Track Mayhem!

Check out the link below, what a crazy crash! The 4th guy goes down in style...gap off the downed bikes rear wheel to attempted wallride...check it out! Bonkers!

CRAZY CRASH! Click Here then click on the "Video" icon


Go By Bike!

Pledge to Go By Bike! In addition to the 175-200 miles per week I've been riding, I'm commuting to work on my cross bike 23 miles round trip on Fridays.


Totally Crossed Out!

Man, I've been a riding fool the past few weeks! I've been putting in solid miles in the woods, on the road, and on the hills getting ready for cross. Exactly 1 month till the first race of the New England Cyclocross Season and I am so psyched! I found a few hidden gems cutting through the wilderness not too far from my house and have been honing in my singletrack skills. I feel like I'm in solid shape, but the true test will be at next months race. I love BMX, road is fun, but oh man...there is something about cross that gets my blood pumping. So rad, I'm so ready!

Don't know a thing about cyclocross? Chech this out!

Want to come watch cross, come to these races!
October 10-11:
Gran Prix of Gloucester – “The New England Worlds”
Stage Fort Park, Gloucester Massachusetts (C2/C2)

The final run-up @ the 2007 Palmer Cross. Photo by T.


TYRANT Gear Bags are in stock, order one today over at our MySpace page. Haul you tools, pads, spare parts, clothing, etc.

Brinkley belongs to Mike @ eli's. Photo by Mike.


Jam Chowder #3

So the 3rd round and final round of the New England Jam Chowder Competition is this coming Sunday, the 27th. There will be the usual Park Competition for Am's and Experts and a "Best Wallride Trick" Competition. Head down to Haven and get buck wild!

I will be out of town next weekend, so I won't be in attendance...thus no photos...sorry! I will however be sponsoring the comp. like usual so expect some rad TYRANT merch being given out and more rad plaque's and bling-bling for the winners courtesy of TYRANT.


K-Rob's got nothing on this!

Sorry, I support BMX to the fullest, but Kevin Robinsons' so called "World Record Air" (which WAS NOT higher than Hoffman, I don't care what they say!) is no where near as burly as this! This is just plain kooked out!


Shaved Legs & Lycra

So I've been hearing about more and more BMXers getting into road riding. I was talking to 2 guys Sunday at the Haven competition that have been putting in some solid miles on the roads. Nothing like the rush of going 50 mph on a bike! Can't wait, the 2008 Cyclocross season is just around the corner! Nothing but mud, blood, and pure guts racing! For those of you who don't know, I ride for the CCNS/Pedal Power Cycling Team. Despite being a newer team on the scene, we've have a pretty strong squad of guys. So what I'm getting at is explore all sides of cycling, don't just lock yourself down on BMX...you might surprise yourself!



NE Jam Chowder: Round #2

Best wishes to the kid Jesse who crashed Sunday, get well!

A huge congrats to "Tiny TYRANT" Brandon Begin for taking home 2nd in the Amateur Comp today. Tiny went big...love that pedal grind to 270 to mega-long fakie rollback to barspin out!

Jake Lineberry landed a dialed 720 over the box and this rad fakie flip in the expert comp!



The Day After...

So after an epic day of riding Sunday, "Tiny TYRANT" Brandon, Tina, and I headed back out bright and early Monday morning. Brandon crashed at our place Sunday night so we figured we'd head out and ride a few parks before his mom came and got him. After tending to T's bruises from Wethersfield and a quick breakfast pit stop we were on our way North to the Windsor Skatepark. The Windsor Park is pretty fun, lots of cool lines if you use your imagination and like to manual. I'm not going to lie, after a half hour of riding we were dead! Sunday's 13.5 hours was taking its toll on us as was the sun, 85 degree temperature, and humidity. The session was short lived...we packed the car and headed to the Newington Park where Brandon was getting picked up. We rode Newington for about an hour before we decided we were in fact done! Sunburned, tired, and sore from the day before and ready for a nap. The 3 of us dropped the bikes and hung out in the shade under a tree chatting it up for an hour till Brandon's ride came. Mother Nature got the best of us!

Some photos were taken, which can be viewed HERE.



WOW! yesterday was so much fun and totally insane! The trip was tweaked a little, the original idea of 12 riders, 12 hours, 12 stops ended up being 23 riders, 13.5 hours, and 4 stops. Over the course of the day we met up with tons of people so really only about 6-8 of us rode all day long. The trip was every bit of a takeover! We met at the Newington Skatepark and owned the place for 3 hours, we headed to the Wethersfield Park and all the skaters scattered and we took that place over for another 3 hours, then we headed to P. Krol's backyard jumps in Middletown and took over his whole neighborhood, and we ended the night with a short street session in Middletown...great times! No major injuries to report, just some cuts and scrapes here and there. A huge thanks to everyone that came out to ride (especially Macisco driving up from Milford just to ride dirt for 2 hours), met up with us along the way, bought TYRANT merchandise, etc. A super huge thanks to Peter Krol for letting 18 riders come and overtake his house and ride his backyard for 5 hours. All in all the day was nuts!

VIDEO: see below!


Jam Chowda'!

Don't forget, next Sunday the 13th, Jam Chowda' Contest #2. Gonna' be sick! Park contest and Best Lip Trick Contest. Jake Lineberry has been working on some wacky lip tricks that he claims he's going to unleash at the comp. I'm scared!!! TYRANT is working on an arsenal of FREE SWAG to hand out at the event. Be there!!!

Down and Dirty!

So T, Arwine, and I rode at Pete Krol's house again tonight. We only got about 45 minutes of riding in before it got dark, then the lights came out and we were tooling around on the fiberglass quarter. Good times! Check out the photos, CLICK HERE!

Arnwine clicking a turndown over the last set!


Get Well!

I caught some sad news this weekend while at the competition. Apparently "The Heel Clicker Kid", a local shredder at Haven, crashed really bad at the trails a few weeks ago and suffered some serious injuries. It's sucks hearing about another rider going down, especially when they are the young guys! Anytime I had my camera out at the park this guy politely asked if I'd mind snapping a few shots of him...and every time he was gunning at the box looking to go big! Best of luck my friend, get well!

Blasting heel clickers like nobodies business!


This coming Sunday, July 6th is what we are dubbing the "TYRANT TakeOver Tour". A bunch of guys (& T) are traveling to skateparks and street spots all over the state to ride, film, shoot photos, and have fun! Look for us in your town Sunday! Should be nuts!!