Snow Bike Ready to Rip!

After 3 hours of ghetto fabrication involving some old skate trucks (thanks Bry!), some old Line Fly Skiboards, a 1999 Robsinson Ruckus frame and lots of miscellaneous nuts and bolts the snow bike is complete. Sure, it's not what I envisioned...but it works and is fast as hell! Let is snow!!!


Ski Time!

Nice, we got 11 inches from the blizzard and Steve and I took advantage by getting out to shred. Yesterday morning we bombed some 1/4 mile tree runs in East Hampton. There was a 6 ft. snow drift atop the hill that we were dropping in off of, pretty rad! That evening we hit up Mt. Southington for the 6-10 session and it was brutal. The wind was whipping at 25 mph, it was 15 degrees out and it felt like it was damn near zer0 out! None the less, we had a good times and got a solid 15 runs in. Psyched on the snow!


Haven in the Blizzard

Steve, Bry, and I hit up Haven in the blizzard was pretty intense getting down there and even worse getting home! For once I left my camera at home, but I did bring the Flip to capture a few clips. Enjoy.


Last Haven Before the Holiday

Last night Steve, Bry, and I hit up Haven one last time before the Holiday weekend ahead. It was good to see some faces out riding who haven't been around in a while...lots of peeps home for the Holidays.

Haven photos: CLICK HERE



It's that time of year again...when people lose their minds and go buck wild over the Holiday season. It's also that time of year that puts a hamper on riding time, cause of all the traveling, parties, family time, etc. We haven't gotten out to ride since Wednesday, but chances are we'll hit up Haven tomorrow to get in one last session before the HoliDAZE madness realy begins! On a positive note, I'm on vacation for 10 days so tons or riding to be done next week!

Took a nice solid crank arm smash to the ankle bone at Haven last week. Hurt like hell! Def not Christmas colors!


New Organic Tee - ONLINE ONLY

T sketched some cool skull artwork some time back and it's been transformed into an an earthy, 100% organic tee. The shirts feature the "Bird & Hare" artwork on the front and a TYRANT logo on the back of the neck and they are available online right now, go check 'em out...


Haven: 12/14/10

Steve and I hit up Haven tonight for a little Tuesday night action indoors out of the bone chilling temps. Steve was getting wild as usual and I ate sh1t and stopped riding after and hour and a usual! Looking forward to an injury free year at some point in my life...maybe 2011?!?!

Haven photos: CLICK HERE


Punk Rock Patches

I randomly had a request for some of the punk rock inspired TYRANT patches a few weeks ago so I've been screening a bunch. They're only $1 each, and I have 50+ in stock right now fresh off the press. Pin 'em, stitch 'em, glue 'em...whatever. Rock TYRANT on your threads!


Google Mapping Riding Spots

Google Maps just updated their database not too long ago and their satellite images are now current. Time to start scoping out potential hit and run riding spots. Check out the aerial shot of The Lot....

Middletown Park Update: Dec. 9th

'Crete is being poured! 20 yards were poured and spread yesterday with more coming in the next few days. This was shot yesterday by the builders, Who Skates. The bummer is the bowl corner is no longer being made. To quote them, "The design grew in the middle to allow a handrail and proper Pier 7 ledge and the bowled area became a curved China Bank section. We just couldn't gain enough space to do the bowl properly. Overall it's about 700 square feet bigger than the original plan." Like I've been saying all along, anything is better than nothing.


Done with Dirt

So it looks like trail riding is done for 2010. The temps have been consistently under 40 degrees and the ground is pretty frozen. I threw the pegs back on, got some hub guards, and am ready for the indoor riding season at Haven and other New England parks trying to get my grind on.


Heaven Skatepark Update

Here is the latest sketch/idea for the Heaven Skatepark in Hartford courtesy of Ben McCarthy...


TYRANT Night @ Haven

I'm looking to start the TYRANT rental at Haven again. I used to rent the place out once a month for 2 hours, but people started blowing me off and bailing on the session costing me more and more out of pocket each time. The new rental would be the last Sunday of every month from 9pm-12am, open to riders 18+, and would be a $12 admission. The goal is to have a grom free, snake free session of people out to ride their bikes and have fun during a private session. Hit me up if you're interested, I'm looking to get this rolling come 2011!

Goodbye November

December is here, where the hell has the year gone! We spent last night...the last night of November, at Haven. Typical Tuesday night session with people going off. There was an unusually high number of "snakes" at the park last night. Damn kids, learn yourselves some skatepark etiquette!

Haven photos: CLICK HERE


Newi. & Riverside Trails

Steve and I rode the Newington Park for a few hours and Ryan Staron and Chris Piascik were also there riding. Steve was throwing down his usual "thinking out of the box" tricks...peg manuals to grinds, toboggan luc-e grinds, etc. and Ryan Staron was blasting the big quarter. Ryan's a youngin' and going bigger each time he's on the bike. Must be that crazy Jake Lineberry syndrome rubbing off on him! The park was pretty infested with groms and scooter rats so Steve, Chris, and I shot over to the Riverside Trails in Cromwell for a tiny dirt jump session before dark. It was nice to get out in ride...was off the bike for a full week due to the holiday and what not. Should be hitting up Haven tomorrow night, looking forward to it!

Newi. & Riverside Trails photos: CLICK HERE


Newtown Skatepark OPEN!

It appears the Newtown Skatepark is open. Thanks to Ginger Nagy for getting me some photos while she was home for the Holiday!


Cromwell River Trails

Steve and I eyed up the old Cromwell River Trails a few weeks ago and it looked like some younger guys have kinda resurrected the place. There was a super small 4 pack with a 1 hitter at the end of it and a few other random jumps here and there. We adventured back to actually ride the place yesterday evening and made a few mods of our own to make the place a bit more fun....hope the locals don't mind. The place has a ton of potential, despite the fact it floods like hell in the Spring. I'm trying to find out who exactly is doing all the digging down there cause Steve and I want to help and get some new lines going. Anybody know the locals? E-mail me or get at me via the TYRANT Facebook link ---->

Cromwell River Trails photos: CLICK HERE


Lot: 11/21

Some of the Enfield/Fat Trax crew came down to the Lot today to film some clips for their new DVD coming out in the next few months. The place was kinda beat up, but with some shovel time it was rideable and people were boosting. After the Lot we hit up the Crompton Park for an hour or so. All in all a fun Sunday of riding bikes and having fun!

Lot photos: CLICK HERE


Haven Thursday Sesh: 11/18

Steve, Bry, and I sardined it in my car with the 3 bikes and headed down to Haven for the Thursday 6-10 session. Good times as usual! Steve was pulling out some crazy peg manual tricks and getting all techy on the coping. Bry re-discovered his tailwhip and was firing them out left and right. A sign of things to come this Winter!

Haven photos: CLICK HERE


Snow Bike

I've seen a number of variations of a snow bike and I decided I'm gonna create my own this year. There are $600 hop up kits, kids bend their forks and install inverted skate trucks as ski adapters, but I'm gonna have Dave Perry at 137 Fabrication create a custom pair of mounts and risers for me. I'm psyched, let it snow!


Snake Runnin'

Awesome time at the snake run yesterday! Enough said!!

Snake Run photos: CLICK HERE


Slow Week!

It's been a slow weak of doing nothing thanks to a sprained ankle. Hoping to get on the bike tomorrow...with the ankle taped and braced. We have a crew getting on down to the Guilford Park. Supposed to be 60...get out a ride!


Middletown Park Update: Nov. 8th

I drove by the Middletown Skatepark site this weekend and they didn't break ground. All I noticed was some flags indicating where underground electrical wires or pipes lay. With the 2.5" of snow this morning who knows what's gonna happen now? Is Old Man Winter gonna scare the builders away till the Spring?


Damp Lot Jam

So the Lot Jam went off Saturday, despite damp conditions and pretty chilly temps. It took a solid 2 hours of work in the morning to tidy up the jumps and keep the slickness down to a minimum. Sadly, Jake Lineberry took himself out early in the day on the small line dislocating his knee cap and possibly tearing meniscus and/or ligaments. Jake sees a surgeon next week :( At it's peak we had 18 riders at the jam and people were having a good time on the big line. The small line was rideable, but ended up taking out 5 more people after Jake. It wasn't the best jam by any means, but people had fun and that's what it's all about.

Jam photos: CLICK HERE


Ride Like Hell!

The cold temps are coming, gotta ride like hell to stay warm. New hoodies, long sleeves, and even some new tees are now available over at the TYRANT store.

Sh!t Talkers

I received an anonymous e-mail last night from, please read below:

"Tyrant sucks balls and so does your team. all you do is tabletops and turn downs and your shirts are shitty. i'll never ride a tyrant bike"

Awesome! I laughed so hard after reading this I nearly pissed my pants. I'm really hoping this was a joke, but if it wasn't the person who sent it is obviously a complete idiot!

1. There is no TYRANT team!
2. Who cares what tricks anybody does, ride your bike and have fun!
3. You don't like the shirts, you don't's that easy!
4. TYRANT doesn't make bikes, so you're won't ever be riding one!

Keep on hating!


Middletown Breaking Ground!

It looks like construction of the Middletown Skatepark will begin this week. Check it out: CLICK HERE

Blustery Sunday

Steve and I hit up the Guilford Park and the Cromwell Park yesterday. Guilford was a fun session, it got a bit windy, but the sun was behind the clouds which made it nice riding. That park is horrible on sunny days! The gray ramp paint reflects the sun into your eyes like laser beams! We headed North to the Cromwell Park and it was windy as all hell. We still rode it out for about an hour before calling it a day. Fall weather is in full effect!

Morse @ Guilford photos: CLICK HERE


Pimp Yo Ride!

Got some new TYRANT window decals in. They're 6" long x 1" tall, silver, and are selling for $3.50. If you're interested, give me a shout on the Facebook page.


Fit Through the Winter

Cold weather and snow are just around the corner and it's time to start thinking about staying active and fit this Winter. Sure, we'll be doing a good amount of skiing and still riding Haven a lot, but when it's 10 degrees out you still gotta get that cardio. The typical Winter workout of years past has been 24 oz. curls down at eli cannons, but this year we're focusing on getting fit for Spring. I picked up this little gem off of Craigslist for $20. If it's good for Tony Little, it's gotta be awesome...right? TYRANT Gazelle Team coming soon!


It's Just Another Lot Jam

Yes sir, another Lot jam and this one looks to be the last of the 2010 outdoor riding season and possibly the last one EVER! Plans for the Lot in 2011 are up in the air but it's very likely that the property will be sold in the Spring. I don't care what plans you have on November 6th, cancel them!


Fargo or Bust!

Schmidt hit the road today heading to his new home in Fargo. Good luck dude!


Good Luck Schmidt!

Yesterday was the Wayside Trails Jam in honor of Schmidty, he's packing up and moving to Fargo, ND on Thursday. Thanks to everyone that came out and rode, it was a really good time and a great send off for Ryan. The past 10 years have been a hell of a good time riding with Schmidt. Lots of fun memories and so many places ridden. We wish him the best of luck in the Mid-West!

Wayside Trails Jam photos: CLICK HERE


Middletown Skatpark Update

I wasn't able to attend the skatepark meeting due to work obligations, so all this info is 2nd hand from two people that did attend...

The plot of land isn't being developed solely for a skatepark, riders and skaters need to realize that. A small skatepark is being built as part of a larger public park, but there will be space for passive recreation, a garden, and potentially a small play scape for younger children. There is no possibility of changing the skatepark location because the park is being paid for by the energy company. That plot of land is the only space that they are willing to fund development of. If they don't build a skatepark there, the town won't get one at and all the money will be used to build a public garden on the plot of land. The park cannot be expanded or dug down any due to buried pipes and the bordering apartment complex. Apparently the bowl corner seen in the picture below only has 3' trannys. The park builder is working to get the town to approve them being built up to 4' which would require a little expansion of the deck space. Basically what it comes down to is beggars can't be choosers, at least M-Town will have something. The park is slated to be done by the end of November so some sessioning can take place before the snow comes.


TYRANT on Bern

Props to Dave Blachura for "officially" being recognized as a Bern Team rider! The new Bern site launched recently and a photo of Dave hucking a flip off the first hit at The Lot is featured on the MTB Team page. Good stuff!



Craig Samuels Bike Check

Craig reported in from San Fran and this is his current set-up. To be honest, I didn't even know if Craig had a BMX bike anymore cause he was ripping it on his fixie for so long. Craig asked that I stress the fact that this is a custom build, despite the fact it looks like one of the new Sunday completes. It's the real deal, hand built suckas!

Frame: Sunday! Funday Brakeless - 20" TT
Fork: Odyssey Dirt
Stem: Shadow Conspiracy
Bars: Animal Piff
Grips: Animal Edwin
Seat Clamp: Kink (hella old)
Seat/Seat Post: Eclat
Cranks: Profile
BB: Shadow Conspiracy
Sprocket: Tree 26T
Chain: Shadow Half (black)
Pedals: Odyssey Twisted
Hubs: (F) Vandero (R) Hazard Cassette
Rims: Odyssey Hazard Lite
Tires: (F) Fit 2.30 (R) Animal GLH 2.25
Pegs: (F) Kink Light (R) Animal Light

Photo by Terry B


Sending Schmidt Off!

So Schmidt is actually doing it, he's moving to f-ing Fargo! We all wish him the best of luck and we're gonna give him a send off jam this Sunday the 17th from 2-dark at his home trails. Come on out to the Wayside Trails and get rad with us! Costumes are encouraged cause it's that time of year. Last years jam here was awesome and dozens of riders showed up. Let's make this one hell of a last run for Schmidt!!

Ten Ten Ten!

Yes, it was 10/10/10 and we rode our faces off. Bry, Jake, Sean Milnes, Jay O. and I rode the Guilford Skatepark for a few hours. The park is a fun layout and the movable bench and picnic table make for great sub box and wall ride set-ups on the decks. Sean was getting rad on his fixed gear and making me it's gotta be scary pulling tricks like that fakie wallride while you're feet are in pedal straps! After the park Jay, Bry, and I headed up to the Wayside Trails in Berlin and met up with Schmidty and Mercenary Steve to do some dirt jumping. The trails were running really nice and that place is always nice...cause the soil is moist and it's woodsy and shady. We rode the main line for a bit and decided to get in a few runs down at The Lot, so we beat feet over to Middletown. All in all it was a super fun day with 5 hours of solid riding. I really needed that fresh air and on bike time after last weeks puke fest!

Ten ten ten photos: CLICK HERE



Middletown Skatepark Meeting

Click the photo to enlarge

Image courtesy of Pedal Power

Skaters Edge

I rode Skaters Edge Sunday morning with Jake and his buddy Ryan and the place was dead, like 10 people in the entire park. I threw some metal pegs on for the first time in almost 2 years and had fun hitting up the ledges and few small rails. Jake was hucking himself like usual and he and Ryan were putting the foam pit to good use trying to hone in huge tricks. Jake's day was cut short when he landed hard and snapped the guts of his alloy seat post...that was less than a day old. I'm not super fond of the street course and Skaters Edge but it was fun since I hadn't been in years. A solid Sunday morning session for sure!

Skaters Edge photos: CLICK HERE

Back Online

Sorry for the lack of posts, I was away in Rhode Island for the weekend then got sick as hell Sunday night. The past 2.5 days have been brutal battling a vicious stomach bug. Barf! I'm still super weak and running on empty so I'll be recouping the rest of the week keeping it on the DL.


Don Pavelka Bike Check

Don's been a long time supporter of TYRANT and the dude has gotten pretty damn good over the years. Here's a low down on what Don runs...

Frame: Fit Series 3.5 Aitken 20.5" Tt
Fork: Odyssey Dirt Fork
Head Set: Fsa Compact
Stem: Fit Down Low Drop
Bars: S&M Slam Bars
Grips: ODI Longnecks
Seat Clamp: Integrated
Post: Fit Pivitol
Seat: Fit Pivitol
Cranks: Profile 170mm
BB: Profile
Sprocket: Shadow Lite 25t
Chain: Shadow Half Link
Brakes: Fly Brakes, Odyssey 1x4 pads
Lever: Odyssey Mono Lever, M2 Cables
Pedals: Fit PC
Hubs: Odyssey Hazard
Rims: Proper 48h Rear, 36h Front
Tires: Fly Ruben Front, Fit FAF Rear
Pegs: Shadow Little Ones

Don wanted to send a thanks to Vic at Circuit BMX for always getting him what he needs and Nate Steere for the photo!


Thumbs Up: One Year Later

It's been a year since I blew my thumb apart and had surgery and everything is functioning pretty good. I still get a little sore if I ride for 2 or more days consecutively, but hell....most people would. Thankful I got 97% of my motion back and strength back. Thumbs up to my buddy Libby and Dr. Joyce for putting me back together again.


Sunday Late Day Lot Session: 9/26

Yesterday afternoon a handful of people got together and rode at The Lot. Hector and Cristian traveled up from the Southwest CT area to come play in the dirt, it's always good to see them. Everyone was riding well, having a good time, and enjoying the brisk Fall air. Jake hucked the biggest backflip I've ever seen go down at The Lot...that boy ain't right! I was also pretty stoked on Arnwine manualing the whole roller line and berm and T starting to jump the rollers a little. We chilled around a camp fire and got some pizzas after the session, which is always a fun way to end the day.

Sunday Lot photos: CLICK HERE

Heaven Meeting

So a meeting of the minds took place yesterday afternoon at Heaven and lot of stuff was discussed. Basically, riders and skaters have been given the park and a skatepark needs to get built at Heaven or the place is gonna be torn down and buildings will be put up. The skaters and riders have to decided on exactly how the park is going to be laid out and where the funds are going to come from. It sounds like they'll be applying for some grants and going the fund raising route as well. For more info, check out Heaven in Hartford.

Ben McCarthy's artist rendering of the park. The feedback he got was too much tranny, not enough street.


Josh LaRosa Bike Check

Josh has been riding flatland on and off for as long as I can remember. After a 6 month hiatus Josh has been back on his bike a few times a week and getting back into the swing of things. Here is Josh's ride:

Frame: '05 Fly Simple
Fork: KHE Alloy 0 Degree Offset(brakeless)
Head Set: Fly Integrated
Stem: Bizhouse Dialayser
Bars: London Queen Vic 7"
Grips: Whatever Works
Seat Clamp: Flatland Fuel
Post: Macneil Pivitol
Seat: Macneil Pivitol
Cranks: Profile Magnitanium Arms with Custom Made Bitchin Bolts
Spindle: FSA Ti
BB: Demolition Spanish
Sprocket: tTree Spline Drive 20T
Chain: Some Thin POS
Pedals: Odyssey Twisted P/C
Hubs: (F) KHE, (R) KHE Geisha Freecoaster
Rims: Sun CR-18 Chinook
Spokes: Black, Radially Laced with Black Nipples
Tires: KHE Folding Kevlar 1.75
Pegs: Sequence Grip Tape


Tony Bike Check: Sept. 2010

I guess I spurred some interest in my bike now that I threw those old school 90's GT bars on. I received several messages this week asking what I ride...and that it is huge! Here is the latest bike check:

22" MacNeil Deuce Deuce
- Odyssey CS2 Race Forks
- 36 SNAFU Irish Stout Cassette Rear Wheel - Chrome Rim
- 11T One Piece Driver
- 36 SNAFU Irish Stout Front Wheel - Black Rim
- 2.2" MAXXIS Holl Roller Tires - Front & Rear
- 1993 GT Burly Bars - 9" Rise, 29" Width
- ODI Longneck Grips
- Aminal Plastic Bar Ends
- Fit D.L.T. Stem
- Colony Internal Headset
- Odyssey Monolever (Medium)
- Kink Linear Cable
- Odyssey EVO2 Brakes w/ Odyssey 1x4 Pads
- 180mm Primo Powerbite Cranks
- Fly Spanish BB
- Fly Ruben Pedals
- 28 Tooth Shadow Crow Spocket
- Shadow Chain
- Colony Pivotal Seat
- Primo Pivotal Seatpost

Weight: 25.2 lbs

Check back over the course of the coming weeks for bike checks of all the other guys. Next week, Josh LaRosa Bike Check. I guess this is also a good opportunity to thank good peeps out there for hooking it up! Thanks to Macisco at Tony's Bikes for the frame and fork and thanks to Jay Basti for the rad old school bars!


Old School Bling

Thanks to basement ramp legend, Jay Basti, I'm now rocking some OG 1993 GT Burly Bars, in chrome no less! These things are over 17 years old, they were manufactured before Tiny TYRANT was even born, and they are mint! The wild thing is everything comes full circle and big bars are back in style. These gems are 29" wide with a 9" rise and some slight up sweep. RAD in every sense. Thanks so much Jay!



After 5 year of blogging I've hit 1,000 posts! Some of it's useful info, some of it's random babbling, it's all 100% fun! Thanks for checking out the blog folks.


No Bikes at Middlefield

It appears Middlefield has determined BMX should be banned from the park. This is what was determined:

"the size of and distance between park features is not adequate for bikes, given their greater size and speed. Therefore, the risk of collision between bikers and skaters is high. Moreover, BMX pegs will damage ordinary concrete and coping surfaces. With skateboards, the coping typically wears down the board's trucks, not the other way around."

Sounds like some bike hate BS pulled straight off the pages of Concrete Disciples to me! Anyone claiming skate trucks don't destroy concrete is just plain misinformed! After checking out the park I do agree that steel BMX pegs would kill that place, but what about PLEGS or letting in bikes with no pegs. Instead they'll uphold their ban, create a lot more tension in the skate and BMX community, and they're going to have bike vs. skater issues at the park on a regular basis. So lame in so many ways! Why can't we all just get along? The new Windsor Locks park allows bikes, Hartford is gonna allow bikes, Middletown is gonna allow bikes....what's the deal Middlefield???

Haven Halloween Jam

We'll be co-sponsoring the Halloween Jam at Haven on October 24th and kicking in some jackets and hoodies. Get on down there in costume and get rad!