Willi/Hebron Halloween

Steve and I met up with Mike B. and Bryan and hit up the Willimantic Park mid-day. I was expecting the place to be all wet and covered in leaves and branches from the storm, but I was dead wrong, the park was mint. We had a fun session and Bry threw down a man-sized abubaca 90's DMC style. Mike landed a clean truck over one of the hips, good stuff. On the way home we stopped at the Hebron Park and just when I thought everyone was tired, Mike and Bryan start firing out sub box tricks on the huge wedge's safety rail. Dudes ain't right! the drop on the backside is a solid 12'! It was good to get out and ride with the guys and enjoy the nice weather after all the rain we've had from Sandy. Looking forward to binge eating some candy tonight. Happy Halloween!

Willi/Hebron Photos: CLICK HERE


Mountain Miles

Been putting in some serious time on the mountain bike lately...and neglecting the BMX. Got a ride in Monday morning before Hurricane Sandy hit, it was pretty gnarly out!



Yesterday's jam at the Buttery Brook Park was rad! Gotta send a huge thanks out to Colby for inviting us up and letting me set up the tent and peddle some merch. The local crew that renovated the park did a hell of a job, the place flows great and there are a lot of fun lines. The Box Jump Best Trick event was off the hook with a 720, decade, and 3 whip getting fired out. The box monkey's were in full effect emptying their bags of tricks! The Long Jump Contest was held in the gravel parking lot and I was convinced someone was gonna die. There were a few epic scorpion grinds and a little blood shed, but at the end of it all the dude blasting 32+ feet rode away with nothing more than some broken forks :P Super fun day, great weather, and awesome to see so many riders young and old coming out to ride and donate some cash to the park. Really looking forward to getting back up to Buttery Brook before the snow arrives!

- TYRANT Buttery Brook Pics
- Barry Scott Photography's Pics


"Ride Your Heart Out" Hoodies

Fall is in full swing and after last weekends freezing temps Winter might be fast approaching! Plenty of hoodies available over at our online store, but the "Ride Your Heart Out" ones have been the most popular lately.



NEJC Coverage

There have been a ton of photos and a few videos surfacing from New England Jam Chowda. Below are a bunch of links to various media sources that covered NEJC. Enjoy!

- Tables & Fables Photos
- DIG Photos
- Animal Photos
- Joe Miller's Photos
- Street Pete's Photos 



No long winded post folks, just the simple facts. NEJC was epic! 600+ people, 100+ riders all gathered in one place for the love of BMX. I shot about 5 photos all day, I was too busy peddling TYRANT merch, taking in the madness, and binge eating $3 hamburgers from the Steam Punk. Counting down the days till NEJC 2013!

Thanks Chuck!



Tomorrow is the day you've all been waiting for, New England Jam Chowda' is here! This is going to be one of the most insane events in the history of New England there! Look for your booth, plenty of free stickers and tees and hats for sale!

Noon-dark - Steampunk Cafe Parking Lot - Danielson, CT


Mansfield Cross Action

So I haven't raced since CrossVegas at Interbike in 2008, but that's coming to an end bright and early Saturday morning. I've registered to give 'em hell in the Cat 4 race at the Connecticut Cyclocross Championships at Mansfield Hollow. I'm sure it's gonna hurt like hell cause my cardio is pretty shot right now, but I've got plenty of leg strength and BMX skills to get me by. Should be a blast...especially riding this 31 year old beast! I'm sure all the other spandex jockey's in my race will be riding carbon, several thousand dollar bikes. F that, STEEL!


Sunday Morning Squatch

Steve and I hit up the Squatchville Trails for a little morning maintenance and some riding. After an hour or so of removing the puddle and dialing in the Green Line the place was ready for action. As usual, Steve gave it hell!

Sunday Squatch Photos: CLICK HERE


Barn Bound

It's been months and month since we've adventured up to the Mass. Barn to get rad on our bikes, the drought ended tonight! Good times for sure!!

Barn Photos: CLICK HERE


Chowda' Watered Down!

The New England Jam Chowda' event has been rained out, the new date is Sunday, October 14th. Be there!