Support a local team!

Support the CCNS/Pedal Power Cycling Team! This is the teams first season and so far the guys have been holding their own on the roads. Click on the image below to check out the new team blog. It has the latest news, info., and results of the team.



I saw this quick clip of Jake Lineberry on Matt Jones' MySpace page.
If you know where this spot is you know the dirt bank isn't that steep and he had to cut across 2 roads and an intersection to get the much speed!


Whore Island Jam

So today was the Whore Island Jam and people were going off!!! About 40 riders showed up to the Clinton Skatepark, it was hot as all hell out and there was all kinds of madness! Check out the photos, they'll tell the story of the day! Over 50 photos at: TYRANT's Photos

John Ludwick with some Jedi trickery!
Feeble up to Hang 5 around the half-bowl into the big quarter

Whore Island, where anything goes!


Help The Cause!

Help get a sick skatepark in East Hampton, CT. Add this person to your friends on MySpace and stay up do date on all the news about the park. Huge jam in August if all goes well! Belltown Skatepark

Go now! Do it!


CCNS Team Kits

The CCNS/Pedal Power Cyling Team kits that I designed, based on Team Coach Aidan Charles' input, are now for sale. Contact me if you are interested in purchasing a kit (Includes bid shorts and full-zip jersey). That's a steal! and they are selling fast! Another order will be going in soon so act now!

Scroll down to see Bob German sporting the CCNS/Pedal Power kit

Office antics

Jason brought his mountain bike into the office this morning because its suppost to rain out. Since it wasn't 9:00 yet I had time to play around a little. "work clothes" and loafers!


TYRANT sponsored by UHAUL

...or not! Anyway, T and I went down to have our "last supper" with Shawn and Meryll. Tomorrow is the big day, Hebrank heads to MinneCRAPolis. Shawn is driving a 17 foot UHAUL 2/3 the way across the country, I had to make my mark. Heck, that's free advertising!

Best of luck guys. Thanks so much for everything!!!

*NOTE: I don't approve of vandalism using my TYRANT stickers. If you do it, I don't want to know about it! This was advertising...not vandalism :)

DVD time!

I just got the Final Cut Studio 2 for my MAC, $1,300 worth of professional video & audio editing software. To go along with that I picked up a 320 gig external hard drive. Let the TYRANT DVD creation begin! This thing is going to be legit!

Hebrank heads west

So today is Shawn Hebrank's last day in Connecticut. Tomorrow morning he and his wife are headed West to Minneapolis. Shawn has supported the hell out of TYRANT over the past few years I've know him and I totally appreciate that! I could never repay him for the countless sketches, pieces or artwork and tattoos he's done for me over the years! We're going to miss you dude! MinneCRAPolis doesn't know what's they've got coming!

With that said, Saturday night a bunch of people got together at Rudy's in New Haven to wish Shawn and Meryll well before they leave. It was a really fun time and in true TYRANT fashion I was acting like an idiot.

Are these things vegetarian?


Sunday is fun day

I know the title is lame, but "Sunday Session" has been used a half dozen times. Anyway, T and I picked up "Tiny Tyrant" and headed out to a few of his local parks in the Northwest corner of the state. The day started with a little scare when I bailed out 180ing a platic jersey barrier and hit my head pretty hard. I was wearing a helmet, but I was still knocked for a serious loop. Ouch! Brandon was shredding like usual and he is running his bike brakeless. It was a gorgeous Spring day and we had a good time riding our bikes. Have a look at the photos over at TYRANT's Flickr.

Brandon blasting a transfer in Canton

Quarter to Quarter

3rd in the Nutmeg's

Congrats to TYRANT supporter Bob German on placing 3rd in the Nutmeg State Games Cat. 3 Criterium. For those of you who don't follow road racing, its 25 one mile laps (25 miles) of all out riding. Bob races for CCNS/ Pedal Power, the same team I raced on last year....and will race for this year when I get my a$$ in shape. What was also a amazing was that 45 minutes after riding a the 25 mile Cat. 3 race Bob raced the Open Pro Cat. 1,2,3 race, a field that was full of big name pro riders. It was great to see Bob hang in and place in the top 30...not bad for a 17 year old kid in his 2nd year of road racing!

Bob on the podium wearing one of the new CCNS/Pedal Power Cycling Team kits I designed



Yeah, I caught wind that BIKES WILL NOT BE ALLOWED at the amazing Stamford Park I've been posting photos of. Total BS if you ask me! I'm not too concerned! It is going to be another Groton...early AM BMX sessions before the wood pushers come.


Got $600 to spend?

Cody Caron is selling his BMX bike! It's worth over $1,000, but he's asking $600. Contact me for details!

Weight: 26.00 lbs
Frame: 21" 1 1/8" Integrated
Bottom Bracket: Spanish
Front Wheel: 20" 14mm 36 Spokes 2.25" Tire No Pegs No Brakes
Rear Wheel: 20" 14mm Cassette 36 Spokes 2.00 Tire Right Peg Only w/ Brakes
Other Modifications/Extras: cut down front axels, titanium spindle.
Fork: S&M pitch lite with odyssey (black)
Frame: Eastern reaper 21tt span bb "no holes in the tubing"
Handlebars: Fit flow high (white)
8in rise
Headset: kink integrated (teal)
Seat: Shadow Conspiracy Brian Anderson penumbra slim seat (white/brown/blue)
Seat Clamp: FBM hose clamp with(gold) (ti bolt)
Seat Post: Thomson elite (black)
Stem: Mosh mosh digital 2 (wood grain) LE Drive train
Bottom Bracket: Profile 19mm
Chain: KMC k710 (black and chrome)
Cranks: Profile 175mm Lt (black)
Pedals: Odyssey jim. C alum losse ball
Spindle: Profile ti 19mm 6in long 48 spline
Sprocket: Demolition F1 25t (black)

Driver: Odyssey 4x4 10t 07
Hub Front: Specialized 14mm unsealed hollow axel (black)
Hub Rear: Odyssey 36h 4x4 10t driver 07 model (black)
Rim Front: Sun Ringle chinook double wall
Rim Rear: Odyssey hazard lite (chrome)
Spokes Front: Sapim 185mm (black)
Spokes Rear: Odyssey spokes (black)
Tire Front: Fly Bikes ruben tire campillera (black)
Tire Rear: Fly Bikes ruben tire callejera (black) Brakes
Brake Cable Rear: Odyssey liner slic kable (limited floresent yellow)
Brake Lever Rear: Odyssey mono small (black)
Brake Set Rear: Tektro (black)

Grips: Primo Chad DeGroot signature (brown)
Handlebar Ends: TYRANT these work good with one bolt or two Pegs
Peg Rear Right: Odyssey jpeg lite (scrached)


Park updates...

Stamford is coming along super nice!!!
The new bowl at Eastern Pulse looks pretty fun!

Photos stolen from Concrete Disciples Thanks!