Tyrant BMX Posters

So the I picked up the artwork for the Tyrant posters from Shawn Hebrank yesterday and it is amazing. Shawn came up with a rad design and pen & inked it beautifully!!! The posters will be run in a limited quanity and should be available through me or Pedal Power starting Monday. Many thanks to Shawn for his awesome artwork and support of Tyrant BMX. Shawn tattoos out of Turnpike Tattoo in if you are looking to get some work done stop by and check out his portfolio.

Tyrant Poster - Hand drawn by local artist/tattoo artist Shawn Hebrank


Weekend Session

So Dave Blachura and I rode Wethersfield this weekend and it was one hell of a day of riding......6 hours to be exact...and I'm so sore and tired!!! I'll keep it simple, it was a rad day, Garrett P. met up with us for a few, and I shot some film as usual. Check out the photos at Tyrant's Flickr.

Dave Blachura really extended this fastplant on the slab corner



The new shirts are fresh off the press and the new stickers are here as well. Shirts and stickers are only available through me at the time being, they'll be in stock at Pedal Power next week. I also have a limited number of zip-up hoodies left, grab one before they are gone for the season...only $20! I'll be at the Wethersfield and Newington Skateparks all day Saturday, stop by and support Tyrant BMX and grab some new merch!!!

Wheel logo in steel blue on grey shirts - printed on the lower left hip area

The new stickers are in!


6 hours of riding on a Sunday

So D. Whip and I started our Sunday at the Begins mini-ramp and as usual Brandon was killing it right from the get-go! "Tiny Tyrant" was airing out of the 7 footer higher than I've ever seen him and he's starting to get flatties down! What I was stoked on was the fact that Steve, "Tiny Tyrants" dad, worked all morning and came home to us riding the ramp. Most fathers would plop down on the couch and take in some NCAA Basketball Tournament this time of year, but not "Pops". He came home and in a matter of 10 minutes was suited up and out on the ramp ripping it with rad!!!!! Anyway, we had a good session at the mini and then Dean and I headed to Wethersfield and Newington for a few before heading home. Nothing beats a whole day of riding with good friends!!!! Thanks much for having us over guys!!! The first day of Spring is tomorrow, bring on the warm weather!!! I took a few pics of the guys, check them out at Tyrant's Flickr

Most "almost 40 year olds" were not killing it on a mini-ramp today, they were probably sitting on there butt!!!! Steve was getting rad on the backyard ramp airing out the 6 footer.

FREE Stickers - DONATIONS for posters

So I got my hands on a bunch of stickers and posters from Shawn Hebrank that I am looking to get out to everyone. The stickers are totally rad and most importantly FREE!!! The posters seen below are also available to all those who make a donation (suggested donation is $5....but any little will help!). The money made from the posters is going to Shawn's latest art venture "The Bird Flu"...its going to be an epidemic and overtake the state! Shirts are going to be available really soon and he has bags already available on his site (follow the link above!) These bags are great for riders, they are ideal for pads or your helmet and they are inexpensive. I'm also psyched to say that the new Tyrant stickers will be in this week and LIMITED EDITION Tyrant poster, hand drawn by Shawn Hebrank, will be available shortly...keep your eyes peeled here!!!!

Posters are available, please make a donation and pick one up!!!!

FREE STICKERS! E-mail me via Tyrant BMX or find me at the skatepark.


Get off your couch and ride!!!!

So I showed up to Wethersfield Skatepark mid-afternoon today and I was the only biker there. I talked to numerous fellow riders on the phone and the complaint I got was that is was too cold out. It was a gorgeous sunny day, a bit chilly, but a great day to ride....and all your weenies were home watching TV or playing video games. Jordan Harrington and Garrett Pyskaty ended up showing up late in the day and we sessioned for an hour or so before dark. I got a few pics of those guys that came our pretty good, check them out at Tyrant's Flickr



BUY TYRANT BMX on the net

Props to the guys are Pedal Power who now have a smattering of Tyrant BMX apparel for sale via their website PedalPowerCT Support the local, rider owned company that is true to itself, and most importantly true to you!


So I recently signed up for YouTube, a great free video hosting site. Check back next week for the trailer to the Tyrant DVD that is going to be released sometime this millenium.


What happened to 60 degrees?

So Matt Lolli and I rode street tonight and it was freakin' freezing! We both were totally underdressed and my hands were numb before we even got to the first spot we planned on sessioning. Anyway, we had fun just dinking around hitting up small stuff here and there. I took a few photos and Lolli took one of me, check them out at Tyrant's Flickr

(Sorry, no preview pic....Blogger is being lame...the picture won't upload?)


Damp late night session

Dave Blachura met me in M-Town late tonight for a little street riding. It turned out that is was pretty damp out still from the mornings rains and I was kinda tired, sp the session was short livedl. I chilled and took some photos of Dave as he went off like usual.....check them out at Tyrant's Flickr

A cool brakeless nose wheelie shot


A Spring-like Saturday Session

So the weather man didn't lie to us, it was actually 60 degrees yesterday and sunny all day! Bry. A, Blachura, and myself headed over to the Wethersfiled Skatepark to ride all day. Aaron Tauscher and Kris Houle from Mass. came down to ride the park, which was rad...they both kill it! It ended up being a fun session and a lot of great riding went down. Aaron and Kris both took nasty spills a few minutes into riding, which really spooked me, but they both bounced back and were dialed the rest of the day. Mercenary Steve showed up and was going big like usual and Craig Samuels showed up brakeless and rode well. I was psyched to here Craig earned his degree and is done with school in Rhode Island and is moving back to more local ripper at the parks! Wethersfield got way too crowded so we headed to Newington, which turned out to be even more crowded....with all little kids none the less! I'm all for young kids learning to ride and skate, but its out of hand when parents just drop their mini-van full of kids off at the park, leave them for the day unsupervised, and the kids have no clue what they are doing. Its a recipe for disaster and I almost witnessed a few deaths yesterday. When a biker is coming down from 6 feet in the air and Little Jonny Clueless is standing at the bottom of the quarterpipe...he's getting plowed at full speed! OK, I'm rambling now. The short of it is it was an awesome day of riding with great riders/friends, Spring is coming, the days are getting longer, and I'm psyched to be riding a ton more!!! I took some photos like ususal, check them out at Tyrant's Flickr

Aaron Tauscher was flowing Wethersfield like he'd ridden it a million times, but I'm pretty sure it was only his second!


Friday night lights!

So the usual crew, minus D. Whip, decided to go out street riding tonight. The weather was amazing, a total sign that Spring is on its way! We had a really good session and it was nice to ride on a Friday night instead of blowing tons of money bar hopping in Middletown like usual. Steve A. did a pretty rad fence ride, Matt was pulling some sweet footjam to fakies on a funky pitched bank, Arnwine attempted a bunny hop 360 going full speed down the street...and he made it about 345 degrees around...he's nutty!!! and I finally got my manual dialed back in. All in all it was good to be with friends, chilling out, and having fun on a Friday night! Steve A. contributed a few photos and I shot some photos as well, check them out at Tyrant's Flickr

The crew chilling at the Harbor

Great show!

So Tuesday night D. Whip, Steve A., Ryan Howard, and I piled into my car and headed to the K.O.C. in Cromwell. Strike Anywhere, With Honor, A Global Threat, and No Tigger played and it was one hell of show! I haven't seen With Honor since they played at Wesleyan a few years it was great to see them on home turf again! If you haven't listened to either of the bands I mentioned, get on it! Download some music, you're missing out!!!

Sunday it out!

If you didn't follow the link to Shawn Hebrank a few postings ago when I pictured the Tyrant tattoo on Evil Luke's elbow, you're missing out!!! Shawn is a very talented artist / tattoo artist and a super cool individual. I had the pleasure of sitting for 3.5 hours yesterday as Shawn brough the Tyrant Crest logo to life on my arm. The end result was an outright amazing tattoo!!!
Many thanks Shawn!!!

Please take a few moments and go to Shawn Hebranks site