Punk Rock It!

TYRANT pins will be in next week!
100 - 1" punk rock pins ready for the sticking!

Who remembers the old TYRANT porno pins from 2004?
Collectors items now!

New site!

The new TYRANT site is up at rideTYRANT.com. The site is ultra simple...no frills, no thrills...just the sh!t you want to see! Check it out!


All I have to say is keep your eyes on the Scorchers site over the next few weeks. These guys are recruitment specialists and are getting sponsors coming out of the wood work! The Grand Theft Velo 3 alley cat race is a month and change away and TYRANT has signed on as one of the 1 million event sponsors. Mark your calendars and be sure to get your a$$ down to New Haven for this event. Come race, volunteer to work a check point, or just watch...you're bound to have one hell of a good time! I say you strap on your balls and a big boy gear...you know, that Frisbee size sprocket from way back when, and come race!!!

Lots of Shirts!

Just a reminder...I have a ton of graffiti logo long sleeve shirts in stock and I'm blowing 'em out! Some plain long sleeves, some collared long sleeves, some with a chest pocket...all $10. Hit me up via the TYRANT website or the TYRANT MySpace page to get one.



DropOut BMX signed on as a jam sponsor this weekend. I heard something about them donating Cannondale shoes and cycling shorts to the jam??? Rumor has it the legendary Mike Macisco may even be making a guest appearance at the jam. Mark your calendars....

March Haven Rental

Despite a smaller turnout than usual, the Haven rental last night was a great time! It was like a homecoming for Don Pavelka...we haven't seen him since the Summer. Don was going off like he does any time he gets on his bike and it was fun to watch. The Scorchers crew came out rocking their fixies...and clown bikes...and Sean Milnes was gapping the 4 stair set which blew me away. I don't know how the hell those Velocity Deep V's held up to that drop and impact! Jamison Bazinet, photojournalist extordanaire, was helpful and let me borrow his slave set-up to get some different lighting effects. Jamison was my lighting assistant as we hustled around the park and took a few co-op shots. A huge thanks goes out to everyone for coming, and for kicking in extra cash to cover the rental fee.

Last Night's Photos: CLICK HERE


30+ Jam

Arnwine and I met up with Stampede Ben and Macisco and headed up to the "30 & Over Old Mans Jam" at Ramp Farm/Burger's Warehouse in Mass. Bry and I aren't 30 yet, but we're damn close! It was great to see the warehouse crew, many who I haven't seen in years. Time fly's when you're having fun! A huge thanks to the guys for inviting us up and letting us ride the park and let me shoot flash bulbs off in their face all afternoon. Thanks to Ben for letting us bum a ride up in the Stampede van. Good times like usual!

Today's Photos: CLICK HERE

Burger is 30, a proud new daddy, and is still killing it!

Stratford Jam

A huge thanks to the Stratford Crew for putting on a really fun jam today at their local park. Thanks to Mike for organizing the whole thing! Thanks to Ben at Stampede and Masisco at Tonys' & DropOut for donating merchandise prizes, and thanks to everyone that came out and had fun riding their bike.

A huge thanks to all of you that supported TYRANT and bought shirts, hoodies, jackets, etc. It was great to see so much interest in my stuff and have so much support. I sold out of all the Limited Edition items! I'll have to see if I can get some more of those jackets...people were stoked on them! Thank everyone!

For those of you that didn't show up today, SUCKERS...you missed out!!!

Check out the photos and be sad that you didn't come: CLICK HERE!

Don't forget to mark your calendars....


Jam Swag---UPDATE!

DAMN, just got in 3 super limited edition hooded jackets and 3 hoodies which will be selling for $25 each. These are going to be gone in a hot second! In addition, got in a bunch of long sleeve's and collared shirts which I'll be blowing out for $10! I'm not into looking pretty but if you gotta' pop your collar do it TYRANT style! Let me stress the fact that you need to bring some spending money to the jam this weekend! Such dope merch., such rock-bottom prices!!!

LIMITED EDITION Jackets & Hoodies!

Lots of long sleeves!

Jam Swag

T and I spent 4 hours at NEID Studio 122 screening shirts, jackets, hoodies, patches and bandannas for the the upcoming bmx jams. We're headed back tonight to get more work done and start on some TYRANT signs and a hand-painted vinyl banner (which may or may not be done by Saturday's jam). Lots of work done and lots more to be done! Be sure to bring some spending money this weekend, I've got lots of merch to move!

Rock TYRANT 80's style, sew these patches on anything!

Same shirt designs, new dope metallic blue ink!


Stratford Jam - THIS SATURDAY!!!

This Saturday is the Stratford Jam, so get your a$$ down there! The original forecast of rain has been changed and they are saying partly cloudy and 50 now...rad! I will have some stuff for sale so bring some extra spending cash! I'll also be donating a bunch of stuff for a Product Toss or Prizes...whatever the locals decided to do.

T-Shirts - $10
Hoodies - $20
Track Jackets

Pint Glasses
- $5

"F Ups" - $5 (shirts that got messed up during screening)
Punk Rock Style Patches - $1
(Sew 'em on anything and rock TYRANT 80's style!!!)
...and lots of FREE stickers!

Directions to the park from Central CT area:

- 91 South to 95 South
- 95 South to Exit 31
- Left at the bottom of the exit ramp onto South Ave.
- Follow South Ave. to Main Street
- Turn right on Main and follow for 1.6 miles
- Turn left into South Beach Park / Dorne Drive
- Park the car and get on your bike!


1st Saturday of Spring

T and I took a drive down to scope out the Stratford Park where next weekends jam is taking place. The park is small, but has a lot of potential and it should be a fun day. Keep your fingers crossed for good weather. Right now the weather man is saying 75% chance of rain for next Saturday! After Stratford we headed to Macisco's shop to get T a kayak and some boating accessories. Mike's shop was jamming, which is great to see! Lots of BMX kids visiting the shop and tons of other customers. While waiting for Mike I helped out hustling a few repairs up from the basement and installing a wedge post and new seat on a BMX bike flashing back to my Pedal Power days. Thanks for taking care of us Mike and staff! This afternoon I picked up Arnwine and we sessioned Newington for a few hours before heading to Clinton to meet up with the Baklik brothers. Bryan was going off at Newington manualing the box rail, pulling out downside fastplants, tailwhips, and other ninja moves. Steve B. is off to hike the Appalachian Trail for the next few months which is totally rad and he's trying to get some solid riding time in before he leaves. Don't be fooled, Steve may be rocking a huge beard these days, but it doesn't weigh him down! He was boosting Clinton's mini-ramp! Arnwine found a hurdle and decided to test his ups...and he's got 'em! The sun was shining, it wasn't too cold, and lots of fun was had! Spring is here and I'm stoked to be riding and spending time with friends!

Today's Photos: CLICK HERE


New Hats!!!

Check out the new TYRANT lids! None of that poser punk, West Coast wanna-be, flat brim, wankster sh!t here! You can take your $50 "New Error" hats and shove 'em! These FlexFIT caps are black with a white embroidered outline of the original TYRANT logo and will be available in sizes S/M and L/XL. These hats will be in stock in the next few weeks and are bound to sell fast! Get on it and contact me to pre-order yours today!

FlexFIT TYRANT Hats - $20.00

More Jam Donors!

A huge thanks to Vic at Circuit BMX, Bill & Gary at PEDAL POWER, Mike at FAT TRAX, and Ben at STAMPEDE for donating some FREE swag for the SPRING has SPRUNG jam! Click on the links and check these guys out! I'll continue to update the flyer as more donors offer to help out.


The Streets of M-Town

We rounded up a crew and rode some street in Middletown this evening. Bikes and bros wasting the night away...super fun! We made our way to Spear and the Harbor. Some guys were considering heading up to Wesleyan but we heard rumors of a bunch of guys getting chased by public safety earlier in the evening. Like I always say, stay away from Wesleyan!

Tonight's photos: CLICK HERE

Manther with a rack-pick

Spring has Sprung!

Spring officially starts tomorrow and I'm going to kick-off the riding season right with a jam next month to celebrate. Come ride bikes and have fun!

I'm waiting to hear back from a bunch more companies about "FREE Swag" donations to a huge product toss. As more companies sign on I'll update the flyer.


What Goes Up Doesn't Come Down!

Thanks to PLEGs, which I recently put on my bike, I've been doing a whole lot more grinding. Having the ability to slide aluminum, raw concrete, wood, and any other surfaces metal pegs would bind up on is opening a whole new realm of riding! All this new peg trickery has also helped me discover that I am a complete wacko! I am scared sh!tless to go down handrails, mainly cause I don't want to fall on my face again...but I've found I can go up them pretty easily? I've never been a rail guy, but I have 3 up-rails under my belt in the past 2 days. I have a few spots I want to hit up this week and with the Spring-like weather here night time street riding sessions are going to begin. Go buy some PLEGs and come ride!



Shawn Hebrank and Albie Rock are at in again collabing on some madness! Save your lunch money, collect cans, do whatever you have to do...just get to 11. For a mere $11 you can rock the hotness. Head over to Shawn or Albie's site to get one of these shirts!

Best of 2008

I decided to do a "Best of" photo series from last year since I had a ton of photos of Arnwine and "Tiny TYRANT" Brandon. Check out the "Best of 2008" sets over at the TYRANT Photo Page.

Roadtrip Anyone?

As T and I were driving around the Manchester, Vermont area while on our ski vacation last week I noticed some ramps out of the corner of my eye. I found an entrance to a town park and sure enough there before us was a pretty rad wooden park with some big ramps. One of the lines here reminded me of the Mullaly Rink set-up in NYC. There was a 6 foot quarter to drop in on which lead into 2 back to back street spines and ended into a huge bank to slant wallride. I'm thinking we need to roadtrip it 3 hours to Vermont this Summer and ride this park along with a few others on the way there. Check out the Bondville Skatepark! This is 15 minutes from the Manchester Park, but I heard they are cut throat about the "No Bikes" rule. Maybe we can sneak in an early AM session? Either way, we need to head North one weekend this Summer!

Manchester, VT Park: CLICK HERE


4 Parks in 6 Hours...solo!

Today was amazing, the ideal Spring day (even though Spring is still 6 days away!). It was in the low 50's and I rode for 6 hours traveling to 4 different parks. T was in Rhode Island for the day and Arnwine and Schmidt were busy, which left me and my bike traveling around CT for the day solo. I started out at the Bristol Park watching "Tiny TYRANT" and his friends kill it. 7 stair set 180's and 360's, free coaster madness, and I even witness a skater break his nose taking a mean digger. Somebody please explain to me how this helmetless kid only walks away with a broken nose and every time I fall on my face I lose teeth, require stitches, and get concussions...and I have my helmet on! That ain't right! The man, the myth, the legend, "The Hammer" showed up to skate the bowl and was killing it. He has a wife, 2 dogs, and a new home, but the dude finds time to skate...priorities! I made a quick exit from Bristol as droves of kids flocked to the park between 1-2pm. I hit up Newington, Wethersfield, and the Cromwell Park, each for an hour and then headed home. My whole body hurts, my left knee is the size of a grapefruit, and I have a vicious blister on my right pinkie. Damn I love riding!

Today's Photos: CLICK HERE

Reed Zacharias boosting the hump at Wethersfield


More Decals

More vinyl window decals are in, this time rocking the old school font like I had on the back of the Chee years back. If you want one of these 12" decals for your vehicle contact me...and I'll install if for you! These are white all weather vinyl decals with an outdoor life of 5+ years. That's 5+ years of showing some TYRANT love. Get on it!


Tiny TYRANT's Compund

Arnwine and I headed over to Tiny TYRANT's place today to ride his backyard set-up. Lots of people showed up, nobody got hurt, and everyone had a great time. Those kids are getting so good...I felt like an old man! A huge thanks to the Begin's for having us over and a special thanks to Pops for building us a plexiglass wallride and treating us to pizza for lunch. THANK YOU, WE APPRECIATE IT! I'm signing off for a few days, headed up to Stratton with T for some skiing action and relaxation. Talk to everyone late in the week when we return.

Check out today's Photos: CLICK HERE


Stratford Jam update...

I just got word from Mike C. of the CT Pedal Mulisha that the Stratford Town Council is supporting the jam which should make for a fun, hassle free day. For all of us that are not Stratford town residents, YOU NEED TO FILL OUT A WAIVER. In addition the city asked that we follow a few basic rules, they're all common sense...respect one another and the park! NO FIGHTING, NO SWEARING, NO STEALING, NO ALCOHOL, NO DRINKS ON THE RAMPS, OBEY ALL STAFF MEMBERS, NO LITTERING (TYRANT will be supplying trash bags!) and HELMETS MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES!

If you're going to start sh!t about the helmet rule, STAY HOME! Mikey Aitken almost died because he didn't have a helmet on.



Stratford Jam

I was contacted by some of the Local BMX Crew and asked if I'd like help support a jam at the Stratford Skatepark on Saturday, March 28th from 11 am till dark. Mark your calendars! I'm gathering up some troops and hoping to have a few car loads leaving from Pedal Power around 10am that Saturday morning, come join us and follow the caravan down. The park is one of those metal set-ups but it looks pretty fun and I'm always down to ride new places with new faces.

NOTE: This is Stratford, down past Bridgeport, not Stafford up by UCONN!



We rode the Bristol Skatepark for 5 hours yesterday and it was a really fun time. My right hand almost froze and fell off while shooting photos, but other than that it was a great day.

Bristol Photos: CLICK HERE

Matt Barchus with a big icepick