Sprague Skatepark

So I caught wind of this new free form cement park that opened in the Village of Baltic in Sprague, Connecticut. Villages in towns? WTF? Anwway, I've never heard of the village or town before, but CT shredder Frank K. told me its a few minutes outside of Norwich. Anyway, the park looks pretty rad and I'm always down to check out new places to ride!

Photo stolen from this website.


Charles River Skatepark

I'm not sure if they are ever going to build the Charles River Skatepark up in Boston, they have been talking about it since 2002!!! Anyway, this is the latest design as of this month. I'm kinda bummed, no more full pipe like in the old layout. Check out the brick bank to chunks, the old medical center set up being brought back to life...pretty cool Boston street tribute right there!

Highland Again!

So we're headed back to Highland on Saturday, November 15th. It is the last day the park is open for the 2008 season and should be out of control! Food, music, and lots of riding! I'm psyched!


Crank Collective

I received a message from John the Editor of The site is a social network for mountain bikers which allows users to post info on trails, submit photos, and discuss topics on a forum. I've been hitting up a lot of local trails lately on the cross bike to get some tech training in, so I'll be adding some of my favorite local riders to the site. Steve B., "Tiny TYRANTs" Dad, has been doing a lot of mountain biking and I'm looking to get out on the trails with him before Winter strikes. Take a moment to check out the site, it could use some Connecticut love!


Craig's Not Dead!

I received an e-mail from Craig Samuels to reassure me that he is still riding BMX, not just fixed gear these days. As posted a few weeks ago, Craig is working on a fixed gear film...and I just caught word that Shawn Hebrank will be making a guest appearance in the video on his Mary Poppins 3 speed bike that he pedals around MinneCRAPolis. Woo hoo!



WOW, yesterday was so much fun! Headed up to Highland Mountain Bike Park to shoot photos & video of a crew of guys bombing down the mountain and throwing down some insane tricks. Mike Stock was the only casualty of the day with a blown up ankle. Thanks to Mike for driving and all the guys for going fast, big, and just having fun riding bikes! Can't wait to go again!

100+ photos, check 'em out CLICK HERE.

Blachura going big!


News and stuff!

So this past weekend was pretty rad! Finished 4th at Mansfield Hollow Cross on a super gnarly course and did a bunch of hiking with T on Sunday. Gotta' love nature! especially during peak foliage.

Saturday I'm headed up to Highland Mountain Bike Park in New Hampshire with Stock, Blachura, and a Chevy Suburban full of maniacs. I'm not riding, just going to check the place out and shoot mass amounts of photos and video. It should be a good time, I'm really psyched! Sunday is supposed to rail like hell, but Opa Opa Cross is going on rain or shine. I will admit, if its cold and pouring out I am going to wuss out and stay home. It's too early in the season to get sick or hurt racing a rinky dink race with only beer as prizes. We'll see how things pan out.

I've had a few MySpace messages come through asking about my crash and my BMX riding situation. I still haven't ridden my BMX bike yet, it's been over 2 months now. I've had the doctors OK to ride for almost 3 weeks, but I've been training my a$$ for cross and racing every weekend...haven't had the time. The chin and skull are healed, but I'm still missing a tooth and have some chipped teeth which will be getting fixed soon. I still have to get my hands on a full face helmet and my dentist is making me a custom mouth guard. Better safe then sorry from this point on boys and girls, I've had too many horrific crashes in the past 5 years!

With that said, nothing new on the TYRANT front either. Still screening custom ordered shirts here and there, but no major plans for any new hotness till 2009. The beanies will happen this year, possibly around Christmas! Check here for details.

Hope everyone is well and riding lots!


Mansfield Cross

So I'm racing on home turf this weekend, come check it out! Mansfield Cross goes off at 9am at Mansfield Hollow Park in Mansfield, CT...right down the street from UCONN. This is one of the gnarliest courses of the season and it sure to be a kick a$$ race to watch. There are some crazy fast riders pre-registered so its going to be a blistering pace! Hope to see some peeps out on Saturday morning.


San Fran. Clan

As promised a few weeks ago, a little fixed gear footy from Craig Samuels and his San Fran Clan. I'm currently in the process of working on a crafty new TYRANT creation for Craig and his cronies which will be unveiled sometime before 2009? Until then watch this video over and over and drool, cause this spot looks dope!

Treasure Island Riding 10/12/08 from bikehitscar on Vimeo.

Marking Our Turf!

So T and I finally got the boundaries of the East Haddam property staked out. We were having some issues finding the lower 2 pins of the property, so T called in a professional to take care of the task...for FREE no less! Now that I know exactly what acreage I have to play with the trail building will begin. I am totally altering my plans from early Summer, mainly due to my crash in August. No more huge gap jumps like I envisioned...I can't afford to get hurt again! I'm keeping it simple and realistic...a line of medium sized tables, a pump track, a small six pack, and a 3/4 mile cyclocross/MTB friendly trail...barriers and all! This idea is just coming to life and probably won't be done till late Spring/early Summer 2009, but one can dream in the meantime. I'll be in the woods with the chainsaw and leaf blower this Sunday if anybody wants to come help!

Gloucester was rad!

I'll keep it short and sweet, racing the Grand Prix of Gloucester was rad! The course was fast, the run-up on day 2 was gnarly, and I did well...enough said. T went to town with my Digital Rebel and shot a 100 or so photos, check them out via the links below.

Day 1 photos
Day 2 photos


Gloucester Recap...

Great weekend of racing at a great venue on a super fun course! Managed to place 15th out of 110 riders Saturday and 16th out of 122 riders Sunday. T was running around the course like a maniac cheering me on and shooting lots of photos. Check out the links below to view some race photos.

Day 1 Race Photos
Day 2 Race Photos



I'm sure most of you have heard about the horrible crash Mike Aitken took earlier this week that has left him in a coma and in intensive care. It is horrible to see another amazing rider go down, especially in such a traumatic way! Head over to for the latest updates on Mike's condition and to donate some $$$ to Mike's fund. The dude has no health insurance and is in a world of hurt right now!!! I'm not going to preach cause its not my style, but this should be an eye opener to everyone out there...wear a helmet at the trails! I've heard it time after time, "It's dirt, its soft!"...BS dudes, dirt will kill your dome just like pavement will!!! Chances are things would have been a lot different if Aitken had a helmet on. Get well!

Kids complain about wearing helmets cause they don't look cool, they're big and bulky, they're hot! Personally I think a feeding tube is a lot less cool than a helmet! Smarten up kiddies, it could mean your life!

Aitken killing Haven on the FIT Tour


Yeah Dog!

So check out Shamira, Shawn Hebrank's dog, rocking a TYRANT Dog Sweater....tricycle logo and all! Yeah dog! This is a special order item, so if you want to keep your pooch warm and styling in the trails this Winter contact me! HA HA HA!


Gloucester Weekend

So T and I will be spending the weekend up in Mass. for the Grand Prix of Gloucester 2 day cyclocross event. Gloucester has one of the gnarliest sand pits in New England, a whole 150 yards of sandy hell, which should also wreak havoc on the 125 rider field. All in all it should be a fun weekend. T is trying to recruit some of her relatives who live in the greater Boston area to come out and check out the event, so I might have a fan club in attendance? Lolli is also making his way up to peddle Ghosthip merch and hopefully race...he's on the "stand by" list because the race is sold out both days. I'm psyched that cross season is finally here!

Update: Tuesday Evening -
So we won't be spending the weekend in Mass., we no longer have a place to stay! I love when things fall through the cracks. I'm thinking I'm just going to race Saturday and blow off Sunday's race. We'll see how things pan out. Wow, what a total drag!!!

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Sunday Soaker...kinda

So Mother Nature rained out our Sunday Session at "Tiny TYRANT's" backyard ramp. T and I still took a ride out to the Begin's house to drop off the swag I got Brandon at Interbike. Man its tough standing in their kitchen looking at a wet ramp knowing you should of been riding. Oh well, soon enough! Yesterday would have been my first time on the BMX bike since my crash nearly 2 months ago. I'm really looking forward to getting back on the bike, it's been way too long...although I do have some butterflies in my stomach! Hopefully we'll get in a night time street session this week, cause I'm jonesing to ride!

Sunday late afternoon turned out pretty nice! I was sunken into my couch watching the Giant's football game when I noticed the sun was finally breaking through the clouds. So I got up, got suited up, and headed out for a road ride. The roads were pretty much dry, it was a little brisk, but all in all it was a great ride. Gotta' keep working on my cardio and fitness, lots of cross racing ahead.


NEW Cromwell Skatepark

So Cromwell, CT now has a skatepark. Its an ARC park, slick metal ramps and all, but its better than nothing. The sign says wood-pushers and fruit-booters only, but I've heard from a bunch of guys that they have been riding there and not getting hassled. Check out some photos of the park HERE.

Not a bad hip-to-wedge


Some more fixed...

A short web vid. consisting of some clips recorded Tuesday night. Good times, good friends!


Man, I am so bummed! Bill Allen, aka "Cru Jones" from RAD was signing autographs at Interbike and I had no idea...and didn't get an autograph or photo with him. You can laugh your a$$ off, but RAD is the greatest movie ever and I've been stoked on it since I was a little kid. Damn, maybe next year!

"Hulk Hogan, eat your heart out!"

Fixed Gear Fun

So Tuesday night Lolli, Schmidt, Larry, and I went out and rode around M-Town. Those 3 guys rode their fixed gears and I rolled along on my old school road bike. Fixed gears are all the rage now, they were all over Interbike. It's pretty rad to see the boundaries being pushed on narrow 27" spins, wallrides, etc. You won't catch me on a fixed any time soon, but its rad to tag along and watch. Shot a few wacky photos with my point and shoot which can be viewed HERE.

On the same note, Craig Samuels just sent me a heads up that he is producing a fixed flick out in San Fran. and should be sending some clips my way to post. Keep your eyes peeled.

Also, check out the photo below that was posted on of Jason P. and myself talking about FBM's Sword frame with Big Dave at Interbike. Santa may be bringing me a run single-speed of fixed for me!

Schmidt in the shadows getting rad

Talking Sword's at Interbike
Photo by Steve Crandall. Stolen off of