Newi. & Riverside Trails

Steve and I rode the Newington Park for a few hours and Ryan Staron and Chris Piascik were also there riding. Steve was throwing down his usual "thinking out of the box" tricks...peg manuals to grinds, toboggan luc-e grinds, etc. and Ryan Staron was blasting the big quarter. Ryan's a youngin' and going bigger each time he's on the bike. Must be that crazy Jake Lineberry syndrome rubbing off on him! The park was pretty infested with groms and scooter rats so Steve, Chris, and I shot over to the Riverside Trails in Cromwell for a tiny dirt jump session before dark. It was nice to get out in ride...was off the bike for a full week due to the holiday and what not. Should be hitting up Haven tomorrow night, looking forward to it!

Newi. & Riverside Trails photos: CLICK HERE


Newtown Skatepark OPEN!

It appears the Newtown Skatepark is open. Thanks to Ginger Nagy for getting me some photos while she was home for the Holiday!


Cromwell River Trails

Steve and I eyed up the old Cromwell River Trails a few weeks ago and it looked like some younger guys have kinda resurrected the place. There was a super small 4 pack with a 1 hitter at the end of it and a few other random jumps here and there. We adventured back to actually ride the place yesterday evening and made a few mods of our own to make the place a bit more fun....hope the locals don't mind. The place has a ton of potential, despite the fact it floods like hell in the Spring. I'm trying to find out who exactly is doing all the digging down there cause Steve and I want to help and get some new lines going. Anybody know the locals? E-mail me or get at me via the TYRANT Facebook link ---->

Cromwell River Trails photos: CLICK HERE


Lot: 11/21

Some of the Enfield/Fat Trax crew came down to the Lot today to film some clips for their new DVD coming out in the next few months. The place was kinda beat up, but with some shovel time it was rideable and people were boosting. After the Lot we hit up the Crompton Park for an hour or so. All in all a fun Sunday of riding bikes and having fun!

Lot photos: CLICK HERE


Haven Thursday Sesh: 11/18

Steve, Bry, and I sardined it in my car with the 3 bikes and headed down to Haven for the Thursday 6-10 session. Good times as usual! Steve was pulling out some crazy peg manual tricks and getting all techy on the coping. Bry re-discovered his tailwhip and was firing them out left and right. A sign of things to come this Winter!

Haven photos: CLICK HERE


Snow Bike

I've seen a number of variations of a snow bike and I decided I'm gonna create my own this year. There are $600 hop up kits, kids bend their forks and install inverted skate trucks as ski adapters, but I'm gonna have Dave Perry at 137 Fabrication create a custom pair of mounts and risers for me. I'm psyched, let it snow!


Snake Runnin'

Awesome time at the snake run yesterday! Enough said!!

Snake Run photos: CLICK HERE


Slow Week!

It's been a slow weak of doing nothing thanks to a sprained ankle. Hoping to get on the bike tomorrow...with the ankle taped and braced. We have a crew getting on down to the Guilford Park. Supposed to be 60...get out a ride!


Middletown Park Update: Nov. 8th

I drove by the Middletown Skatepark site this weekend and they didn't break ground. All I noticed was some flags indicating where underground electrical wires or pipes lay. With the 2.5" of snow this morning who knows what's gonna happen now? Is Old Man Winter gonna scare the builders away till the Spring?


Damp Lot Jam

So the Lot Jam went off Saturday, despite damp conditions and pretty chilly temps. It took a solid 2 hours of work in the morning to tidy up the jumps and keep the slickness down to a minimum. Sadly, Jake Lineberry took himself out early in the day on the small line dislocating his knee cap and possibly tearing meniscus and/or ligaments. Jake sees a surgeon next week :( At it's peak we had 18 riders at the jam and people were having a good time on the big line. The small line was rideable, but ended up taking out 5 more people after Jake. It wasn't the best jam by any means, but people had fun and that's what it's all about.

Jam photos: CLICK HERE


Ride Like Hell!

The cold temps are coming, gotta ride like hell to stay warm. New hoodies, long sleeves, and even some new tees are now available over at the TYRANT store.

Sh!t Talkers

I received an anonymous e-mail last night from, please read below:

"Tyrant sucks balls and so does your team. all you do is tabletops and turn downs and your shirts are shitty. i'll never ride a tyrant bike"

Awesome! I laughed so hard after reading this I nearly pissed my pants. I'm really hoping this was a joke, but if it wasn't the person who sent it is obviously a complete idiot!

1. There is no TYRANT team!
2. Who cares what tricks anybody does, ride your bike and have fun!
3. You don't like the shirts, you don't's that easy!
4. TYRANT doesn't make bikes, so you're won't ever be riding one!

Keep on hating!


Middletown Breaking Ground!

It looks like construction of the Middletown Skatepark will begin this week. Check it out: CLICK HERE

Blustery Sunday

Steve and I hit up the Guilford Park and the Cromwell Park yesterday. Guilford was a fun session, it got a bit windy, but the sun was behind the clouds which made it nice riding. That park is horrible on sunny days! The gray ramp paint reflects the sun into your eyes like laser beams! We headed North to the Cromwell Park and it was windy as all hell. We still rode it out for about an hour before calling it a day. Fall weather is in full effect!

Morse @ Guilford photos: CLICK HERE