Newington session. Ryan Staron was at the park blasting airs out of the big quarter. Total balls!...cause it was windy and the slightest gust could of been deadly! It was nice to ride 2 days in a row, but damn I'm getting whole body hurts! We capped off the day chilling around Steve's fire pit, good times for sure. Rest today, rain tomorrow, maybe some riding Tuesday?

Saturday Session Photos: CLICK HERE



We finally hit up the Middlefield Park today. Rumor has it the town decided to make the park skateboards only. No bikes, blades, scooters, etc. Talk about some BS discrimination! Regardless, we rode the place for 2 hours and nobody said a word to us. To our surprise the place already has a lot of chipping and cracking going on, proof that boards are just as destructive as bikes can be. Fortunately, we run plastic pegs, pedals, and bar ends so even if our bikes did hit the concrete no damage would be done and nobody could gripe at us. Bry pulled a really solid fuf which resulted in a great photo. We had a good time flowing around the place. Hopefully there will be more sessions to come at Middlefield. Later in the afternoon we hit up the Cromwell Park, which was infested with kids like usual. It was sunny and 75 out, so it didn't matter how crowded the park was, we were enjoying riding outside and the Spring-like weather. Bring on the sunshine!

Session Photos: CLICK HERE


The Lot

The Lot needs some serious shovel loving, but the snow is finally gone!


2 Weeks - WHOA!

New world record, 2 weeks without a post! Why you ask?...because Haven has been closed, we haven't been riding much and I've been away on a ski trip for the last week. The snow is melting fast, the temps are in the 50's, and rumor has it the Cromwell and Newington Parks are clear and rideable. Spring is just around the corner and we'll be riding out a$$es off soon enough! Don't forget, Spring has Sprung Jam in 2 weeks!