Driveway Jam

So I have been off the bike for 2 weeks now and I'm totally going through withdrawals!!! I picked Arnwine up today to head down to the Driveway Jam in Higganum at Manther's place. If I can't ride, I'd at least like to be shooting film and immersed in the BMX atmosphere...which I was today. Good times! Check out the few photos by CLICKING HERE.

Schmidt table


Doping in BMX?

No lie, a BMX racer has been caught for doping. Check out the article HERE.
Has anybody tested Kevin Robinson for roids? The dudes a monster!

With all that said, check out DEATH2DOPERS.COM, and anti-doping campaign I started last year. Shirts are available, $10 each.


Out of Comission

So I took a digger at the East Hampton Skatepark Funraiser on Saturday and knocked my self out of commission for 3-5 weeks with some stitches, a fracture, some road rash, and a seriously bruised ego! Why is it that the stupid little crashes always results in the worst injuries. With that said, I'll be doing a lot of self reflection, photo shooting, and artwork over the course of the next month I'll be off the bike. I can't begin to tell you how much this hurts. No, not the physical hurt...the mental hurt. I've been training my a$$ for cross season and CrossVegas and now there is a chance I may not be racing at all out at Interbike. This coming Sunday's first cross race of the season is surely a no go for me, but I'm going hitch a ride with Lolli and be sag support, fan club, photojournalist. All wounds heal in due time, but I have no patience!!! :(

6 stitches needed to close the crater


Where you at?!?!

No I haven't been at the skatepark lately, I'm becoming good friends with Mother Nature. Cross season starts next weekend, gotta get it done!

2 Day Jam!!!

The East Hampton Skatepark Committee is putting on their 2nd Annual Fundraising Jam and its bound to be off the hook! Those of you who came last year know it was a great success and riders were going off! I will only be able to attend on Saturday from 10-2ish, but the jam will be going on Saturday and Sunday most of the day. TYRANT will be kicking in some shirts and other merch. as prizes, so come shred! Check out the flyer below for details...

(click to enlarge)


Some News...

So here is the latest...

I haven't ridden my BMX bike in almost 2 weeks...been hammering out the miles on the cross & road bikes getting ready for CrossVegas next month. I think I'm going to ride Haven tomorrow night, anybody in?

"Tiny TYRANT" Brandon Begin is at Woodward this week. I'm scared to see what wacky tricks the kid is going to come home with this year.

Jason Patrician will be joining us for 4 days out at Interbike. Jason is coming out to check out the CrossVegas race, shoot some film, check out Interbike, and raise hell on the Vegas strip with the rest of us!

How many days in a row can we have "scatered thunderstorms". Mother Nature is being a bitch this Summer and its starting to put a damper on my riding schedule!

That's it...go ride!


So apparently some kids got nabbed riding at Wesleyan a few days ago and took some serious heat from public safety and the Middletown PD. Rumor has it the kids narc'd on everyone that rides at Wesleyan and apparently I am one of those people. HA HA HA, I'm not that dumb my friends, I haven't ridden up there since I moved out of Middletown years ago! I'm told the kid was blabbing about TYRANT a bunch and all the "TYRANT riders" that ride at Wesleyan. WTF? Get your facts straight kiddies, or keep your mouths shut! You can talk about TYRANT all you want if your spitting the truth...if you're throwing us into the fire for no reason we're going to have issues! Take a look at all the street riding photos and videos I've posted from Middletown over the years, you only see a single clip from Wesleyan and that was the night we got spoken to back in 2006! Haven't ridden there since! I can take a hint. It's trespassing, and I don't need the headaches!


Cross Vegas!

It's official, Lolli and I are registered for the Cross Vegas 2008 "Wheelers & Dealers" Race. We'll both be repping Pedal Power, in what looks to be one hell of a 100 rider cross race!. With D. Whip wrenching on our bikes, Digger Davis as our 1 man fan club, a rental van, and Dale's Pale Ale sponsoring the event it's going to be insane! I am so psyched!!!

West Siiiiiide!

Congrats to Craig Samels and his San Fran. fixed crew for winning a video contest put on by Chrome. I posted the video on here a few months back when Craig sent it my way and now its getting crazy views. Note the beginning of the video, a headless rider chilling on his bike for a few seconds, that's Lolli when he was in San Fran. earlier this year. Click on the click on the link and check out the video. Supa' fly!