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We were all over the state today. Steve and I met up with some guys at the Willimantic Park at 9:30am for a little early morning 'crete action. We made our way from the park to Schmidt's trails with Ethan Roy in tow. Schmidt's is odd, it just never feels right to me...but some of the guys were making it through the line. We hung out there for a few solid hours before making our way to Falcon BMX in Meriden. The track was rebuilt a few weeks ago and looks pretty fun, but the heavy rains early last week rutted the place up already. We took some runs and called it a night pretty early with everyone beat.

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Runnin' the Green Line

Steve and I did a little digging at the trails tonight and he decided to give the first jump of the Green Line a rip. Despite the soaking rains, it's running pretty good. So much digging to be done, so little time!

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Sunset Ranch Jam: 4/21/12

Days like today define BMX and are the reason I'm 32 and still riding a little kids bike! Awesome trail jam at Sunset Ranch!! Rode with some old friends, made some new ones, nobody got hurt, everybody had a good time, and so on. A huge thanks to Chris Traverse for the invite and for having that place dialed this year! BMX!!

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East Haddam Under Way!

After 8 long years of waiting the East Haddam Park is finally under way. Stay up to date HERE.


Cromwell Sesh

Fun evening session with the usual dudes at Cromwell. Loving the warmer weather!

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Legends Never Die

Today I woke to the crushing news that Mike Tag had passed away yesterday. I can't say I knew Mike, only met him a few times at East Coast Terminal and the Ghetto Street comps, but the guy def had an effect on my riding! In the late 90's and early 2K's Mike was thrashing everything he came across. The guy was an animal on a bike! Steve Crandall has a great post over on the FBM site: CLICK HERE. My thoughts go out to Mike's family and the FBM crew. Rest in peace, ride on!



The trails tees are done and available HERE!
Grab a shirt, grab a shovel, and get your a$$ to the trails!


Dodging Showers

Rain showers were all over the state this afternoon. It would pour for 2 minutes, dry out for 30, and pour for 5 more. Nature at it's finest! Anyway, despite all the wetness we got a solid late afternoon session in.

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Mauls Brawl 2012

For the 20th straight year, the folks at Mauls put on another kick a$$ contest. Dudes were going off, that's all that needs to be said! A great day, with great people, at a great event. BMX!

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