Willi/Hebron Halloween

Steve and I met up with Mike B. and Bryan and hit up the Willimantic Park mid-day. I was expecting the place to be all wet and covered in leaves and branches from the storm, but I was dead wrong, the park was mint. We had a fun session and Bry threw down a man-sized abubaca 90's DMC style. Mike landed a clean truck over one of the hips, good stuff. On the way home we stopped at the Hebron Park and just when I thought everyone was tired, Mike and Bryan start firing out sub box tricks on the huge wedge's safety rail. Dudes ain't right! the drop on the backside is a solid 12'! It was good to get out and ride with the guys and enjoy the nice weather after all the rain we've had from Sandy. Looking forward to binge eating some candy tonight. Happy Halloween!

Willi/Hebron Photos: CLICK HERE

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