Sahara Session

Last night was SO DUSTY at The Lot! Dirt particles were in your eyes, mouth, and nose! Especially on the trains! Despite the dust we had one hell of a session and over a dozen riders came out to get rad. Good times for sure. Summer is here and it's gonna be fun as hell!!!
The photos are full of spots, but the video is pretty clean.

Dusty Lot Photos: CLICK HERE


RIP: Basement Ramps

Well, the whole basement ramps idea was kinda short lived. The ramps were built in February, as Winter was winding down, and never really got ridden that much once the snow melted and the temps were on the rise. The house is for sale and the basement needs to get cleaned up and presentable for potential buyers...and ramps don't fall into that equation. I'm keeping the long 2' quarterpipe frame work to hopefully resurect into a new ramp down the road, but the rest of the basement ramps are up for grabs...and FREE!!! This 3.5' transition needs to go ASAP, along with the 2 rollers, and various sheets of masonite and plywood. If you're interested: CLICK HERE and arrange pick-up at the house in East Haddam. You'll def. need a truck or something big!


Team EAST Appearance

Bryan and I braved the 90º temps yet again and headed over to The Lot yesterday afternoon to do a little riding. To my surprise I got a call from Hector letting me know that he, Cristian, and Matty Still were on there way over around 7 PM. The crew was on their way home from a stunt show in Long Island and wanted to ride a little dirt. It's always a good time hanging out with the EAST guys...guaranteed big air and lots of laughs. Cristian threw down some bar spins in the new line and Hector threw himself over each set pulling out some 3's, whips, and a back flip over the last set. It was the latest session of the season thus far, we rode well after dark. I left around 9:45 in the pitch black after tidying up the jumps a bit after the session was over. The new 8 pack is running pretty smooth and with a little rain and some TLC on the last jump and lander the line will be mint. Looks like good times this Summer at The Lot.

Team EAST at The Lot: CLICK HERE


Lot and Stuff

WOW! I guess I've been a little behind on's been a week! We've been riding a lot, swimming out at T's cottage a bunch, and enjoying Summer now that it is officially here.

Sunday the Begin Militia adventured down to The Lot for a little 92º BMX action. Damn it was hot out! It was fun watching Ethan and Nathan Begin popping through the roller line. Pops brought out the MTB but he didn't take it off the bridge drop like I wanted to see ;) Thanks for coming out guys!

Sunday Lot Photos: CLICK HERE

Last night a few of us met up at The Lot and rode in the on and off showers for 2 hours. Good times for sure. Steve got the new line cleaned up earlier in the day yesterday and it was riding pretty smooth. I took a lovely head first digger on the 4th set...such a scare...but I shook it off with no major injuries. Arnwine was cruising through the new line and threw down the first ever 360 over the last set...not bad for the kid who claims he's not a dirt jumper! It looks like we'll be getting showers each day this week which will be great to help keep the jumps solid and keep the deadly Lot dust down. Get out and ride!

Tuesday Lot Photos: CLICK HERE
Tuesday Lot Video on Crackbook: CLICK HERE

Custom Rails

Chris Traverse up in Mass. is welding up some really sweet rails if anybody is in the market for one. They are custom made per your order specs. The rail picture below is a 10' long tampered rail...but straight ones can easily be constructed as well. Contact Chris over on Crackbook for details: CLICK HERE


New Lot Line

Dave has been hauling a ton of dirt around at The Lot getting the new line dialed in. Steve dug for 3 hours on Thursday and Bry and I slung some dirt on Thursday night before I got sick. I heard the guys were there working this weekend and the line is pretty dialed. Should be pretty sick to have a legit dirt line up and running.

New Line Photos: CLICK HERE


Sick and Stuff

Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been sick as a dog since Thursday night! Still feeling pretty crappy, gonna lay low this week and rest up!

Man I Hate Toy Cops!

Sure, the skaters should have left when they saw the guy coming to avoid confrontation, but it still doesn't give the guy the right to jump any of them. Really disappointed nobody gave this guys a swift kick to the ball sack!



Get on down to Haven Skatepark on the 26th...should be off the hook!


Milnes Officially on All City

Congrats to Sean for officially getting sponsored by All City. We shot a bunch of photos for his Bio while riding New Haven yesterday. Good stuff!


Sweltering Saturday

We rode some park, some Lot, and some trails Saturday taking on the 85 degree temps and 90% humidity. Super fun day! Thanks to Bongi for showing us his trails...that place is buck nutty!

Saturday Photos: CLICK HERE


Luminous Flow Yo!

Craig Samuels bike short "Luminous Flow" that I spoke of last month will be debuting at the Bicycle Film Festival on June 20th in Program 11 and starts at 2:00pm. Tickets to this portion of the festival are $9.99 and can be purchased HERE. We're hoping to gather up a small militia and head down to NYC to this event. Anybody interested shoot me an e-mail or message on Crackbook.

Luminous Flow Teaser from bikehitscar on Vimeo.