Rollin' Into Jam Chowda

The roller ramp is done! Awaiting paint then off to Danielson later in the week. Jam on, 1 week away!


Mini East Side Tour

Steve, Schmidt, and I met up with Clint from Skizz BMX and hit up a bunch of parks and his backyards ramps. Super fun day! I'll let the photos explain...I'm feeling lazy today...

Saturday Photos: CLICK HERE



Steve and I met up with Schmidt over at this trails today. The place was pretty dry, but the lines were running just fine. It was a fun afternoon hanging with friends and riding bikes. On the way home, we hit up the Cromwell Park quick and then stopped off to check out the Riverside Trails...a small area where there are some fun obstacles to ride. We ended up sessioning Riverside for an hour or so and Steve was getting rad. Good Saturday for sure!

Wayside/Riverside Photos: CLICK HERE


Autumn Brand Jam

Steve, Schmidt, and I loaded my car to the max and adventured North East up to the Autumn Brand Jam at Hyde Park. We made a pit stop on the way up to pick up some New England Jam Chowda promotional material from Chuck, then we were jam bound. The event started off as most do, riders trickling in and everyone kinda buzzing, but as the day progressed things got wild. By mid-afternoon there were 50+ riders and tons of spectators watching the madness ensue. Some insane height close to 4 feet took the Bunnyhop win, the No Front Wheel Manual Contest was off the hook, and I believe Corey D. took the Best Table win. I spent most of the day in the shade manning the TYRANT, Tables & Fables, Dick Mauls booth, but Steve and Schmidt were getting rad. The rains eventually moved in late day and the place began to clear out...our cue to load up and begin the trek back to CT. Gotta send a huge shout out to the Mauls/Tables & Fables crew for putting on a kick a$$ event. The turnout was great and everyone was having fun, BMX at it's finest!

As previously mentioned, I was manning the booth all day. Sorry, only 3 photos!

Autumn Brand Jam Photos: CLICK HERE


September Soaker

Man, we got hosed this week! 2.5 straight days of rain. Steve made it out to Hebron once later in the week, but aside from that it was a week of little riding. Bummer!


Hebron Lives!

After 10 years of being supervised, charging admission, and not allowing bikes the Hebron Skatepark is now open to the public...well kinda. The rules sheets posted all over the park say it's for town resident use only and no bikes or scooters are allowed. Kinda BS when 95% of the parks in New England are allowing bikes, boards, blades, scooters, etc. Why discriminate?!?  Well it's not like it stopped us, Steve and I rode the place for 3 hours and it was great to get on those ramps again. We used to jump the fence 10 years ago, I don't miss those days! Aside from some slick spots on the skatelite and a ton of exposed nails and popping screws, the park is an awesome set-up...and only 15 minutes from home! Sure enough, a state cop finally did show up at dusk but he was super cool and just asked that we pick up any trash that may be ours as the park was littered with bottles, candy wrappers, and energy drink cans. Successful session!

Hebron Photos: CLICK HERE


Moosup Skatepark

I caught word that the town of Moosup is getting a new Paprocki park, adding to the cement along I-395 in CT. Tack another stop onto our Riding on the Eastside Trip this Fall! I found these photos on the Moosup Skatepark FB page, check them out!



A Week Off

This week has kinda been a week off from BMX. The behind the scenes stuff is still going on...prepping for the upcoming jams and what not...but I haven't been on the bike all week. Looking forward to riding some street Sunday night and a CT Park trip Monday.

started commuting to my day job on a 1981 Miyata road bike chopped down to a singlespeed and it's great. Nobody is on the roads in the morning and pedaling that bike 6.5 miles is a killer way to kick start the day and my body. I'll try to keep the posts to a minimum, but don't be surprised if you catch a few commuter or mountain bike ride related posts during the Fall season. Just having fun, riding bikes!