Jam in the News

I caught word that the Newington Town Crier newspaper is going to feature some of the photos I took at the BMX Jam in today's paper. If you live in the Central CT area, keep your eyes peeled and grab a copy or 2 for us!


2012 CE BMX Jam

The jam was pretty nuts yesterday! 30+ riders showed up and some madness ensued. Don Pavelka won the Best Trick Over the Spine with a 540 and some crazy footjam variations. Cory D. blasted a 8' table to take the High Air on the 7ft win, and Adam LZ boosted up and over 40" to claim the BunnyHop title. It was good to see some dudes roll in from out of state and watch everyone ride and have a good time! There are rumors of a Fall Jam to be held at a different park. If details emerge you know I'll have 'em for you.



Crest Tees

It's been 8 years since the initial introduction of the Crest logo, but I decided it was time to bring it back to life. I ordered some discharge printed ultra soft cotton tees with the logo huge on the front. For those of you that don't know about discharge printing, it's basically screening on the logo with a bleaching agent that pulls the pigment out of the shirt to leave the logo sorta "burned" into the fabric like bleach would. Long story short, they are kick a$$! The shirts are $15 and I'll have some for sale in person at the jam tomorrow. You can also order them online via our Facebook page. In the coming weeks numerous shops in New England will be stocking the shirts, stay tuned for details...

Trucking Over State Lines

Gotta said a huge thanks out to Vic at Circuit BMX in Pawtucket, RI and Tony Long and John Maul at Mauls Bike Shop in Halifax, Mass for taking in some TYRANT Trucker Caps. To you Circuit and Mauls locals who don't want to mail order a hat, go get one at the shop. Thanks for supporting guys, much appreciated!!


Jam Saturday

This is where you should be Saturday! Dudes from RI, Mass, and plenty of CT locals are coming out. Gonna be buck wild!!


There Goes The Sun

Steve and I hit up East Haddam tonight and I really can't believe how early it's getting dark! Damn, Summer is on it's way out. Steve decided to blast some airs well past sunset in the blackness...maniac!

Steve B&W Photos: CLICK HERE


Pipe Dreamin'

Tony Long had been texting me throughout the week about a possible early morning fullpipe mission this weekend. Driving 2.5 hours North into the wilderness to ride a cement pipe, hell...Steve and I were down! We left CT at 7:30am and arrived to the pipe around 10, a few minutes before TL and Kyle Amidon. With a few beach towels, a rock dam, and a shop broom we had the place rideable in no time. Man do I love adventures like this one!

On the way home we decided to take a 30 minute detour and head over the the jam at Sunset Ranch. The place was pretty soft and I wasn't feeling it at all, so I snapped some photos while everyone else got rad. All in all, a really fun day!

Fullpipe Photos: CLICK HERE
Trails Photos: CLICK HERE



Got some more trucker hats in! Save your lunch money and buy one, only $8.00. Keeping it real for the peeps! Hats are not available in our regular online store, but


Damn Facebook!

Once again Facebook has sucker punched the site! I've been slacking at updating things on here, but FB is up to date if you're out of the loop!


4 Man Jam

Steve and I decided to try and round up some folks for a last minute jam on Sunday. I got texts from people whining about rain, the heat & humidity, the dirt being to dirty, etc. It ended up being the 2 Steve's, Schmidt, and myself getting together to ride. We rode Squatchville for a few hours and everyone was flowing the Green Line. The trails were dialed, super hard packed, and fast as hell! It was humid and we were pounding water, but all in all it wasn't that bad in the woods. All afternoon we saw dark clouds rolling in and heard thunder, but no sign of rain. We made our way to the East Haddam Park after the trails and cruised for a bit. By that point everyone was beat from riding the dirt jumps and ready for some lake action. We headed over to cottage and spent the rest of the day chilling at the lake, grilling, and having fun. 4 man jam!

Sunday Photos: CLICK HERE


Jam Chowda is Live!

Mark your calendars, go friend them on Facebook, tell everyone you know, and get psyched for this! TYRANT is super excited to be a part of this!