Clinton Closed!

So apparently the Clinton Skatepark is CLOSED thanks to a bunch of local a$$hole kids that ripped down portions of the fence surrounding the park. I don't get it, the park is amazing, has stadium lights, ans Spring is here...but kids feel the need to trash the place for fun? Why would you risk having the park shut down? Can you say IDIOTS! Read the full article the Middletown Press published HERE.

Haven Rental

So a bunch of the staffers from Pedal Power rented out the Haven Skatepark last night. It was a pretty mellow session with only 8 people there! Todd Hettrich shot a bunch of photos which he shared with me. Head over to TYRANT's Flickr to check 'em out!

Matt Lolli carving the slant wall



So tonight I crashed really hard on the road bike! My right knee is raw meat, I bent my bars an inch, my back wheel is tweaked, and my ego is bruised! Luckily it was my Lemond, not the new Duratank. I biffed it off a curb going about 30 mph and went straight over the bars to my right knee/side/head, NO FUN! Some lady parked near by bolted out of her car and the first words out of her mouth were, "I can't believe you are conscious!" Then she asked if I needed medical attention. I guess I took it hard? A quick phone call to Tina to come save my haggerd a$$ was all I needed. Anyway, crashes are a drag! I hate being sore...I hate a busted bike...but I guess that's why we all do it! To heal up, fix our bikes, and keep on riding..cause we love it! Crash and burn!


Almost Spring!

Tina and I met up with Ben Church and "Tiny Tyrant" at the Newington Park today. It was our first outdoor park session of 2008 and our first time at Newington in almost 6 months! Everyone had a good time and the rain held off...for the most part. Spring is almost here!!! Head on over to TYRANT's Flickr to check 'em out.

Brandon Begin's lawnmower is ready for Spring!

Weekend Getaway

So T and I headed up to the Providence area for the weekend to get away from CT for a change. Saturday we stopped in Circuit BMX to say hello to Vic and check out his amazing selection on rad stuff. Be sure to get up to Circuit next weekend for the moving sale! This morning we rode Skaters Edge in Taunton, Mass. We met up with Ben Church, a Bristol, CT rider, who came up from Roger Williams where he goes to shool. It was nice to ride Edge, I haven't been there in years! Don't get me wrong, I love the Haven Skatepark, but we ride it so much its cool to check out a new place. Skaters Edge is a funky park, the trannies are so mellow!!! I felt like I didn't know how to ride ramp...Oh well, we had fun none the less. Check out some photos of some local shredders I shot at TYRANT's Flickr. My flash was dying due to lousy batteries so nothing really came out too great. Maybe next time?

Ben Church slant wallride to bar spin


WOW! Lots of shredders at the Haven Skatepark today. It blows my mind how many kids are just killing it these days! I on the other hand am not! I fell twice...HARD! I jammed my thumb really bad and smashed my left knee...resulting in me hanging up the bike and taking out the camera. Check out the few photos I shot over at TYRANT's Flickr.