Hebron Lives!

After 10 years of being supervised, charging admission, and not allowing bikes the Hebron Skatepark is now open to the public...well kinda. The rules sheets posted all over the park say it's for town resident use only and no bikes or scooters are allowed. Kinda BS when 95% of the parks in New England are allowing bikes, boards, blades, scooters, etc. Why discriminate?!?  Well it's not like it stopped us, Steve and I rode the place for 3 hours and it was great to get on those ramps again. We used to jump the fence 10 years ago, I don't miss those days! Aside from some slick spots on the skatelite and a ton of exposed nails and popping screws, the park is an awesome set-up...and only 15 minutes from home! Sure enough, a state cop finally did show up at dusk but he was super cool and just asked that we pick up any trash that may be ours as the park was littered with bottles, candy wrappers, and energy drink cans. Successful session!

Hebron Photos: CLICK HERE

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