Sunday Session: Bristol Street/Farmington Park

So I dragged myself out of bed at around 10 after 12 hours of sleep and a day of rest yesterday. Coming home from Interbike on the "red-eye" flight was harsh on my sleep patterns and my body! Anyway, I picked up Arnwine and "Tiny Tyrant" for some park riding in Farmington and some street in Bristol. Everyone had fun, nobody got hurt...although we were all sore after 6 hours of riding. Check out the photos I shot at TYRANT's Flickr and check out the short video below. Arnwine shot most of the clips which was greatly appreciated!

Arnwine with a precise abubaca minutes before sunset

Battle Dance for $5

Turn up your volume and watch the video. Digger Davis is off the hook!

Random Clips

I mostly shot film in Vegas, but here is a quick montage of the video I did shoot.



So we landed at Bradley Airport at 5:30 am and I came home and slept until now.....1:45ish. What a super fun, but tiresome trip!I'm not going to get crazy in depth, its INTERBIKE....every manufacturer has something cool and exciting and new technologies are popping up left and right. Some of the stuff I liked...FBM's Sword track bike, Fly Bikes 2008 model line, as well as the 2008 DK's and We The People's. That paint jobs are killer for 2008, check them out! I didn't shoot a ton of BMX related film, click here to see. I did shoot a ton of touristy shots which can be seen via this link to my art blog, : through these eyes. I also shot a bunch of film of the Team NERAC riders at the Cross Vegas race and the USA Crit. Championships. Those photos can be seen via the CCNS Pedal Power Cyling Team site. Enjoy!

INTERBIKE was nuts!!!!

We are stuck in Denver, CO right now awaiting a connecting flight and I am paying 25 cents a minute to write this stupid message. INTERBIKE was so crazy, so many new things out there in the bike world. Stay tuned for lots of photos, news, and what not. On a side note, Van Homan was on our plane out of Vegas...kinda random. OK, I'm off to wait for the plane. Good God I can't wait to get home!!!


INTERBIKE in 3 days!!!

WOW, the time is almost here. Our agenda is chock full or rad stuff this year. CCNS/Pedal Power Cycling Team sponsorship meetings, CrossVegas, US Crit Championships, Summer of FIT BMX video premier, New World Disorder 8 Premier. Jealous yet? Thanks to some BS beyond my control I will be without a computer this no updates till I get back...unless I can hijack a computer for a few minutes from one of our shop reps?


Last Sunday Session of Summer

So next Sunday at 5 AM Fall officially arrives....therefore we got in one of our last Summer street sessions tonight. I picked up Tiny Tyrant and we met up with a crew of 9 other riders for a fun Middletown session. Check out the photos HERE. Also, Begin Ramp #2 is coming along nicely at their new home. 6 foot quarter, 4 foot spine and roller in the middle, and 5 foot quarter on the other side. Dialed!!!


INTERBIKE update...

Yeah, so 11 days till we leave to Vegas for INTERBIKE. Just as we're starting to get really psyched to go this ad comes along and makes things even more exciting! Leave it to Ride BMX and the NORA Cup Awards.

The Hard Rock...Open bar...A midget KISS cover band!
Digger Davis might be headed to jail that night!

Bleeding Bleach

So Mr. Hebrank has been playing with bleach and t-shirts out in MinneCRAPolis. I told Shawn I'd do the same at the TYRANT's Lair and see what I could come up with. Below is the 1st of 6 rad "Bleeding Bleach" TYRANT shirts. I have a few more including chains and other bike parts...stay tuned!


Stunt Show a no go!

So for all of you that have been e-mailing me asking if you can ride in the Pedal Power Stunt Show this you can't!...there isn't going to be one! Maybe next year?


Silverback going bye bye!

Hey, Hey all you riders out there! I'm trying to unload my FBM Deployer FRAME (Not the whole bike!). It is one of the Limited Edition Silverback colored ones that are COMPLETELY SOLD OUT!!! I bought this frame in early Spring from Vic at Circuit BMX in Pawtucket, RI. It is in MINT condition, I babied it!!! The reason I'm selling it is cause it is too small for me! I'm 6' 4" and need at least a 21".

- 20.75"
- Brake mounts on seat stay
- Mid-BB (not included)
- Internal Headset (not included)
- Weight: 5 lbs
- No decals, I peeled them off
- 6 months old and in GREAT condition!!!
...and I'll throw in a TYRANT t-shirt and a ton of stickers to the buyer!

Retails for $325!!!



Today was a pretty odd day! I sat around the house for the better half of the day, took a brief walk, and then headed out to shoot some film of some friends riding street in M-Town. I realized a few things today...

1. I need to fit more BMX time into my busy road riding schedule. I couldn't manual 10 feet today!

2. The Middletown Police need to do their job and pursue criminals, not harass fisherman and bike riders at Harbor Park.

3. Jake Lineberry either has balls of steel or is out of his mind....or both! and I don't think he feels pain?

So with that said, the session was short and sweet. Jake Lineberry hucked himself around like usual pulling all kinds of crazy stuff. Like #3 above says, I really don't think Jake feels pain. I watched him double peg a huge stair set and totally wreck at the bottom, scorpion grinding and going head over heels entangled in this bike. After shaking off the crash, checking out his arm (which was bleeding in 3 spots and his elbow had swelled to the size of an apple) he walked back up the stairs and did the rail again! Arnwine was bombing at high speed like usual pulling out jibs here and there. Expect more pictures this week! For now check out what I shot at TYRANT's Flickr.


Rack 'em up!

I've never done a product review on here before so here is the first...and maybe the last. I just bought this new home bike rack system and it kicks major a$$ I recommend you go get one for yourself! The Rubbemaid Fast Trak System has a killer vertical bike holder that is effective and inexpensive! I bought the 48" track and 4 bike holders for less than $50 (at Home Cheapo) and I mounted the system in my spare bedroom...which is now giant storage closet! So if you live in an apartment of small space and need to get your bikes up off the floor, look into this rack!