Rock 'em for the Holidays!

The "Arnwine Carigans" are back in full force, just in time for the holidays! Ride in style or rock one to your Thanksgiving or Christmas dinners. 3 color options available, all sizes currently in stock!


Even More Stickage!

These 2.75" x 2.75" stickers will be here in a few weeks!



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New Die Cuts

I made the first round of new vinyl decals last night and they came out mint! There are 4 different graphics all currently available in white. In the near future there will be more colors available and a few new graphics as well. These are going to go super fast...I already have numerous requests, so contact me sooner than later if you want to get your hands on a few of these!

Thanks Ben!


More from Blah's Jam...

Justin Luong shot some dope photos at the jam on Sunday. Head over to his Flickr and take a look. Damn, I need to get a few strobes and some remotes!

Below you'll see Matty Still throwing down a nothing. It was so rad to see Matty, Aaron, and Stan make the trip down from Mass. to ride at the jam. I used to ride with those dudes a few times a week back in the old MSC and Chicopee warehouse days, but sadly those days are long gone and we rarely see one another. Fortunately, Matty's creation Team EAST has been doing well and the guys are passing through CT on a pretty regular basis to do stunt shows. Hopefully we'll see some of these guys and most of the other riders from sunday at The Wayside Trails Jam on the 7th!

Justin's Flickr: CLICK HERE


Wayside Trails Jam

These are Schmidty's Trails in Berlin, CT.

Blah's B-Day Jam

Despite the monsoon rains on Saturday, Blachura's B-Day Dirt Jump Jam still went on yesterday and was off the hook! Riders came from Mass, Rhode Island, and around CT to get rad at The Lot. I arrived at the jumps at 7:15am to pull the tarps and let the sunshine get to work drying up as much as it could by 2pm. Arnwine, Blachura, and Steve Morse showed up and slaved for a solid 3-4 hours blow torching the wet sets, slinging dirt, raking, etc. By 3pm the riders were starting to arrive and the place was pretty mint. At it's peak, the jam saw 40 or so riders & spectators gather at The Lot. People we're blasting the big line and Steve Morse and Schmidt carved out a dirt vert wall that was heavily sessioned. Thanks to everyone that came out and had a good time! A huge thanks to Steve G. and his family for letting us over-run The Lot...and of course, a Happy Birthday to Blachura (even though it isn't till Tuesday).

Rumor has it Schmidt will be having a jam at his trails on Saturday, November 7th. I'll get a flier with details posted soon so check back.

Blah's B-Day Jam Photos: CLICK HERE



Sunday's Jam

We're hoping Blachura's B-Day Dirt Jump Jam this Sunday will go off without a hitch. It's going to rain like hell tomorrow, but the plan is to tarp off as much as we can and get down there early Sunday to check things out and tidy the place up. If by some chance we need to cancel the raindate is Sunday, November 8th from 2-dark. We'll make a decision by Sunday morning and post it all over the net. Arnwine has been slaving up at The Lot getting the new line dialed and yesterday he was a beast and hauled logs to make this new gem which should be packed and dialed by Sunday...


Blachura's D-Day Jump Jam

It's on boys and girls...Blachura's B-Day Dirt Jump Jam is this Sunday from 2-dark at The Lot. It's going to rain like hell Saturday, but we're not scared...the tarps are ready to be laid out. Bryan and Dave are working to get the place mint by the weekend. It's gonna be bonkers!!! Don't forget to bring some spending, TYRANT shirts, and Belltown Skatepark T-shirts for sale!

Blachura bomb drop x-up at the last jam


Pawtucket Skatepark

T and I were in Rhode Island yesterday visiting her family and no Rhode trip is complete without a stop at Circuit BMX. I'm always super stoked to walk into Vic's shop! The place is chock full of BMX goodness and has a really chill vibe...mood lighting, music, etc. While in the area we checked out the new Pawtucket Skatepark. I was quite impressed, it's a pretty rad layout! I'm not going to lie, I almost teared up knowing I still can't ride for another 3-4 months! We'll be Rhode tripping back soon with the whole crew for an early morning session at the park and possibly a visit to Vic's trails. Be sure check to out Circuit BMX if you're in the Providence area...and be sure to bring some spending won't be disappointed!!

Pawtucket Park Photos: CLICK HERE


More CT Exposure

Props to Haven and Matty Branscombe for being pictured in the FOCUS section of the new issue of Ride BMX. The photo is a Keith Mulligan shot of a burly fuf that Matty pulled off when the bowl was still under construction last year. As always, it's great to see Connecticut getting some BMX exposure! I got a few snapshots of Matty pulling off the same fuf (seen here) but it was no where near as burly as this shot...


Tuesday Night Bikes

I planned on laying low last night cause my hand was killing me from PT, but Arnwine and Blachura talked me into taking a ride down to Haven to hang out and snap some photos. The session only had a dozen or so riders and was pretty chill. I'll admit, I was sore and lazy, so the majority of the photos were shot from one vantage point. Remember, the Save The Ta Ta's Jam is this Saturday at Haven to benefit the Susan J. Komen for the Cure Foundation.

Tuesady Night Photos: CLICK HERE


Making Progress

I can't believe it's been almost 3 weeks since my surgery! Luckily time is passing pretty quick and I'm making progress day by day. I started physical therapy this morning and my range of motion is pretty good...which is a great start! I still have 5 weeks to go in my brace, but I'm tolerating it. I swear I look like Lucas from that crazy 80's movie The Wizard. My brace is like the freakin' Nintendo Powerglove! Anyway, 3 months to go and I'll hopefully be back on the bike!


I'm not sure if anybody caught the Channel 3 News last night but apparently there is talk of turning Heaven into a legit skatepark. Of course, there was no talk of BMX, just how much skateboards frequent the park, but none the less it would be rad if a park was built right there in downtown Hartford.

Read the article and watch the news report: CLICK HERE

Arnwine flying high in Heaven


Wild Weekend

Despite being a gimp, I had a pretty rad weekend. Saturday night was the Fancy 50 Fest at the Perry's Compound and it was bonkers! Those kids on those 50's rip! Dave Blachura, Steve Gullitti, and Garrett Pyskaty were throwing down some burly tricks over the center jump. I snapped a bunch of photos, had a few sodas, and watched a bunch of madness ensue. On Sunday I met up with Dave and Bry at The Lot for a while as they cleaned up the new line a bit and rode for a while. Dave was trying 270's out of the slanted wallride and Bry came close to landing a tailwhip out of it! What an ideal Fall weekend, great weather!

Fancy 50 Fest Photos: CLICK HERE

Sunday Lot Photos: CLICK HERE

MTB, BMX, Dirt bike...Blachura gets it done in the air!


Jay's Ramp Sesh.

Arnwine and I headed over to Jay's ramp last night to meet up with a bunch of riders and skaters. I haven't been to Jay's since April, but it sounds like most Tuesday nights through the Fall/Winter there will be an evening session. The place is pretty tight seeing the ramp is in the middle of a working factory, so I only had 2 or 3 vantage points I could take photos from with my bum arm. Typically I'm crawling through all the nooks with the wide angle lens, but I just shot with the kit 18-55 lens for once. Arnwine started off the night with a bang landing his first ever tailwhip air on a quarter. Bry proceeded to land several more whips throughout the night and was attempting to learn downside whips. Schmidt was beasting it like usual...much more literally know...seeing he is rocking the shaved head and mega beard looking like the love child of Mr. T and Kimbo Slice. Schmidt blasted one of his signature grizz air outs and of course I missed the shot! Maybe next week? Ry Howard from Cutting Edge was killing the ramp on his board. That was the first time I ever really saw anybody skate the ramp fast and clean. I'm psyched that we may be at Jay's once a week from here on out. I love that place!

Jay's Ramp Photos: CLICK HERE


Digging The Lot

Bry and I headed up to The Lot last night and the place was pretty ravaged from Saturday nights torrential rains. The new line was still soaked and the flat between the 1st lander and 2nd lip of the big set had a 1 foot deep trench that eroded away....despite the fact that Bry had buried a 4" drainage pipe. Mother Nature laid down some watery whoop a$$ on us! After some patching up, filling, and packing Bry had the big set rideable and I sat and snapped some photos. Rumor is Dave Blachura's B-Day Jump Jam is Sunday, October 25th...some come ride!

Some Photos: CLICK HERE


Sausage Thumb!

So my hard cast was cut off, the post-surgery dressing removed, the ends of my stitches were cut off, the internal stitches will dissolve, and I'm now in a thumb spica brace for 6 weeks. My thumb still looks like a sausage and the underside is a rainbow of bruising colors. No complaints here though, this brace is better than a damn least I can shower now without sealing my whole lower arm in a garbage bag condom to keep it dry. The road to recovery has begun, PT starts next week. If all goes well I'll be riding in late January. This is a great moral booster because the culmination of no riding, cold weather, and T being away for 2 weeks at a time is kicking my a$$!

TNT Trails After All?

So the year is winding down, Fall is here, and I'm off the bike till 2010 some time...but it looks like the TNT Trails are still going to be built! My cousin just informed me his work schedule is slowing down and he is going to drop off his backhoe at 122 for some clearing and digging in the coming weeks. I'm pretty much useless in a cast, so I'll be navigating John through the woods and he'll be stacking some lips and landers which will be left to harden over the Winter for Spring carving and clean-up. There will be a set of 4 pretty big table tops on the far left of the woods. This will be the line that the BMX, MTB, and cyclocross bikes can go through by jumping or rolling each jump...gotta keep everyone using the trail system happy. I figure there is no better way to celebrate the end of Winter and getting back on the bike than finally have the trails up and running by early Spring. If anybody is interested in slinging some dirt, raking, etc. contact me. The more work horses, the better. Pizza and beer, soda, water on the house!

Soon to be four 5' x 10' table tops

The main sets will go here...


Fresh Dirt

Bryan and Dave have been doing some serious digging at The Lot. The guys are working on a small line complete with a satellite wallride mid-set. Rumor has it there will be a Blachura's Birthday Jam later this month and the new line will be rideable. Check back here for details in the coming weeks. I snapped a few photos with T's point-and-shoot camera...

Fresh Dirt Photos: CLICK HERE