More love for TYRANT!

I caught word from Hebrank that Pixie from L.A. Ink would be stopping by Identity Tattoo this week. I sent a bunch of shirts out to the guys at the shop back in the Fall and apparently Todd sent one of my ladies tops to Pixie, who is an old friend of his. Anyway, long story short the guys at Identity sent a few photos my way of Pixie repping TYRANT. Very cool of them to shoot some photos and even cooler that she took the time to pose for them. Nice to see our little East Coast outfit getting a little love from a West Coast gal. Thanks guys, thanks Pixie! Much appreciated!

Hebrank also put up a post on this topic, go check it out HERE.


So T crashed pretty hard jumping the spine at the Haven Park last Thursday. After 3 days of being in agony she bit the bullet and went to the doctor for some x-rays. The results are due in today, there's a possibility T may have fractured her pelvis or coccyx (tailbone)....OUCH! Let's hope all is well and she's back on the bike soon!


New Shirt!

In honor of our new web address Shawn Hebrank created this bad a$$ new shirt. I'll be screening this week and shirts should be available on the TYRANT MySpace page February 1st. Look for me at the Haven Skatepark next week, I'll have the shirts with me for sale, only $10!

*Note: Shirts will not be available in white as shown



**Note: This is a private skatepark rental and birthday jam for Don. This event is not open to the public! This ad is a re-invite for all those who were supposed to attend the jam this weekend that has been rescheduled for the 17th. Thanks for understanding**

Wednesday is up....kinda

Starting tonight at Midnight will have some temporary links up. You'll be able to access "Photos" and "The TYRANT Blog" till the new site launches next month. Get on the site tomorrow and check out the rad photos taken at the Haven Skatepark over the course of the past few months!!!

Thanks for the support!

Thanks to Jason for getting the site in semi-working order!

Haven was dead last night!

Arnwine and I headed down to Haven to ride the Tuesday night BMX session and it was dead, 9 riders! We had the whole park to ourselves and lots of rad stuff was going down. Tom Burke was going off, check out the photos at TYRANT's Photos.

"Burke Did It First" - Huge Fuf 5 mins after Rick built the rail!



You know him cause he terrorizes the streets of Connecticut on his track bike...
You know him cause he terrorizes the New England Cyclocross scene on his POS Single Speed always dressed to impress...
You know him cause he reps Ghostship Clothing all over the country...
You know him cause he slaves the sales floor at Pedal Power Bike Shop...
You know him cause he plays guitar in the band CBYD...
You know him cause he's the Gentle Giant 6' 5" Lurch, you can't miss him!!!

Did you know...



Late Night @ Haven

Last night T and I went to the Haevn Skatepark and it was pretty nuts! Some of the guys from Staff BMX and The Hell on Wheels BMX Stunt Show came up from New Jersey and were killing the park. This one maniac was 360ing the box higher than anybody ever has...the kid was a good 12-15 feet in the air and he also flaired the big quarter at least 7 feet out! It was burly! Like usualy I was there with camrea in hand. Check out last night's photos at TYRANT's Photos

...and don't forget to spread the word, new site in the works:

Drop Out's Tom Burke tailwhipping the door gap


Midwest Identity!

The guys out at Identity Tattoo are holding it down in the Midwest. TYRANT's spreading across the country like a virus thanks to Shawn. Hey your money, buy a plane ticket, and go get tattooed by the guys at Identity....tell them TYRANT sent you!

Thanks guys! Kick A$$!

Todd showing some TYRANT love


RIP! is no longer! is coming soon!

Our 5 year hosting contract is over and we're switching up the site. I've had tons of hits over the years and appreciate everyone checking out the site.


London calling!

So T was overseas on business again and decided to spread some more TYRANT love, this time in London. I checked my site manager today and have had 6 hits from the UK in the past week. Pretty random, pretty cool!

TYRANT just before being stuck outside Big Ben

TYRANT on the fence outside the Parliament


Crazy Haven Session!

Last night's session at the Haven Skatepark was totally nuts! I witnessed some bodies getting hucked across huge gaps and people risking serious injury to pull some burly stuff. Check out the few photos I shot over at TYRANT's Photos.

Keon...the 1st of 3 guys to pull this "bomb drop"


RIP Spear Park 2008

So the rumors are true, the City of Middletown is moving forward with tearing down Spear Park this Spring/Summer. Spear Park has become a legendary Central Connecticut riding/skating spot over the past 10 years having been sessioned by several pros and featured in a few videos. Sadly, the cities crack heads, drug dealers, drunks, and bums also like to call Spear Park home because its park benches and tables are hidden behind brick walls and trees out of sight from the law. I couldn't tell you the amount of times we've rolled up to ride Spear at night and found some wack job passed out in the bushes! I realize years of kids waxing and grinding the ledges has done damage to the park, but I assure you that is not the reason the park is being torn down! It's the shady shiat that goes on there in the wee hours of the morning! For the time being, the town has done some major pruning to make the park easier to see into from all sides when cop cruisers pass by. To our benefit, the removal of several low branches has opened up a few ledges that were overgrown. I'm making an effort to find out when "D-Day" is going to be, but you can be sure there are going to be a few heavy sessions at Spear before that place gets demolished.

Jake Lineberry Feeble Grind to 360 at Spear