Steve @ Wethersfield

Steve threw up another quick self- edit, this time from Wethersfield Skatepark. Loving that 60/40 stall!

some clips at wethersfield park. from steve morse on Vimeo.


Belltown Fun Box

We got 3/4 of the fun box done at the Belltown Park tonight. All we have to do is add the stair set on the back side and a hubba ledge. We'll be building again Wednesday, May 5th from 5-9, come lend a helping hand!

After building last night, around 9:30, Steve and Tristan Bush sessioned the park for a bit and I snapped a few photos. Check them out: CLICK HERE


All City, Elm City

Sean Milnes is rocking a new ride, an All City DropOut. Check it...

Steve @ EH

Steve shot some video of himself riding the Belltown Skatepark using his point and shoot camera. Pretty rad!

rideing EA park from steve morse on Vimeo.


Belltown Update

Steve worked his a$$ off solo for 2 hours getting the trannies and all the boards cut for two 5' quarters. The rest of the crew showed up after school and work and got building. T was cool enough to cut her work day short and come help hold some boards and sink some screws. Her and I started framing out the deck of the fun box, which will get completed next week. The last screw was sunk around 9pm and the new quarters look mint! The park is coming along nicely, so psyched for the Summer sessions under the lights! Remember, you can always check the Belltown Blog for updates.


Oh Snap!

Tiny TYRANT has been going off lately and this is the outcome...

Looks like those 3 lb. tin foil Jap made frames don't like 10 stair drops to flat! ;)


It's 420 and Albie Rock said it best: CLICK HERE!


Run and Hide!

...cause Tiny TYRANT got his learners permit and is on the a car!

EH Skatepark Update

Thanks to some serious hard work from Steve Morse and the Skatepark Committee crew we got the grind box re-relayed with 3/4" plywood so it's rock solid and got a street spine built. We'll be working at the park a few nights next week getting more done...and the lights are on till 10!!


Building Ramps Tonight

East Hampton Skatepark - 5 till dark - Come lend a hand!

So 1985!

Check it out...a photo from 25 years ago and I look like a modern day BMX scenester! Moppy hair, skin tight jeans, big bars, colored rims and no helmet. You damn kids got nothing on 1985!


Fairfield a BUST!

Heads up to anybody heading down to Fairfield to try and ride the new cement park, it's a total bust! Cops aren't even giving warnings, just handing trespassing tickets out straight up! Fighting a ticket and having to go to court for riding your bike is such BS!!



Highbridge NYC Park on hold!

So it appears the plans to build a new NYC skatepark at Highbridge are put on hold due to budget BS. This is a drag, because this skate plaza style park looks like it has some original obstacles and it is going to be a bike friendly park. Fingers crossed, they get the ball rolling on this sooner than later!

Read the full story here: CLICK HERE


Cora G. Ripping It!

The future of TYRANT BMX is here! Cora getting rad on her Trikester. This girl will be ripping up the BMX track in no time! Your TYRANT sponsorship package is in the mail! ;)

Jam at Bristol Saturday

I'll be in Boston all weekend, but if you are around Saturday head over to Rockwell Park in Bristol to check this event out. Tiny TYRANT will be one of the guys riding on the team going against Eastern, should be a good time!


Street Jam

Apparently Vic from Hartford is looking to get an all day/night street session going on April 21, from Noon-dark. It looks like they are meeting at Heaven around noon and heading out around Hartford from there. Most of us have work or school, so I doubt we'll be in attendance, but if you have the day off and want to ride contact Vic by CLICK HERE.


Steve Went West

Steve Morse headed out to Ray's MTB Park with a bunch of fellow Connecticut BMX riders a few weekends ago. Check out the rad photo below shot by Justin Luong. Also, check out the video below shot by Matt Horak.

Rays MTB from Matt Horak on Vimeo.


New Adventures

I spent yesterday evening at Pedal Power putting together my mountain bike. I traded the my XC frame and am on a Kona Five-O now. I didn't get the whole build complete, but with Todd's help I got a ton done. I'm looking forward to riding Mesh and Highland this year, along with my local favorites like Hurd Park and the Salmon River State Forest. Happy trails!

Belltown Skatepark Build Day

The first build day of 2010 for the Belltown Skatepark will be Saturday, April 17th from 9am till dark...or the wood runs out! Please come down, bring some tools if you own any, and help us get the park going!

Sears Park
68 North Main Street
East Hampton, CT