Josie's Jam Photos

Josie Thrift made an appearance at the Cutting Edge Dirt Jump Jam on Sunday and took some awesome photos! Go check out the shots and scope out her other work, so rad!!



Steve Style

Steve Morse always has some sort of wacky trick he's pulling out. If it's not something original or something old school it's a combination of both. Justin Luong captured this great shot of Steve stalling a 60/40 at Wethersfield earlier this month. So rad!

Chad Allen's Trails

I got a chance to finally check out Chad Allen's trails last night and they're super fun. Nothing too huge...nothing that and fast downhill! If you don't know who Chad is he's on the Cutting Edge team and is getting flow from Transition Bikes. Oh yeah, did I mention he's 15 and nasty! The fact that the trails are only 12 minutes from my house makes the chances of me getting back there often very likely. Thanks for having me dude...and hucking yourself for some photos.

Chad's Trails photos: CLICK HERE

Intentional tree buzz at height!


Greenside Skatepark

Greenside Skatepark, a super rad new indoor park opened up in Middletown, Rhode Island a few miles from where the epic old Skaters Island was. Rumor has it as of right now bikes are not permitted, but a "BMX test night" is taking place on August 3rd from 6-9. I'm told they plan on deciding if bmx sessions are going to be worth it based on the turnout and how the riders treat the park. They may have a few sessions a week, 1 session a week, or none. So get your a$$ in your car and get over to Greenside on the 3rd.

I'll just be getting back from a wedding in Atlantic City so I won't be making the 2 hour trip over...but somebody get there are rep CT!

Cutting Edge Jam

Despite some passing afternoon rains, yesterdays Cutting Edge Jam went off without a hitch and people were getting wild! A crew of us got there around noon to get the place fine tuned and we were roasting in the mid-day sun and heat. By the time the jam started around 4 the Lot was running pretty mint but the rains were slowly starting. I'm sure some people got scared away, but 25+ riders showed up and were giving it hell in the rain for over an hour. Once the rain stopped the sun cracked and the temps dropped making it an ideal end to the day. The jumps were tacky and dust free as a result of the rain and riding conditions were nice. All in all, it was a super fun day of riding. Hopefully this jam won't be the last at the Lot!

Cutting Edge Jam photos: CLICK HERE


RIP Rutland

We were talking the other day about parks we used to ride 5-10 years ago. So many of the good old parks have long since been shut down but a lot still remain and new ones are popping up here and there. I brought up the Rutland Park, a place we drove up to a few times a Summer for several years. I was planning a trip up in the next few weeks, we haven't been there since like 2006. Sadly today I found out the Rutland, Mass park was demolished in late 2007. Damn, I had no idea! That park was a super fun set-up. I loved that 6' mini ramp with 6' spine burly! I have fond memories of the day we squeezed 5 people into my Carolla and had 5 bikes illegally rigged on the roof heading North to Rutty and Macisco was a spazz the whole way there...all 1.5 hours! :) Such a drag it's gone! RIP Rutland.

More info: CLICK HERE

CT Shoreline Crew Edit

CT getting some more love on ESPN's BMX blog. Good stuff guys!


Tiny TYRANT on

Scope out this video...Tiny TYRANT has a few clips in it. He's running the white bars and red wheels. Good stuff!

Mass. and Back

Saturday Steve and I headed up to Mass. to hit up Chris T's backyard 4 pack and rope swing into the river. The trails were dialed in and Chris was manning the hose keeping 'em moist and dust free all day long. Zack Holmes showed up, haven't ridden with him since the old MSC days, so it was great to see an old face....especially one still riding! We sessioned the jumps for a bit and then retreated to the river for some rope swing action. To our surprise...the rope swing was laying on the beach snapped...the handy work of a neighbor who wasn't supposed to be on the swing! We spent the afternoon hanging out and did some swimming using an 8 foots step ladder to jump off of...ghetto style! Good times for sure. Thanks for having us up Chris. See you after your 2 weeks at "Summer Camp". I hope you backed that fan.

We beat feet around 4:30 so Steve could get back to CT by 6, but mid-way home he got a call saying his plans were pushed to 9. Hell, more time=more riding. We hit up the Wayside Trails for a bit, but it was a short lived visit cause the place was bone dry and super pitted from the heavy rains last week. We packed up and made our way over to the Falcon BMX track and were blown away when we arrived. The track is in the process on being rebuilt and the 1st straight was done...with one hell of a pro double! Apparently we arrived about 2 hours after they had built the new jumps so we got some fresh, rut free runs on them...and they're smooth! We rode it out for about an hour and scooted home as darkness was falling. We capped off the night chilling at Steve's drinking some sodas around the fire. One hell of a Saturday BMX riding!

Mass and back photos: CLICK HERE
Chris T's Mass. Photos: CLICK HERE


The Chee needs a home!!!


So Bob got a new car and The General Chee needs a new home! Here is the lowdown:

- 266,000 miles
- Small home in exhaust
- 1 bad strut
- No stereo
- Check engine light won't turn off
- Due for emissions testing!

I'd love to see it stay on the road with a little TLC and handy wrench work! Contact me if interested!!!


Cutting Edge Jam

This is it boys and girls, the jam you've been waiting for! Cutting Edge is sponsoring this one and it is gonna be off the hook! Ryan Howard will be grilling, we'll be riding, the music will be blaring, and it's gonna be one hell of a good time. Lots of FREE SWAG from various BMX & MTB companies! If you don't know the location, it's your loss! Do some research, get in the know! Hope to see some familiar faces there!!

Building Jumps, When We Needed an Ark!

Yesterday afternoon was pretty insane! Bry and I were about to go help dig a P. Krol's house on his new dirt line and pump track but torrential downpours delayed their progress...until later in the day. Bry and I threw on some ponchos and headed to The Lot to give it hell stacking some fresh soil on the 8 pack. I swear it rained about 1-2" in the hour we worked there! Streams were flowing everywhere down the pitched lot and I sunk in ankle deep on several occasions. Regardless, we got the 4th jump and lander stacked up so that the rain can pack them down. We also patched up the first three jumps in the line and Bry is headed back today to do some fine tuning. Rumors are swirling about a Cutting Edge Jam at The Lot in 2 weeks? I'll have details posted as soon as I get them.



It was bright and sunny today, but the heat wave finally broke...though 80 is still pretty warm! T, Steve, Arnwine, Sean Milnes, and I rode the Guilford Skatepark for a few hours late this morning/early afternoon. The park has been re-painted with a very nice textured ramp sealant and it's so tacky. T rode her new bars for the first time today and Seam rode his new Subrosa on ramps for the first time as well. Both were looking comfy and having fun! Arnwine was throwing some barspins today...and running his new prototype grip socks...both were rad! It got really hot and the Guilford Park has very little shade so we shot over to The Lot for a bit. Schmidt and his fixed gear buddy Brian where waiting on us at The Lot. The jumps were pretty dusty, but everything was rideable and we took some runs before forfeiting to the heat and exhaustion. Another fun Summer session in the books!


Wow, we rode for 3.5 hours yesterday afternoon and it was hot! Looks like we're going to get some t-storms this weekend. Hopefully The Lot can get some very much needed water and we can get over there and ride this weekend!


Riding The Afternoon Away

I was fortunate enough to get out of work at 1 yesterday so Bry, Steve, and I rode all afternoon. Good times for sure....despite the fact it was 95 degrees out. We headed out to Bashan Lake to meet up with T around 7 and did some much needed swimming to cool off. Summer sessions kick a$!

Riding trails in the jungle



July 4th Holiday Weekend

This weekend was pretty wild!

Saturday T, Steve, and I made our way up to Matty Still's place in Mass. for the Team EAST BBQ/Matty's B-Day Bash. We sessioned the box jump for a while then headed over to the old Orchard Trails and had a pretty fun session there. It was great to see some old faces and everyone was having a good time. Thanks for having us Matty! T got a special delivery from Macisco, her new Nina Buitrago DK Bars...she's psyched!!! Thanks Mike.


Sunday, the 4th, we hung out at the lake and Steve and Melissa came by. At night we headed over Steve's place to partake in the typical Fourth of July antics...FIREWORKS! Good times!!


Monday I rode a few local spots, nearly sweated to death, and then went over and checked out The Lot. The place is hurting, it needs water SO BAD! We topped the day off at Eli's Clam Bake on the patio. Lots of food and drink and lots of fun. Thanks T!!

What a kick a$$ 3 day weekend! Loving Summer...though this 95+ degree heat is rough!


Battle Beast Trails?

Rumor has it Albie Rock is building a huge set of dirt jumps at his backwoods compound in NH...

**No, I'm not serious. I just got psyched on that giant pile of dirt!! April Fools 3 months late!**