Haven Holiday Bash

So the Pedal Power Crew rented out the Haven Skatepark for a Holiday Session. Some friends and family came along to shred and fun was had by all. Check out the few photos I shot over at TYRANT's Photos.

Peter Krol Pedal Stall to 270 out


T's New Toy

So T got one of her Christmas presents a week early, a new BMX bike. She was riding an Intergral Slauson that Bill at Pedal Power gave me a smoking deal on about a year ago. The Integral was cool, but it had an American BB, regular headset, and weighed 34 lbs. That's a tank of a bike for a 125 lb. girl to handle! T's new ride is a coffee colored 20.75" Eastern Dragon complete with an Odyssey Pro Dirt Fork, MacNeil Light Bars, Primo Powerbite Cranks, Integral Cassette Wheel, and lots of green accents. Green Shadow Grips and BB, Animal Seatpost Clamp, and a sick custom built front anodized green old school Velocity rim laced to a GT Mohawk Hub. Any other rider would destroy this front wheel, but T is light so it will hold up no problem. Rumor is there may be a ladies only session at the Haven Skatepark in the near future. Get your girlfriends riding!!!



Wow, what a rad weekend! T and I rode Haven Saturday night and Sunday and we're both beat! Head over to the TYRANT Photos to check out all the pics I shot. T actually took a few photos of me too...yes, I still ride bmx.

Nick Steben clicking a lookback


Craig Samuels Report

So Craig Samuels, long time TYRANT supporter and CT local, has been out in San Fran. at film school since the end of the Summer. Craig shoots me a trusty MySpace message now and again to let me know he's alive, but the message I got last night was rad as hell!! Check out this quick short produced by Craig...and check out the last 15 seconds of the video. Craigs getting ill on his fixed gear! SO SICK!

Fixed Riding

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HAVEN again...

So Arnwine and I met the whole Pedal Power Crew at the Haven Skatepark last night for the BMX session. I think the highlight of the night was Gary Nicol, one of the owner's of Pedal Power. Gary blew off the mountain bike ride he was supposed to attend, took (bought) a DK Dayton from the shop, and came and rode the park in a road bike helmet and Dr. Martins. Great! Everybody was having fun and it was rad to watch some of the locals totally kill the place. Check out the photos I shot over at TYRANT's Flick.

Mike Stock tabling off the bank


"Sick Boy! Nah, nah - nah - nah, nah"

Ah, what a great old Social D song. Anyway, I've been sick boy since last Sunday. Coughing up a lung, running a fever, and feeling like a pile of crap. Cyclocross season finally got the best of me. Well, my fever broke and I feel a little better today even though my throat is still on fire. Tomorrow is the 1st of 2 races this weekend to end the 2007 New England Cyclocross season and its going to be hellish! The weather's supposed to be in the low 30's with snow showers, so I'll most likely get bronchitis next week, but I'm ending the season on the bike, not sick in bed! So with that said, I'm off to bed. Gotta be up at 5 am and on the road to Rhode Island by 6. 2 more days and the season is I'll be at Haven Skatepark a few times a week from here on out. SICK!


Christmas Crap!

So JUNK*MART claims this is one of the "Hot Bikes this Holiday Season". Are they out of their minds? Who manufactures this crap? Somebody please go to Wal*Mart and buy me one of these for I can ghostride it into on coming traffic and burn it! I pity the pathetic parent that actually purchases one of these death-mobiles for their kid! Be sure to purchase the supplimental insurance policy that goes with it!


Crazy Crash!!!

So there was a crazy crash at the Haven Skatepark Saturday night. I have no idea how either of these guys walked away uninjured!!!

somebody landed on me

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Haven Skatepark

So T and I went to the Haven Skatepark late last night for the BMX session. The park is pretty sick! and tons of riders were there. It was awesome to see so many people I haven't seen in ages. I shot a bunch of photos which can be viewed over at TYRANT's Photos. I have to get more comfortable shooting indoors, the lighting throws me for a loop so don't mind some of the blownout photos!

Bryan Arnwine wallride


Thank you Santa!

I got this album recently and it could be the greatest Christmas related thing on the face of the Earth...besides popcorn balls and cherry candy canes!


Haven Skatepark

Haven Skatepark is set to open its doors sometime this week, so memorize the bike sessions and be ready to shred!


Monday: 2-6 pm $10
Tuesday: 6-10pm $10
Wednesday: 2-6 pm $10
Thursday: 6-10 pm $10
Friday: 6-9 pm $10
Saturday: 3-6 pm $10 and 9pm-1:30am $15 (Age 18+ ONLY!)
Sunday: 12-4:30 $13

I'm also going to be looking into renting the park once a month.
Check back for details on that in the near future.

Perfect timing cause its snowing out right now!!!


New Begin Backyard Ramp

So T and I headed over to ride the new backyard ramp of "Tiny Tyrant" Brandon Begin. The set-up is really fun, its a 6 foot quarter on one side with a 4 foot flat deck spine in the middle to a 5 foot quarter on the other side. Brandon and his buddy Aaron were already bombing around the ramp when we showed up. Brandon was going pretty big for the little guy he is! After some ramp riding we took a ride down the street to a local school and Brandon proceeded to huck himself down a 9 stair set going mach speed. It was a super fun day and it was great to ride my BMX hasn't been touched in weeks! Thanks guys!

Tiny Tyrant, tiny bike....not so tiny gap!


Hairless Hebrank!

So the day has finally come, Hebrank cut off his dreads! The dreadlocks will be polyurethane coated and sold for $10 each. These are collectors items! They are 2 feet long and great for belts, dog leashes, rope, etc. All proceeds will benefit the "Fly Tyrant to MinneCRAPolis Fund."



So the new TYRANT mega decals are in and they look great! These are ideal for your car windshild, ramps, buses, etc. A huge thanks to Shawn Hebrank for coming through via his connection in MinneCRAPolis! Contact me if you want to purchase a decal, they are super limited!!! These things are huge, 16" x 4", cut from high quality "Blood Red Vinyl". A $15 donation is all it takes to get one of these decals. All proceeds go toward a giant bags of beef jerky from Sam's Club for Shawn.

Jason repping TYRANT on his burly jeep

Chromed Out!

The new chromed out TYRANT stickers are in. Head down to Pedal Power to grab some or find me in person. These stickers were intended for placement on fork legs, but you can stick 'em anywhere you want. They are super reflective and look hot!

Busy Weekend

This weekend is going to be pretty nuts! I'm racing the Chainbiter UCI cyclocross race in Farmington on Saturday and the CycleSmart International in Northhampton, Mass. on Sunday. Both races begin at 9 am and over 85 riders are pre-reg'd for each days race! It looks as though temps. are going to be in the low/mid 30's both mornings, DAMN! Come out and get rowdy!...and bring your cowbells, air horns, megaphones, etc.


Sold Out to Stay Loyal!

So last night was the Devils Night Alley Cat and I totally sold Drew out! I never got the bag of swag I was donating from TYRANT and DEATH 2 DOPERS down to New Haven cause I left Monday to Boston for the Red Sox Parade. Sorry dude, but I had to to sell out to be a loyal Sox fan. Alley cats are going on all the time, but the Sox winning the Series has only happened twice in the last 86 years! I had to go...may be the last time in my life I'd have the opportunity! I don't have the Boston "B" tattooed on my ankle for nothing! I hope the race went well and I still plan on giving you all the swag I promised you so you can hand it out or use it for future races.


Random Stuff

So here are few random things...

I was over my cousin Johns yesterday tooling around on his chopper bicycle that he acquired from Shawn Hebrank. Shawn and Andy fabricated this beast a few years back and its been put to good use lately. That thing is nuts! 5 foot high handlebars and a 3 foot high seat. Word on the street is that there is going to be a race between Drew from New Haven and I. Drew has a killer chopper fixed gear tall bike, at least 6 feet high. Your going down Drew! Check out the photos T shot at TYRANT's Photos.

Also, John is selling the Team TYRANT Moped, his 2006 49cc ripper that he paid $2,600 for. He is asking $1,200 which is a steal for this thing, so tell all your friends.

MSX is dead!

So I only rode the MSX Trails once this year, pretty pathetic, but nobody was up-keeping them so I don't feel guilty. T and I stopped by the trails yesterday to see how things were looking. We had hopes of raking out the place and tidying up the jumps enough to make the place ridable till the 1st snow fall. To my surprise there is a new medical building being built less than 100 yards from the trails right through the woods. Based on the property markers that were staked out the small set and berm are on the land of the medical building. With that said, I think MSX is truly going to see its death this year. I'm going to stay optimistic, but I wouldn't doubt the trails are leveled before 2008. Lots of good memories at those trails, especially from 2001-2003 in the Haggerd Trails days when I was living in Middletown.


Cyclocross Action

Yesterday was the State Cyclocross Championships and my 1st cross race ever. It was a really good time, despite being totally exhausted after the grueling race. The course was super fun even though the grass was really wet when the race went off at 9am. Head over to my personal photos page and check out the photos T and I shot throughout the day. Lolli was repping Ghostship hard and handing out $1 dolla' primes during the mens Elite race. It was sight watching pros sprint for dollar bills!


R.I.P Chee

So the General Chee, the official team vehicle of TYRANT has been laid to rest. After 10 years and 210,000 miles of hell raising my Toyota Corolla has finally reached its limit. I couldn't of asked for a more reliable car! I've been all over the USA with 1-3 bikes on the roof, ridden amazing parks, raced amazing races, and saw some great sights! Taking the place of the Chee is a 2008 Toyota Matrix. Lots more room than the Corolla, the same reliable Toyota engine, and its new! I'm awaiting R. Gates to call with the "official name" for my new ride...ha ha ha!

TYRANT invades Paris

So T went to Paris and decided TYRANT needed to rear its ugly head overseas. Take a look HERE.

TYRANT outside the Louvre in Paris.
If you don't know what the Louvre is get educated!!!


Devils Night Alley Cat 4

So TYRANT kicked in over $100 of merch. for this years Devils Night Alley Cat Race in New Haven. Get down the green by 7 on the 30th to register to race. It's going to be nuts!

YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST: TYRANT is also kicking in a hoodie, gear bag, sticker pack, and 6 pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon to the 1st person to complete the ENTIRE RACE on a BMX bike!!!

That's the challenge, whose going to man up?!?!?


Too dark to road ride!

So the annual Pedal Power "End of the Season" Party was tonight. If you don't know, it's basically a fun event to gather good customers, eat good food, drink good drinks, and celebrate a great year of Monday night Pedal Power road rides. Hell, free food and drinks, I'm in! Thanks to Gary and Bill for running a kick a$$ shop...come on!....only Top 100 shop in CT! Plus, its our 4th year on the Top 100 Shops list. Check out the few photos I shot HERE. Hope everyone had a good time! Until next year.....


The Fog!

Yeah, that basically sums up the session we had at the Clinton Park tonight under the lights. It was fun for about an hour until dense fog and spotty showers rolled in. A militia of guys came out to ride including Don Pavelka and Garrett Pyskaty coming down from Warwick, Rhode Island. As usual people were going off...too bad I left my slave flash at home and was stuck using the cheesy pop-up flash on my camera. Not to mention, I can't shoot film under those stadium likes worth shiat! Anyway, check out the photos at TYRANT's Flickr, there are a few hot shots. Until next time....

Don thought this table sucked. I thinks its dialed!


Sunday Session: Bristol Street/Farmington Park

So I dragged myself out of bed at around 10 after 12 hours of sleep and a day of rest yesterday. Coming home from Interbike on the "red-eye" flight was harsh on my sleep patterns and my body! Anyway, I picked up Arnwine and "Tiny Tyrant" for some park riding in Farmington and some street in Bristol. Everyone had fun, nobody got hurt...although we were all sore after 6 hours of riding. Check out the photos I shot at TYRANT's Flickr and check out the short video below. Arnwine shot most of the clips which was greatly appreciated!

Arnwine with a precise abubaca minutes before sunset

Battle Dance for $5

Turn up your volume and watch the video. Digger Davis is off the hook!

Random Clips

I mostly shot film in Vegas, but here is a quick montage of the video I did shoot.



So we landed at Bradley Airport at 5:30 am and I came home and slept until now.....1:45ish. What a super fun, but tiresome trip!I'm not going to get crazy in depth, its INTERBIKE....every manufacturer has something cool and exciting and new technologies are popping up left and right. Some of the stuff I liked...FBM's Sword track bike, Fly Bikes 2008 model line, as well as the 2008 DK's and We The People's. That paint jobs are killer for 2008, check them out! I didn't shoot a ton of BMX related film, click here to see. I did shoot a ton of touristy shots which can be seen via this link to my art blog, : through these eyes. I also shot a bunch of film of the Team NERAC riders at the Cross Vegas race and the USA Crit. Championships. Those photos can be seen via the CCNS Pedal Power Cyling Team site. Enjoy!

INTERBIKE was nuts!!!!

We are stuck in Denver, CO right now awaiting a connecting flight and I am paying 25 cents a minute to write this stupid message. INTERBIKE was so crazy, so many new things out there in the bike world. Stay tuned for lots of photos, news, and what not. On a side note, Van Homan was on our plane out of Vegas...kinda random. OK, I'm off to wait for the plane. Good God I can't wait to get home!!!


INTERBIKE in 3 days!!!

WOW, the time is almost here. Our agenda is chock full or rad stuff this year. CCNS/Pedal Power Cycling Team sponsorship meetings, CrossVegas, US Crit Championships, Summer of FIT BMX video premier, New World Disorder 8 Premier. Jealous yet? Thanks to some BS beyond my control I will be without a computer this no updates till I get back...unless I can hijack a computer for a few minutes from one of our shop reps?


Last Sunday Session of Summer

So next Sunday at 5 AM Fall officially arrives....therefore we got in one of our last Summer street sessions tonight. I picked up Tiny Tyrant and we met up with a crew of 9 other riders for a fun Middletown session. Check out the photos HERE. Also, Begin Ramp #2 is coming along nicely at their new home. 6 foot quarter, 4 foot spine and roller in the middle, and 5 foot quarter on the other side. Dialed!!!


INTERBIKE update...

Yeah, so 11 days till we leave to Vegas for INTERBIKE. Just as we're starting to get really psyched to go this ad comes along and makes things even more exciting! Leave it to Ride BMX and the NORA Cup Awards.

The Hard Rock...Open bar...A midget KISS cover band!
Digger Davis might be headed to jail that night!

Bleeding Bleach

So Mr. Hebrank has been playing with bleach and t-shirts out in MinneCRAPolis. I told Shawn I'd do the same at the TYRANT's Lair and see what I could come up with. Below is the 1st of 6 rad "Bleeding Bleach" TYRANT shirts. I have a few more including chains and other bike parts...stay tuned!


Stunt Show a no go!

So for all of you that have been e-mailing me asking if you can ride in the Pedal Power Stunt Show this you can't!...there isn't going to be one! Maybe next year?


Silverback going bye bye!

Hey, Hey all you riders out there! I'm trying to unload my FBM Deployer FRAME (Not the whole bike!). It is one of the Limited Edition Silverback colored ones that are COMPLETELY SOLD OUT!!! I bought this frame in early Spring from Vic at Circuit BMX in Pawtucket, RI. It is in MINT condition, I babied it!!! The reason I'm selling it is cause it is too small for me! I'm 6' 4" and need at least a 21".

- 20.75"
- Brake mounts on seat stay
- Mid-BB (not included)
- Internal Headset (not included)
- Weight: 5 lbs
- No decals, I peeled them off
- 6 months old and in GREAT condition!!!
...and I'll throw in a TYRANT t-shirt and a ton of stickers to the buyer!

Retails for $325!!!



Today was a pretty odd day! I sat around the house for the better half of the day, took a brief walk, and then headed out to shoot some film of some friends riding street in M-Town. I realized a few things today...

1. I need to fit more BMX time into my busy road riding schedule. I couldn't manual 10 feet today!

2. The Middletown Police need to do their job and pursue criminals, not harass fisherman and bike riders at Harbor Park.

3. Jake Lineberry either has balls of steel or is out of his mind....or both! and I don't think he feels pain?

So with that said, the session was short and sweet. Jake Lineberry hucked himself around like usual pulling all kinds of crazy stuff. Like #3 above says, I really don't think Jake feels pain. I watched him double peg a huge stair set and totally wreck at the bottom, scorpion grinding and going head over heels entangled in this bike. After shaking off the crash, checking out his arm (which was bleeding in 3 spots and his elbow had swelled to the size of an apple) he walked back up the stairs and did the rail again! Arnwine was bombing at high speed like usual pulling out jibs here and there. Expect more pictures this week! For now check out what I shot at TYRANT's Flickr.


Rack 'em up!

I've never done a product review on here before so here is the first...and maybe the last. I just bought this new home bike rack system and it kicks major a$$ I recommend you go get one for yourself! The Rubbemaid Fast Trak System has a killer vertical bike holder that is effective and inexpensive! I bought the 48" track and 4 bike holders for less than $50 (at Home Cheapo) and I mounted the system in my spare bedroom...which is now giant storage closet! So if you live in an apartment of small space and need to get your bikes up off the floor, look into this rack!


Vegas is gonna be nuts!!!

So this year's INTERBIKE expo looks to be the best one yet! There are rumors of all kinds of madness and all kinds of after-hours parties and events going on. On our to do list:

- CrossVegas, national caliber cyclocross race
- New World Disorder 8 Premire @ The Palms
- USA Crit Championships @ Mandalay Bay
- NORA Cup Awards Party

WOW! It is going to be c-r-a-z-y!!!!

Digger Davis loves Vegas!


Death 2 Dopers: Part II

Oh man, it's going to be so real deal, real soon! launching September 1st
Stickers available Sept. 10th
T-Shirts available Sept. 23rd

Another idiot...

Thanks to Matt Lolli for bringing this video to my attention.
Yet another flaming a$$hole in the House!



I know this site is accessed mostly by the BMX community, but as you all know I am big into all aspects of riding. The road cycling scene is under direct fire due to numerous incidents of "doping" (use of illegal, banned substances to enhance ones performance) over the past years. I've started a new underground project called "DEATH 2 DOPERS". This new idea is fueled by my eternal hatred for the weak and gutless that need to poison their bodies with illegal substances to gain the upper hand on the competition. I'm just getting the ball rolling, but stickers will be available next week and shirts by late September. Keep your eyes peeled here for the latest info. and check out the DEATH 2 DOPERS MySpace Page that is currently under construction.


DOT lead by an A$$!

DOT Secretary Mary Peters is an idiot! Read what she had to say....

PBS NewsHour with Jim Leher, DOT Secretary Mary Peters was interviewed by Gwen Ifill.

Peters, when asked about a possible gas tax increase, repeated President Bush's response - No, there can be no tax increase because Congress is wasting the money they already get. Peters cited "bicycle paths" as a prime example of the waste because bicycles are not a transportation use of the gas tax money. One wonders if this is not a direct attack on Minn.Congressman Jim Oberstar, whose district includes the fallen bridge. Oberstar is the biggest supporter of bicycling in congress.

I am shocked (sort of) that Peters is attacking bicycle transportation as just a waste of money. This administration is back in the 1950's Auto Uber Alles mentality - we have not crossed that bridge into the 21st Century yet. The dinosaurs of the auto industry are backed into a corner and fighting for their lives - but is attacking the little bicycles is the best they can do? Its also disappointing that the administration is attacking Jim Oberstar for his efforts to get the Minneapolis bridge repaired along with raising all the funding for transportation maintenance, by using Oberstar's support for bicycles as a weapon.

Come on lady! Get your head out of your a$$! Ever hear of global warming? It's not the fault of all the cyclists in the world!


Belltown Skatepark Jam

Yesterday was the jam in East Hampton to raise money for the skatepark that is hopefully going to be built next year. The East Hampton Skatepark Committee did a hell of a job organizing a great event with tons of ramps, vendors, bands, etc. Take a look at the photos T and I shot, Click Here.

Skatepark committee member Steve Baklik with an x-up


Don P. kills it!

So Don Pavelka is in the process of designing a new TYRANT shirt. Don's shirt will be a Limited Edition item and only a small batch will me screened. If you don't know who Don P. is smarten up and educate yourself by CLICKING HERE.

Rail double peg to whip.
Photo by Logan Mitchell


Where I've been...

I've received a few smart a$$ e-mails from people asking if I'm "still alive?" and "do I still ride BMX?" I've been riding like a mad man, but I will admit it hasn't been on the BMX bike. My schedule is crazy between work, road training nightly, working at Pedal Power on Saturday's, and a race every Sunday up until Columbus Day. In addition, I'm traveling to INTERBIKE for a week in September and hoping to get out to see Shawn Hebrank in Minneapolis in October. Thanks to the peer pressure of Matt Lolli racing will continue into the Winter, because I'll be racing the cyclocross season for the CCNS/Pedal Power Team as well. Pictured below is my new cross ride that Bill at Pedal Power tracked down for me. SO...long story short, my BMX riding is pretty much limited to weekday nights and Sunday's I'm not racing. To all you guys antagonizing me... remember, the phone works both ways! Call me when you're riding and I'll make an effort to be there!



The trip is booked...once again we will be headed out to Las Vegas for INTERBIKE. This year it will be Digger Davis, Matt Lolli, Spencer, and myself representing Pedal Power in "Sin City". It should be one hell of a trip!


19 DAYS!!!


San Fran!

Long time TYRANT supporter and all around cool dude, Craig Samuels, is heading to the West Coast; San Francisco to be exact. Congrats to Craig! He will be attending the Academy of Art University pursuing film. Craig departs CT on the 19th of August...which means we'll be having a rad "Bonvoyage Party" for him sometime before then at a local watering hole (still to be determined).


AUGUST 18 & 19!!!

This one is going to be sick! 2 days! Saturday is SKATE ONLY. Sunday is BMX ONLY! Help East Hampton raise some dough for an insane cement park! Come get rad..and bring some spending money!!! Lots of food for sale, vendors selling awesome product, The Connecticut Rollergirls and more!!!


Stamford is open

For those of you who also skate a little, the Stamford Park is finally open. I'm so livid that they aren't letting bikes in that I may actually dig my skates out. I have to get into the park and check it out first hand!

Pimp your ride!

Check out the new TYRANT vinyl decals that will be available in the very near future. These decals are 15" x 4", the perfect size for your car's back window, windshield, hood or your backyard ramp.


He's back.....

So I caught word that Craig Samuels got the OK from the doctor to start riding again. Craig is an animal! He had both knees operated on at the same time a few months ago and I know it wasn't a fun rehab. Expect to see Craig blasting toboggans like this in the very near future!


Crash & Burn!

I rode in the Cat. 4 race yesterday at the New Britain Criteriut. The race was my first this year and it didn't go well! I was one of 11 riders to do down in a crash with about 8 miles to go in the race. Bikes and bodies were flying all over the course...scary when you only have a helmet, gloves, and some spandex to protect you! My bike was a little tweaked, but luckily I came out in one piece. Let's hope next weekends race has a better outcome! (knock on wood)

Krol's backyard

Pete Krol has some new ramps in his backyard that the locals have been sessioning on a regular basis. After a lousy day of road racing I stopped by Pete's to shoot some film. It was pretty much the Jake Lineberry show, the kid was going huge. Matt Jones, Cody Caron, and Pete Krol were also boosting really high and the new backyard line looks really fun. Except more photos really soon! I'll be heading their to ride in the near future. For now, head over to TYRANT's Flickr to view the photos I shot.

Back in the day

So I was at my parents house yesterday and I decided to take a shot of my old stomping ground, "The Pit". Back when I was living at home I had a fun little backyard set-up down in a gully on the back of our property. I built a 4 foot box jump, dirt jump, random wedges, and had a 4" x 4" with angle iron drilled in it cemented in the ground as a rail. Well those old ramps haven't been ridden in 7 years and Mother Nature has taken back over. It's fun to think back to the good old days.


Early Sunday!

Tina and I rode the Newington Skatepark today super early in the was empty! It was my first time on the BMX bike in over a week since I've been riding road daily to get in shape for the races in the coming weeks. T looked really comfortable today and was bombing around the park at mach speed....eventually resulting in a pretty gnarly crash! but she's ok. Check out the photos we shot at: TYRANT's Flickr.


Support a local team!

Support the CCNS/Pedal Power Cycling Team! This is the teams first season and so far the guys have been holding their own on the roads. Click on the image below to check out the new team blog. It has the latest news, info., and results of the team.



I saw this quick clip of Jake Lineberry on Matt Jones' MySpace page.
If you know where this spot is you know the dirt bank isn't that steep and he had to cut across 2 roads and an intersection to get the much speed!


Whore Island Jam

So today was the Whore Island Jam and people were going off!!! About 40 riders showed up to the Clinton Skatepark, it was hot as all hell out and there was all kinds of madness! Check out the photos, they'll tell the story of the day! Over 50 photos at: TYRANT's Photos

John Ludwick with some Jedi trickery!
Feeble up to Hang 5 around the half-bowl into the big quarter

Whore Island, where anything goes!


Help The Cause!

Help get a sick skatepark in East Hampton, CT. Add this person to your friends on MySpace and stay up do date on all the news about the park. Huge jam in August if all goes well! Belltown Skatepark

Go now! Do it!


CCNS Team Kits

The CCNS/Pedal Power Cyling Team kits that I designed, based on Team Coach Aidan Charles' input, are now for sale. Contact me if you are interested in purchasing a kit (Includes bid shorts and full-zip jersey). That's a steal! and they are selling fast! Another order will be going in soon so act now!

Scroll down to see Bob German sporting the CCNS/Pedal Power kit

Office antics

Jason brought his mountain bike into the office this morning because its suppost to rain out. Since it wasn't 9:00 yet I had time to play around a little. "work clothes" and loafers!


TYRANT sponsored by UHAUL

...or not! Anyway, T and I went down to have our "last supper" with Shawn and Meryll. Tomorrow is the big day, Hebrank heads to MinneCRAPolis. Shawn is driving a 17 foot UHAUL 2/3 the way across the country, I had to make my mark. Heck, that's free advertising!

Best of luck guys. Thanks so much for everything!!!

*NOTE: I don't approve of vandalism using my TYRANT stickers. If you do it, I don't want to know about it! This was advertising...not vandalism :)

DVD time!

I just got the Final Cut Studio 2 for my MAC, $1,300 worth of professional video & audio editing software. To go along with that I picked up a 320 gig external hard drive. Let the TYRANT DVD creation begin! This thing is going to be legit!

Hebrank heads west

So today is Shawn Hebrank's last day in Connecticut. Tomorrow morning he and his wife are headed West to Minneapolis. Shawn has supported the hell out of TYRANT over the past few years I've know him and I totally appreciate that! I could never repay him for the countless sketches, pieces or artwork and tattoos he's done for me over the years! We're going to miss you dude! MinneCRAPolis doesn't know what's they've got coming!

With that said, Saturday night a bunch of people got together at Rudy's in New Haven to wish Shawn and Meryll well before they leave. It was a really fun time and in true TYRANT fashion I was acting like an idiot.

Are these things vegetarian?