Thank you Santa!

I got this album recently and it could be the greatest Christmas related thing on the face of the Earth...besides popcorn balls and cherry candy canes!


Haven Skatepark

Haven Skatepark is set to open its doors sometime this week, so memorize the bike sessions and be ready to shred!


Monday: 2-6 pm $10
Tuesday: 6-10pm $10
Wednesday: 2-6 pm $10
Thursday: 6-10 pm $10
Friday: 6-9 pm $10
Saturday: 3-6 pm $10 and 9pm-1:30am $15 (Age 18+ ONLY!)
Sunday: 12-4:30 $13

I'm also going to be looking into renting the park once a month.
Check back for details on that in the near future.

Perfect timing cause its snowing out right now!!!


New Begin Backyard Ramp

So T and I headed over to ride the new backyard ramp of "Tiny Tyrant" Brandon Begin. The set-up is really fun, its a 6 foot quarter on one side with a 4 foot flat deck spine in the middle to a 5 foot quarter on the other side. Brandon and his buddy Aaron were already bombing around the ramp when we showed up. Brandon was going pretty big for the little guy he is! After some ramp riding we took a ride down the street to a local school and Brandon proceeded to huck himself down a 9 stair set going mach speed. It was a super fun day and it was great to ride my BMX hasn't been touched in weeks! Thanks guys!

Tiny Tyrant, tiny bike....not so tiny gap!


Hairless Hebrank!

So the day has finally come, Hebrank cut off his dreads! The dreadlocks will be polyurethane coated and sold for $10 each. These are collectors items! They are 2 feet long and great for belts, dog leashes, rope, etc. All proceeds will benefit the "Fly Tyrant to MinneCRAPolis Fund."



So the new TYRANT mega decals are in and they look great! These are ideal for your car windshild, ramps, buses, etc. A huge thanks to Shawn Hebrank for coming through via his connection in MinneCRAPolis! Contact me if you want to purchase a decal, they are super limited!!! These things are huge, 16" x 4", cut from high quality "Blood Red Vinyl". A $15 donation is all it takes to get one of these decals. All proceeds go toward a giant bags of beef jerky from Sam's Club for Shawn.

Jason repping TYRANT on his burly jeep

Chromed Out!

The new chromed out TYRANT stickers are in. Head down to Pedal Power to grab some or find me in person. These stickers were intended for placement on fork legs, but you can stick 'em anywhere you want. They are super reflective and look hot!

Busy Weekend

This weekend is going to be pretty nuts! I'm racing the Chainbiter UCI cyclocross race in Farmington on Saturday and the CycleSmart International in Northhampton, Mass. on Sunday. Both races begin at 9 am and over 85 riders are pre-reg'd for each days race! It looks as though temps. are going to be in the low/mid 30's both mornings, DAMN! Come out and get rowdy!...and bring your cowbells, air horns, megaphones, etc.