Kink @ Haven

Some of the Kink team showed up to Haven Skatepark last night to ride the BMX session. Arnwine and I headed down to ride and check out the madness. Lots of people going off...what else is new. Bry looked comfy on his new bike and I was so psyched on my new ride. So long, so tall, super comfortable. It's nice to feel at home on my bike again! It was great to see Don Pavelka, Ben Church, Matty Branscombe, and a bunch of other BMX friends I don't get to see on a regular basis. Good times for sure! Aftwer leaving Haven at midnight, Bry and I drove all the way up to Hartford and rode street till almost 2 AM. Gotta love late nights on the bike! Head over to TYRANT's Flickr to check out a bunch of photos!

Don Pavelka tailwhipping the box jump lip


Middletown in May

Lolli and I headed out to ride around M-Town tonight and let me tell you, it was like a ghost town. Eerily quiet, no crackheads at Spear Park, and no hassle from the cops. Matt was tearing it up on his fixed gear and I was getting used to my new BMX set up. Gotta' love 65 degree night time street sessions. The warm season is here! There are a handful of photos over at TYRANT's Flickr. Go check 'em out!

Lolli with a fixed tire grab

New ride, old one up for grabs!

So I built up my new ride last night, a 21" S & M LTF courtesy of Greg from Ramp Farm and Mike at Fat Trax...thanks guys. I set up the new ride very tall and long, cause I'm lanky and I was way too cooped up on my Deployer for the last year. Can't wait to ride this weekend!!!

With that said, I really need to get rid of my FBM Deployer ASAP.
Here is the low down:

- Limited Edition Silverback color (Only 18 made!!!)
- Great condition! Must see!
- Inverted brake mounts
- Includes FREE integrated headset (and a TYRANT T-shirt)


Hit me up via if you are interested!


Winthrop SK8 Park

I was in Winthrop, Mass. for the Memorial Day weekend with T and we rode the new skatepark in town. It's and ARC Park (slick metal ramps), but if had some fun lines. Any weekend with sunny days, warm temps, and riding involved is great!


Craig Samuels Gets Fixed!

So Craig has been killing it on his fixed gear out in San Fran. Check out the full cab toward the end of the video. Representing TYRANT on the West Side! Check out the video HERE!


T & T Trails: A Work in Progress

So T and I worked at the house for 7 hours today on everyday yardwork and of course, the trails! Not only are we going to have 3 lines of BMX jumps, we cleared and raked a 1/2 mile of clean singletrack/cyclocross trail today...AMAZING...all on our land! By the end of the Summer our yard is going to be amazing!

Gotta' love the Wang Tree!

Short video to come in the next day or so. Check back soon!


New Rides!

So a few of us stepping it up and building up new rides. Bryan Arnwine just got his hands on a raw 20.6" Fly Campillo frame thanks to Vic at Circuit BMX. Bryan just bought the raw Fly Tierra forks last week so this bike is going to look super hot and be really light! I'll have some photos posted early next week. I'm looking at a 21.25" raw We The People Lo-Fi. Before I can grab the new frame I have to be sure that I have an even trade/ or buyer for my LE Silverback 20.75" FBM Deployer. Hit me up via if you are interested in my frame package below.

(Frame, Shadow Seat Post Clamp, Sealed Magnesium Odyssey Cielinski Pedals, and a 29T Titanium Profile Imperial Sprocket)


Local Exposure Tour

Head over to The Banquet Action Sports Digital Network and check out the videos from the Local Exposure Tour at Haven Skatepark, Skater Edge, and Burgers Warehouse. Don Pavelka and Jake Lineberry were both repping TYRANT and both have clips in the videos. Checka, check it out!


"Gently falling like snow"

T, Arnwine, Schmidt and I took advantage of the great weather and rode Newington today. Arnwine was on a mission and I captured some of it on film. Bry fufanued the red sub-rail for the first time ever today which we were all stoked on. Bry also had the quote of the day when he said "I was gently falling like snow coming in from that fuf". What exactly does that mean? we don't know, but its funny as all hell! Good times like usual. Check out the photos over at TYRANT's Photos.

Oh yeah, Happy Mother's Day to all your moms out there!...especially all you MILFs!

Arnwine on a mission


Dig it!

So I finally got outside to play today after being sick as a dog with a fever and harsh cold for almost a week. I woke today feeling pretty good, although I was still super stuffy. After 2 hours or yard work at T's place I dug for an hour and got the 1st jump of the trails piled up. I'm going to try and drive back to the house tomorrow morning and rake, pack, and sculpt the lip, as well as remove that stump that's right in the way of the jump. I'm psyched! despite the fact there is tons more work to be done before anything will be ridable. All in due time!


T & T Trails

So after much anticipation, I've started working on the new trails. These aren't going to be the next Posh or Nam (if you don't know what those are do some damn research!), but they'll be fun. I'm planning out a small 10 pack, a large 6 pack, a rollers section, a dirt bank to wallride (like at Baker's Acres) and a few rad berms thrown in. The jump lines and rollers are all on a gradual downhill, so expect little to no pedaling! This is going to take a lot of time and effort, but I am cheating a little by having my cousin bring in his Kabota tractor to get dirt mounds piled up and packed so I can start sculpting out the transitions. Before any building occurs I have a lot of brush to clear and a few trees to take down. I'm determined to have everything 100% complete and dialed by late Fall. No worries about getting this place plowed or outsiders ruining stuff, the trails are on T's land and its private property. SICK!

Big 6 pack coming soon


FIT at Haven: Part 2

WOW! Last night was ridiculous! Everybody was going big, especially Mike Aitken and Brian Foster. It was a very late night/early morning...I didn't get home till 2 am, but it was totally worth it. Check out the photos over at FIT @ Haven.

Mike Aitken with a table

Mike Aitken & Brian Foster


FIT in Town

If you are around tonight head down to The Haven Skatepark and check out some of the FIT Bike Co. team. The guys are on an East Coast Tour and they're stopping by the park tonight to shred the 6-10pm BMX session. Should be a good old time!

Mike Aitken is going to kill Haven!

Photo courtesy of

Doing it for the Cause!

T recently accepted the challenge of cycling in the American Diabetes Association's Tour de Cure fund-raising event. The Tour is a series of cycling events held in 80 cities nationwide. The Tour is a ride, not a race; it features different route lengths and I have chosen to ride the 100k (62 mile) ride. I have joined thousands of others to pedal in support of the association's mission: to prevent and cure diabetes and to improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes. I will be cycling with Team Pedal Power.

If you would like to help me and help cure diabetes please click here.

It's a damn good cause! Take some of the money you were going to spend on some bike parts, video games, new music, beer, etc. and make a small donation today!

Thank you everyone for your support!