A Belated Happy Holidays!

Sorry for the lack of updates, Happy Holidays message, etc. I got hit with a nasty case of food poisoning on Christmas...of all days! Brutal is the only way I can explain it! Needless to say, I have been laid up since Monday, finally took down some real food again today and getting some strength back. Hoping to be back on the bike by the weekend.

Hope everyone had a nice Holiday! Have a happy, healthy New Year! I'm psyched for 2012, July will be the 10 Year Anniversary of TYRANT...damn time has flown by! I have a lot of things planned, hoping to make the majority of them a reality. Thanks for all the support this year, especially all of you who have made the online store a success ordering shirts and hoodies. Onward to 2012!


Finally Riding Willi!

After months of waiting we finally got some riding in at Willimantic....thought it didn't come without some work! Bry and I hit up the park Thursday morning and it was pretty wet. We swept the place for a solid hour until it was rideable. We got a pretty solid session in before the place got too crowded and we hit the road. Thursday night it rained like hell, but Friday morning Steve and I went back with a broom and leaf blower to conquer the water. We spent an hour and a half or so drying the place out before getting on the bikes. Friday ended up being a great session. We had the place to ourselves for 2 hours before 5 others showed up. It stayed that dead until we were beat and took off around 2. The park is really good, all kinds of lines. This is def the new "go to" park!

Willimantic Photos: CLICK HERE


Slowin' Down

Sadly, the riding has begun to slow down due to the cold. Sorry for the lack of updates. Hit up our FACEBOOK PAGE for day to day updates, photos, and other random BS. Winter arrives Thursday at 12:30am, ouch!


Guilford: 12/17/11

No photos, just a lot of riding. We had a crew of 5 guys getting rad at Guilford. Good times for sure!


Back to the Streets

With Haven gone, no other local indoor parks, and it dark by 4:40 we're heading back to the streets. Gotta get some riding in before the snow comes. Steve, Mike B., and I put in a few hours of pedaling last night since Tuesday night Jay's Ramp was cancelled. We had a good time hitting up all the usual M-Town spots and 35ยบ wasn't all that bad to ride in. I had planned to put a grind box and kicker for wall rides in the P1ss Tunnel, but the town is still locking it up. Lame!


Willimantic Bust!

I was out the door into 28 degree temps to go ride the new Willimantic Skatepark bright and early Tuesday. I arrived at the park around 9 and there were dirt piles everywhere along with a backhoe and some dump trucks. I thought nothing of the guys working and went to grab my bike. No sooner than my tires touched the ground I get hollered at by one of the dump truck operators. I made my way over to hear him out and wasn't psyched to hear, "Parks closed until Spring. Can't ride here." Awesome! So I dragged myself out of bed and braved the frost to get shut out...what a drag! Fortunately, the Fat Trax guys I was supposed to meet up with still had motivation and upon calling them they said we should make our way to the Dayville Park. It ended up being a fun,brisk session after all. Once the sun was high in the sky the 30 degree temps weren't that bad. Hello Winter!

Willimantic Photos: CLICK HERE


Jay's Ramp: 12/6

Another Tuesday at Jay's ramp. I rode a bunch last night, this is all I have to show for the session...


Jingle Jam

We had big plans to get rad at the Southwick Trails yesterday, but Jack Frost almost iced us over! When our 9 man crew arrived at the trails at 11:30am the place was frosted and sloppy. Thanks to some grunt work and a quick run to Ocean State Job Lot for brooms, the place was running in an hour or so. It ended up being a great day, 26 riders showed up and gave it hell one last time before the Winter sets in. Good times everyone, thanks for making it out and thanks to the young locals for dealing with us once again over running the place.

Southwick Photos: CLICK HERE


Guilford in December

We had a late day session at Guilford yesterday, the first time I've ever ridden that park in December in the 8 years it's been open! Usually we're dealing with bitter cold temps and crap weather by now!! Anyway, met some new peeps, pulled some old tricks on the new bike, and had a great time. Love it while it lasts, the snow is coming!

Guilford Photos: CLICK HERE